Does success require consistent hustle?


May 25, 2021


Success for me equals this is the most complex word, but it was actually hurting me. It was my belief that it will further me; it will get me in the spotlight. It will give me the roles. Now I know that that wasn’t a path for me, although I chose it, and I went through it repeatedly.

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What version of you, do you choose to be?

Hello, everyone. I am back. So I don’t know about you, but for me, when I take a shower, and I’m really forced to stand still, all of these thoughts are coming in. So I thought I’m just going to hop on here. Makeup or hairbrush or not. I want to share this with you because it came up several times this week, and that was the thought of or the topic of.

You know, finding success without the hustle, meaning, and, or let me rephrase this. Is it actually really possible to be successful without working ourselves to the ground? And I think that’s the better. I want to talk about this because, as a former dancer, the belief always was that if I don’t give my all, some. If I’m exhausted to the bones and have nothing left to give, that is where actually my work begins.

Meaning not. Success for me equals this is the most complex word, but it was actually hurting me. It was my belief that it will further me; it will get me in the spotlight. It will give me the roles. Now I know that that wasn’t a path for me, although I chose it, and I went through it repeatedly.

So if you are listening to this and you’re just starting your career. We are so strong, and we can; our body is so resilient. What we’re doing to our body does not always have immediate effects, sometimes the effects three, four, 10 years later. And this is why it is so important.

Not particularly when you’re just starting your career right now that you are the most. Knowledgeable on what is best for your body and what is actually hurting your body in the long term, just fight what teachers may say, or, or other people who have been through it. And they have not yet either done the work or have seen the outcome on the other side.

So. When I stepped into entrepreneurship and that, let me back up here. The hustle mentality is different for everybody. Okay. So for more performing artists, such as dancers, I believe that our hustle mentality is genuinely a ball. At, at some points where most people’s hustle is at. So what do I mean by that?

Meaning that most people couldn’t be physically active. Like we are sweating, giving over and over trying bleeding toes, hurting body. They could not do that. So it, it, it’s already quite above. I would say maybe the norm hustle what we go through. When I stepped into entrepreneurship or my corporate career. It was typical to work 12 hours, 14 hours a day that wasn’t even considered a hassle for me, at least initially.

Only until I learned what it actually did to me, me personally, my body and who I became in that. And I didn’t like that version of me at all. That version of me had nothing left to give that version of me was always smiling when she worked with other people. And I was very grumpy with the ones closest to me, which my, my kids and my husband.

And I came to a point where it wasn’t really something that I thought was right. So when I changed that, or when I changed my job, I don’t take myself without any kind of healing with me, meaning that I didn’t ask why I repeated this pattern. I repeated it again. Only this time, it was so much quicker than I realized; oh my goodness, I can hassle really great.

I can make money through hustling and, and working physically well, 14 hours a day. What, where is my life at? Who am I as a person? And that, for me, did not align anymore. I understand that it takes. It makes a lot to whatever successful means in, in, in your definition. For me, successful means that I am entirely free.

So what, when we look at everybody’s definition of success, it wasn’t free. I wasn’t. Nothing about what I was doing equaled any kind of freedom; even though I had the money, I didn’t even have time to spend it because I didn’t have time for myself. And my cup was so empty, and I was always tired.

And a business I build was exactly what I had lived for the past three decades, perhaps. So when, when that came to a stop. I could actually look at what do I want now? Like, what do I? How can I build my business without being always exhausted? That doesn’t mean that I can’t have days where I work eight hours.

It doesn’t mean that I, you know, don’t have a week where my calendar’s total, and then I also am paying very close attention. How can I make more room the next week? Because I know that when my cup is full and when I say my cup is complete is when I have energy. And when I am at my best, I can also give my best.

So here’s my, my, I would say not advice, but maybe, you know, just what I’ve learned through the years is. Find what hustling really means to you understand that the hustle does not need to last forever. You are the most precious being, and if you can’t feel your best, you also cannot give your best. And when you are consistently giving, when you’re always in the hustle, you will not be able to give your best.

All the time. So building and a time into your days, even with, let’s say you’re, launching something or you’re right before a performance, the higher demand is on you physically and mentally. The higher needs to be your self-care, the attention you are paying to, how you’re feeling and what you really need.

Not as not selfish. That is. How will you show up as your very best, and this is how you will serve other people the very best. So does it really take hustle to be successful? Well, you know what? I don’t; I don’t 1000% know the answer to that because hustle means something so different to everybody. I don’t think I’m hustling right now.

But when I take a day off and get back to it, I feel so much better. So I have learned that three, four hours of really full working is what I can show up the best, where I have the best results. If I push beyond that, beyond that, I am not creative. I am not showing up as my best self and.

Really that’s, what I know of how I can sell the best, the fastest, and get the most immediate results. So I want you to also look backward, right? Like we don’t, we don’t know what we’re doing until. Let me rephrase it, though. Cause you know what you’re doing. But it is harder to see the results when you’re right in it than when you’re actually looking back from where you came from.

So now forget to, you know, kids that shoulder and tell yourself that you found a great job. All right. My gut, my loves, I’m now getting ready to leave. When this podcast airs, I am already on the east coast. Getting prepared for our meetup in New York. And if I haven’t, no, I haven’t talked about that because we just decided yesterday, so done, made a big announcement.

Rachel and we are organizing a meetup for performing artists in New York on June 26th. I’d love it. If you could come, if you’re in town, it is a free event. It is meant to network to build bridges, to Connect other performing artists together. I would love to have this community expand beyond, you know, our social media boundaries.

We will bring in a guest speaker, and I’d love it If you could pass this message forward. If you have questions, DM Rachel or I. Rachels tag is below. That would mean the world to me to hear from you.

All right. My loves. Thank you so much for listening.

I’m sending you so much love,

Bye guys.

So much ❤


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