Are you done hiding from yourself?


March 30, 2021

Susanne talks today about the journey of her most recent project. How it has made her reflect on how she spends her energy, with whom she spends it. How it has made her realize how she was hiding in stories she had created for herself to protect her old self. What does it mean to suffer for the Art form? And how she remembers what it is to be a woman, a person, a mother, a wife, a young girl, a silly girl for that matter, that loves to be outside.


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Are you done hiding from yourself?

Hello, and welcome to another episode of the Pointe To Rise podcast. I am so grateful that you have tuned in today. I want to share a thought provoked by the dear Lori harder the other day when I listened to one of her podcast appearances. And so she was asked how she actually came about her new company, Lite pink.

Her sharing her process was fascinating. It ignited a thought and a conversation that I later had with my husband on one of our daily walks, and it went like this. I have realized that I just recreated what I knew I was capable of so many times in my life, which was really.

I am hardworking, very disciplined, putting everything that I have had, and will have Into the business that I was passionate about. Forgetting about what it means to be me, a woman, a person, a mother, a wife, a young girl, silly girl for that matter, loves to be outside. I was competent to permanently shut that part of me out and create a life around.

I knew what I had been trained for when I was younger and gaining the awareness of this repetitive cycle that I really was excellent and recreating. And let me too. To believe that. Well, what if I actually build something different this time? Like what if I actually created a company that allows me to grow in and to be fluid and flexible, something that I genuinely enjoy.

Every day in, I am shedding the need to become and get to a certain point or get the title or reached the income goal. But. I am in the process to create really creating something that I enjoy daily. Something that, that makes me happy as well as serves others.

Like I am no longer available for feeling empty and giving myself up for something that I think I need to have to be seen. I hope that makes sense. So, in this kind of journey, there, there is a lot of, you know, reflecting on. Is that was that the reason why I jumped from job to job, from business to business. I never asked myself that the in-between is much more important than what’s on either end of the scoop, you know, there’s black and white, and everything grey is.

There are so many shades and so many days of that grey that it needs to be enjoyable. So when I look back at a dancer, I wanted to get the relation here to the dance world right now. When I look at what every day a dancer looks like. I didn’t enjoy that at all. This is why I wanted to get out of it. This is why I was always restless. This is why I was numbing myself repeatedly because I did not enjoy the day-to-day of being a dancer. I love the performing, I, I loved creating pieces, but everything else. I looked more forward to vacation than to actually being in the studio. And this might’ve been just me, or I know that there are other people out there who are not enjoying the day today.

What if the day today. Would it actually not mean fighting through your pains and through the struggles? What if it would actually be easier to be a dancer? If we would actually recreate the entire wheel of what it means to be a dancer. For the most part of my life, I was under the impression that success or getting anywhere means suffering.

And that I don’t get to create how my life in between looks like. And I now know that that isn’t, that’s not the fact anymore. I want to create something that I’m still excited to wake up to in five years. I would love to see it. Dancers are still eager to get out of bed and not hit that snooze button repeatedly because they feel so exhausted.

They want to, you know, squeeze every second of sleep out of the day that they can get. That is not a place that well. Let me rephrase that it is a place that is possible to live in. However, it doesn’t allow you to create a joyful life of a life filled with happiness is such an overused word, but a life filled with joy and fulfillment.

After all of these years in the industry and in corporate America is what I’ve learned. It is about for me. I know I can go really hard at this and work work work 13, 14, 15 hours a day, and burn myself out to the point that I’m not enjoying. Doing what I’m doing and what my mission is.

And I know when I get to that point, I am not serving anybody. I’m not doing anybody a favor. So I’m choosing to go a little slower at this point. I’m only putting in four hours a day of work. Well, five, six, maybe into it they’re productive. They are achieving more than they would if it doesn’t feel good. Everything that I’m doing right now comes from service and joy and excitement and not from a place of exhaustion and from a place of lack.

And I have to do it for everybody that is going back into there. I’m putting air quotes on the everyday world right now. Look at what you’re stepping into. If you’re feeling like this is not fitting anymore, I encourage you so much. Don’t shrink down back to what you think you have to be to succeed in your company.

Look at it from a different perspective, ask another question. What could it look like if it actually would be fun for you? What if your everyday scenario would be something that you’re enjoying doing? And that means knowing what actually serves you and knowing what doesn’t help you. So working 12 hours in the studio, having that fear of losing your freedom, your freedom, going outside, or just being with yourself or doing other things that also fill your artistic void or cup or relations.

It is so important to have that. And you do not have to give it up just because your company is going back into session. Now here’s the argument that I often hear and. It is  I cannot be somebody different in an environment that hasn’t changed. If the demands are the same, how can I be different? I hear what you are saying.

I hear you loud and clear, and yes, it is a considerable hurdle that needs to be overcome. But here’s my big, but not literally, but here’s literally, literally my big butt towards you. Look at it from a different perspective. Don’t blame the other side for where you’re at, but look at how you can change. Even if the environment isn’t controllable, you are in control, how you can react to it.

Create a life that you don’t need a vacation from creating a joyful life. In many aspects. In your day-to-day activity. That is definitely something that I am after. Because I am so passionate about Pointe To Rise and the community. We’re seeing the traction right now with people speaking up and all the options out there and how we can wholly flip the whole arts organizations.

Reversing the way of doing business on its head. It excites me. And I want to keep that excitement for a very, very long time. Knowing what I know now and having gained your awareness, it is imperative for me that I build my day-to-day as something that I enjoy. Day today. And not only when I get there or when I get accurate, but it’s also doesn’t get me wrong.

Not every day is sunshine and lollipops. I have learned how to support myself and how to catch myself before I fall. So if I need to take half a day to get my mindset in the right frame again, I have the freedom to do that. That’s what I’m saying get your day-to-day into space where you actually enjoy it.

And with that, my dears, I would really appreciate it. Just picture this. I am sitting in my office. My dog is behind me, and I’m talking into this microphone. And

I have no idea how it actually lands with you. To get some feedback from you, I really encourage you to take out what really resonates with you. Share this on Instagram or on your favorite platform. Let me know your thoughts. What has really resonated and shared with somebody who can really use this message today!


Thank you so much for listening.

I’m sending you so much ❤



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