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In addition to coaching ballet dancers to reach their fullest potential in their careers, I’m passionate about helping ballet companies become leaders in their industry and shift to a profitable business mindset so that they can find their true potential and thrive.

As a former ballet dancer who understands the dynamics of the dance industry, I can envision a modern approach to helping both dancers and dance companies take more ownership over their fate. Let’s create a strong, forward-thinking foundation, ensuring ballet is a well-loved, thriving industry that continues for years to come.

“My vision includes seeing leaders emerge from the dance industry, modernizing the world of ballet yet celebrating the traditions and history of this beautiful art form.”

My mission

ballet companies

And now, a business consultant for ballet company leadership, like you, ready to switch from a nonprofit, fundraising mentality to leading the company as a profitable business.  

I left my ballet career earlier than I would’ve liked, and feeling regret over my experience I now know it’s my bigger purpose to help shift the dance industry and ultimately make a difference for ballet dancers and companies alike.

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A world where every dancer feels seen, heard and understands how to thrive, while ballet companies support their dancers as true athletes by stepping up as business leaders and coaches to provide mental, physical and spiritual training as well as fair compensation for their work. We’re all on the same team here.

Our goal is one and the same: to put something so spectacular and inspiring on stage that we move our audience.  


Establish a vision for your organization

Become a Servant Leader for your team and company

Set the right goals and have an action plan to achieve them

Build and motivate high performance teams

Step up as a leader and have tough, yet compassionate conversations

Acquire new business skills and implement them successfully

Adopt a new mindset - one where abundance is prioritized over a scarcity outlook

Stand out and develop a brand for your company within your industry

Prioritize self-care as the role model leading your company 

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Let’s achieve this goal together - I’m here to help, and it’s why I created a program just for the leadership teams at ballet companies…



A 12-Week Mastermind for ballet companies to get involved in personal and professional development to help their company thrive. Discover how to run the company as a business and become a servant leader with the right vision, tools, strategies and goals to go from a scarcity mindset to abundance for everyone involved.

you'll discover how to:

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During our 12 weeks together in this high-touch, immersive
experience, you’ll receive…

Elite Performance Coach for Ballet Dancers

what you get

Weekly Mastermind Group Zoom calls for accountability, continued momentum and sharing tips and tricks from the group to find out what’s working well to fast track your success.

1:1 Strategy Sessions with Susanne: Move forward faster with 2 full hours of private coaching with me to be used how you choose, ensuring you’re on the right track

TWO In-Person Mastermind Events (potential online events depending on the state of the world): These are 3-day meetings with our intimate mastermind group where you’ll receive tools and master plans to implement in your ballet company businesses immediately. It includes trainings from guest speakers and experts, time to network and next level strategies

This mastermind will give you everything you need to transform your organization from always having your hand out fundraising to running like a profitable business and putting your people first. It will show you how to be a great leader and you’ll be surrounded by other leaders in your industry, creating a supportive and collaborative community where everyone rises together.

If you’re ready to step up and create an organization - a ballet company - that serves generations to come, this is for you.

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you
made them feel.” - MAYA ANGELOU