3 things I learned by producing 100 podcast episodes.


July 20, 2021

Susanne dives into her insight of how the past seven weeks have shown here the importance of asking more questions.

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3 things I learned by producing 100 podcast episodes.

Welcome to the Pointe o Rise podcast. My name is Susanne, and I’m your host today. I just came back from a workout, and I thought, I need to record this before I go anywhere. If you work out, I trust you can relate, or if you do not, you can relate to a moment where you are just spent.
I want to talk to you about three things that I’ve learned, and I’ve recorded a hundred episodes of the podcast. It has taken me over a year to launch, along with the courage to sit here and talk to what is going on inside of me.
Talk to you about what I have learned so far, things that I wish I had when I was going through my professional career as a ballet dancer. Items that are coming down the pipe and things that I dream of and want to do and change. And what kind of a vision I have. So I’ve never seen myself and being capable of doing something like that.
And I think that was one of the reasons why it has taken me so long. I’m going to put doesn’t hyphen because everything is a journey. There is no measurement, no judgment. I’m just putting that on myself. So here are the three things that I have learned over this amount of time over the past seven, eight months and how things have changed for me.

What I learned about myself is that they thought I was an introvert. I felt that I don’t like being with people. And I have learned that I love meeting new people. I love just reaching out to people and say, Hey, I love your content. Would you be interested in being on my podcast and discussing how we can change the industry?
I love what you’re doing. Can we collaborate? I never thought this is something that I would find joy in, nor did I think that I would have the courage to do something like that. And now, I mean, don’t get me wrong. It’s not that it always is easy. I’ve learned that when it’s the right time and the right person, it always works out. And if I hear no, then no judgment.

I can ask again, which leads me to the second thing that I’ve learned over the past hundred episodes. And that was, let’s think about questions. I never thought about what types of questions to ask nor how important it is to ask questions of value. If you want to learn more, if you’re going to meet more people, if you want more jobs, change little things around you, if you’re going to build a business, if you’re going to have success in your career, you need to ask questions.
And that was something that I, and I have to say, it’s still hard for me to ask questions, mainly when those questions touch onto my things that I’m still dealing with, things that are uncomfortable with something that I still have a lot of judgment around. Asking these questions is still hard for me.

But you know, when I launched the podcast, I intended only to record solo episodes. So I wouldn’t have to ask other people questions. And I pushed them away and tried to figure out things so I can do it myself. And the more I did it, the easier it became now, am I an expert in asking questions!
No. I have a long, long way to go. Is it easier already? And do I put myself in a situation daily where I ask uncomfortable questions? Oh yeah, I am. The learn here is that even right. Be brave enough to ask questions requires exercise requires building the muscle that requires you, us, and practicing it every day.

The point is to choose whatever your craft. Is it something that you want to get better at? You have to practice it. Like you practice your technique, or you practice asking for sales. I think questions are practicing to feel worthy. By asking questions, practice knowing that you can learn and are not stupid because of your questions, but you are driving for more because you want to learn more.
That requires building muscle. Remember, the quality of your questions equals the quality of where you are at that moment, understanding that you will see that it becomes less about your needs and more about the other person.

Now number three of my learns over the last hundred episodes, letting go. Now you may ask yourself, what does that mean letting go, but we have to learn and acquire to get better. Know that sometimes, in my case, and many other issues. Letting go of something that we have taken on, even subconsciously, something that we are perhaps unaware of beliefs around ourselves that we’re not capable of. Or that we can’t do something like that, or the industry won’t let us do something that belief is the only thing holding us back from succeeding or implementing or getting a better job or getting a new role or getting the clients. So, therefore, I’m telling you, I have this, this fiction or date of releasing the podcast in my mind. And the closer I got to the release date, the worst I felt. Physically mentally. I found myself procrastinating. I feel like I want to push the stop button and erase everything that I’ve said because I’m judging it.

It is exactly that feeling that I had to let go of the judgment of what I’m saying, that it is not good enough that nobody wants to listen to it. It is not offering anybody anything, and therefore, why am I doing that? And you know what. But if I don’t get through this uncomfortable feeling, I will never get to the side where I feel comfortable. Where my voice will not crack when I feel I’m talking about something that is still very present for me to talk about.

So letting go. For me, the most important, the biggest lesson over the last hundred episodes I had to let go of a lot of shame, the shame of failures, the shame of how other people may be perceiving me, the shame of not being good enough or the guilt of who do I think I am to do this.
Could I accept the potential judgment, the possible messages, the potential threat of putting myself back into the spotlight?

And that was for me the biggest fear I had to set free and just understand that, Hey, it’s okay. Just because it happened once, it doesn’t mean it has to happen again. And what am I in control of? What can I control in these situations, and what and I release. So if you find yourself in situations where you are sabotaging yourself or saying yes, and then canceling or anything of these kinds of problems, I encourage you to dive in and see.

Not what you have to learn, but what you have to let go of. So there you go. 100 episodes. I wanted to thank you for tuning in, for supporting, for reviewing, for subscribing, for sharing. It truly means the world to me, and it means to me that I am heard. That’s important to me. I need that too.

I love knowing what your biggest takeaways are. So keep on sharing. It is pretty lonely here sitting back in my office, although I am super grateful to be surrounded by sticky notes and ring lights and my family and the sunshine on the west coast. Maybe I’ll do an episode about my last seven weeks and let you know a bit of what I discovered about myself.

So that will be next week, but here are my three learns. I like meeting new people. I never thought I would. I love it. I love building a network. I love discovering new stories. I love people, and I love having conversations. Another thing that I learned was that asking questions is essential when you’re building a business. Asking questions is something that I’m still working on getting better, and it is going to be a journey for me.

Right. It’s a lifelong journey because I have many old stories around ability and possibilities around asking questions. Number three is that letting go of old stories is, for me, more critical than acquiring any new skills, this very moment.

So I am sending you so much love.

Watch out for more information about our next networking event in New York City. It is going to happen on the 21st of August. Follow my stories, follow Rachel’s stories. It’s free. We are hedging on about a hundred people, and I hope we’ll have enough space.
Once registration is open, I will let you know, and then just make sure that you drop your email address, and we will get you in for free.

I am sending you so much love, have the best day today.

I’ll see you later. Bye.

So much ❤


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