Are you chasing the medal?


February 1, 2022


Susanne discusses action equals rewards and our stories around it. Her personal journey with seeking validation through actions and some of the beliefs and perceptions we have about winning. She further shares how you can reclaim your motivation and your right to set new goals for yourself.

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Are you chasing the medal?

Welcome back to the show, guys. Thanks for tuning in. So before we get started today and tap into a topic that I actually found as a question posed in an Instagram post would like to thank you all for sharing and commenting about the podcast and actually contacting me and inviting me to your podcasts, and giving me feedback.

I absolutely love that. Keep it going, keep it coming, turn it up. That makes my soul burn in a good way. And then my second ask or my second comment before we get started is keeping on sharing it, you know, to a goal of 5,000 downloads per episode. And we can make this happen by. If this resonates with you, communicate with somebody you think would benefit from that shared with somebody who maybe doesn’t think they have time, or you wouldn’t take that initiative.

Listen, my first event I went to was because somebody else signed me up. The first podcast that changed my life and completely turned it upside down was somebody else told me, Hey, I think you need to listen to this. You would really, really enjoy the thoughts that are coming out. Sometimes we just need a little help.

So be that person be the initiator for some change in somebody else’s life. All right. And share it, review it, rate it, whatever you feel comfortable in doing. So without further ado, are you guys ready today? We are going to talk about something that. We touched deeply, and have pretty some thoughts with me as well.

So the question was, what keeps you going when there is no medal or price as a reward for your hard work? And isn’t that a profound question? So I actually sat on this a bit because I could relate to this. And I don’t know if I’m giving you an answer or if you actually need a solution or if this just is maybe a thought process that we can keep rolling. Meaning do we actually need a reward for our hard work? Do we need somebody telling us that we did great to get a bonus or? Can we give this ourselves, and then maybe the outside will come to us. So let me serve with my own experience and journey through this topic.

So as a ballet student and as a ballet dancer, I genuinely think that everything, every step, every breath I took was to be seen by somebody else to give me the validation that I am worthy, meaning. I didn’t do anything if I didn’t think there was a reward on the other side. And let’s be honest, if we’re looking at how the whole system works, right?

Like we’re going with training, we’re rehearsing, and then there’s the performance and the price. And the medal basically is the. And the great comments and the tap, the pat on the shoulder from our peers and our directors. And from that comes the perhaps getting a better role or getting, you know, into the newspaper or getting into a better company or, or, feel free to add whatever suits you. Still, we’re doing something to get something else.

And that’s how I was taught. Like, if you want this, you have to do this. And it never came about to ask me, well, if I keep doing something to serve somebody else’s, how do you say somebody else’s thoughts around. What should be good for me then? Where am I ending up? Meaning do I actually need a medal to feel good about myself or feel validated for the work I’ve done?

But I didn’t get to that point until, oh my gosh. Well, into my forties, quite honestly, because even incorporate I chased an oh the extra bonus check. That’s, that’s pushed a little bit more, and so I can get this promotion, and that’s pushing it a little more, and moved the team over here and manipulated my own time so we can get there.

So I got the promotion, and somewhere along the way, I had forgotten about myself again; who was I becoming? Was I actually enjoying the processor? Was I just looking for a quick fix? The meaning was I being patient with me, and really enjoying the journey and understanding that these, these achievement of goals are such a short.

Satisfaction in my life is that I’m actually becoming dependent on seeking that kind of adrenaline rush versus enjoying every day and starting every day with intention, but I didn’t get there. I’m, and I’m still chasing sometimes. Like I still find myself sometimes attached to an outcome versus really understanding; hey, what actually gets me out of bed.

My move to LA that I am really manifesting. Is it. Is it building a company that will completely change how performing artists earn and performing arts organizations are structuring their business? They can perhaps provide better for their people and impact more people. So here’s, here’s my thought on this.

If we need an external goal to get out of bed to be motivated. There’s nothing wrong with it, but what if that goes away? What if at one point that validation from the outside, that medal, like what if you reached it all, that’s an outside success. What if there’s nothing and you nothing out there to grab anymore and you haven’t learned how to actually initiate.

Motivation from your inside, satisfaction from the knowledge. What if you can optionally do both? How, how can you create a life around the goals you are having, but not forgetting. That the journey is the true joy. True. Happiness is growth; it’s no achievement. It is growing consistently. It’s not living in that world where somebody else gave you something.

As a prize or a recognition, because it’s so short-lived, it is given to you, and then it’s over. And suppose you need somebody else to access it. In that case, you will always depend on an outside source, meaning find that motivation in yourself to keep going. If you’re not, maybe what you’re doing isn’t the right thing anymore for you.

What, and that’s not quitting. That is just, we’re allowed to change our minds. We’re allowed to pivot in, in our lives, like getting up as a 12-year-old and perceiving your dream doesn’t mean. 30 or 40 that still has to be your dream. You are allowed to change your mind, and you’re allowed to change your mind around what motivates you.

Maybe, in the beginning, it is chasing the goal. However, coming back to yourself and understanding that the motivation does have to come from yourself if there is no outside carrot dangling in front of you. And you will find that by actually getting to know yourself, understanding who you are, stepping in your power, opening up your own possibilities, and getting outside of that box.

You perhaps have put yourself into. So once again, what motivates you when there is no outside price or goal or show or recognition to choose? I want to tell you what gets me out of bed every morning? What motivates me? I think I have lived in silence for. I would say for decades, more or less. Understanding now how much power was lying dormant inside of me is what excites me, understanding what I’m just slightly, not even total capacity, yet understanding what I’m potentially being capable of.

Excites me what I can create, who I can help, how I can make a difference that excites me to receive love because I’m giving a lot of love, making a difference in somebody else’s lives. That motivates me. That motivates me every single day to get better. And once you can let go and believe me, I struggled with this.

I’m still struggling with this. Just being curious without being attached to the outcome is a different way of living. It releases control. It leaves it; it opens you up to possibilities that you didn’t even think you had. So if you have the time when you’re listening to this. Step back and write down what motivates me.

What motivates you actually, what is it? If there is no prize or a goal or performance or show to chase, what is it? And really get honest with yourself because that will give you a little bit more insight into how you’re working. And it will provide you with an opening up a little bit more awareness of who you are and how you’re working.

What do you meet daily to be motivated? Do you need something from another person to tell you that you’re good enough? Are you listening to a podcast? The first thing in the morning, is it a book? Are you looking at yourself in a mirror and giving yourself a high five? Is it a cold shower, a walk, whatever it is? Find it because the motivation is always coming from within yourself and not because you’re chasing something else.

Stop chasing, start creating.

That’s all I have for today. I’m sending you so much love.
Again, if this resonates with you if you want to learn more about how emotions play a role in our lives, drop me a DM or share one of your biggest takeaways of this podcast. I’m sending you so much love till soon. Bye-bye

I’m sending you so much ❤


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