Do you have a “Not” to do list?


January 18, 2022


Susanne begins with why you should consider having a not-to-do list and what drove her to making one. She talks about that list of things that you do on a daily basis that don’t serve you and encourages you to put them on your not-to-do list and be intentional about not doing them on a daily basis

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Do you have a “Not” to do list?

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Do you have a not-to-do list?

So today’s topic, do you have a not-to-do list? Should you have a not-to-do list? Why do people have a not-to-do list?

I never had a not-to-do list. I had to-do lists that scared me, that made me anxious when I didn’t reach all of the things that were on my to-do list. I had several to-do lists every single day. When I didn’t make my to-do list, I was very frantic and scattered. I kept mental to-do lists, written to-do lists, there were to-do lists everywhere, and I literally to-do’ed to myself out of energy. I heard Dean Graziosi talking about goals are great, to-do lists, everybody has them. We all have them. Some are written down or even in our in our head, but what is the reason that we can’t get through that to-do list? What is the reason that we’re not feeling well. Do you have a list of things that you do on a daily basis that are not serving you. Would they make it on your not-to-do list?

Do you have a list of things that you do on a daily basis that are not serving you.? Would they make it on your not-to-do list.

-Susanne Puerschel


I understand that not only is it that everybody has a different not-to-do list, but that not-to-do lists may change day over day just like a to-do list. Do you remember, and I’m sure, listeners, if you’re a mom and entrepreneur or a performing artists, a dancer, a teacher, whoever you are, we are somewhere deep down there. We’re struggling with the same things. And we get so plucked into the cycle of doing that we are forgetting what is actually holding us back from not getting there.


What a not-to-do list looks like

So what does a not-to-do list perhaps look like? So for me, a not-to-do list means stop talking bad about myself. Stop assuming that you can’t do it. Another thing is, I am terrified of asking for help. Like whatever it is, asking for help is like the worst thing you can ask me to do, literally. So for me on my not-to-do list is to be afraid of asking for help. I am choosing not to do that anymore because it’s not going to get me anywhere.


It’s okay to ask for help

In the arts, we’re trained that we can only make it to the top when we’re by ourselves. Nobody’s going to hand it to us. We have to put our elbows out, fight our way to the top, and everybody by our side is not going to help us. And all of these beliefs that are not true anymore whatsoever. So when we’re afraid of asking for help, we are also denying ourselves, not only our own power but other people’s superpowers. I have learned through the masterminds and the development that I have undergone over the past two years that we are all so much stronger together, and why wouldn’t we ask for help? Because we’re supposed to know it all? Because are we supposed to be it all? Because we’re not worthy unless we are dot, dot, dot. That is not the truth. That is something perhaps society has told us. But you know what, guys? We are so capable of rewriting that story.


When we’re afraid of asking for help, we are also denying ourselves not only our own power but other people’s superpowers.

-Susanne Puerschel



Things to put on your not-to-do list

Having been given these stories is one thing, but living in them as a conscious decision. And with having a not-to-do list, we’re actually building up our awareness around, okay, so why did this not work today? And let’s take a very simple example. Like, why did? Why did I not have a great performance today? You can ask yourself that question. Instead of just, Hey, didn’t go well, today? Oh, well, I’ll try again tomorrow. Like what was on your not-to-do list that actually slipped in what you did? Meaning did you actually get enough sleep the night before? Did you have doubts in you deep down in your subconscious? Did you not nourish your body enough? Was your energy tank empty? Or was it not a great performance, only your perception and actually did really, really great. So these are all the things that are to be discovered and considered when you’re making a not-to-do list.

So other things on your to-do list could be stop procrastinating, like no more procrastination. If I say, I’m going to do this, I’m going to do it. Building up that fear and trying to find other things to do is what sucks you out of energy. All you have to do is really just get through the discomfort, the unknown, and then it’s done. And you can take it off your to-do list.

Another thing on a not-to-do list is breaking promises. And we have to keep promises to ourselves first before we can keep promises to other people. So you can actually build confidence in yourself By setting tiny itty, bitty, I would say goals or things you want to do, and then actually do them. That is how you are going to build confidence in you because you’re keeping your promise to yourself. So not keeping promises to yourself has a long chain of reactions and emotions and actions that actually follow. So keeping a promise to yourself is one of the most important things you can do on a daily basis. And putting breaking promises on your not-to-do list is for me a priority.

That is how you are going to build confidence in yourself because you're keeping your promise to yourself. So not keeping promises to yourself has a long chain of reactions and emotions and actions that actually follow. -Susanne Puerschel Click To Tweet

Another example for a not-to-do list would be putting others first, meaning putting their needs above your needs. And I find it can be a slippery slope because we want to serve, but we can’t serve from an empty cup. So you have to make sure that you are always at your, your highest energy level. Rob Dyrdek, when I listen to a podcast of his, he has such a beautiful analogy on how he keeps his energy high every single day. And he says that he is not doing anything that is not energy producing for him. That’s where he is at. I admired that so deeply, and that is a goal of mine to only do the things that are literally energy producing in me. And for that, you need to know what is actually sucking your energy, and these kinds of things can be on your not-to-do list. So I hope that this is helpful for you.

Let’s be honest, performing artists, dancers all over the world are so in love with their art. They’re so passionate about performing and being on stage and just being in the spotlight. That is the number one driver, and we forget what it actually takes and how we can become in order to show up as our brightest.  And that was me, including me. And that means to go into details so much that you actually should know on a daily basis. Oh, hey, these are the three things that are holding me back. That should be on my not-to-do list every single day so I might as well be very cautious of am I doing it or am I not doing it? And really putting that filter and looking at the action that you take through that filter and understand what potentially could hold you back.


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