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Professional dancers are elite athletes and deserve to be treated as such. That includes:

Being compensated generously for your place in a ballet company & performing regularly

Remaining at the top of your game with steady trainings to keep your body in a peak performance state

Having a coach that not only helps you elevate your physical performance but coaches you through mindset strategies and motivates you to be your best in every area 

Ballerinas are athletes, too.


That doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to get paid for it. It also doesn’t mean you should feel: 

Overlooked, unseen or undeserving

Anxious for fear of not being perfect all the time

At the point of physical exhaustion

Living in fear of your next performance because failure is not an option

Like you’ll never be enough or see your dreams become reality

A coach is meant to motivate you and give you a roadmap to achieve your best results. 


A one-on-one 6 month experience with elite coach, Susanne Puerschel. Fast track your success by working privately with Susanne to align your actions and attitude with your vision.

Your career has a time table in the world of dance…don’t wait to make your dreams a reality.

introducing 1:1 elite coaching


who’s literally been in your shoes, gives you the distinct advantage of redefining the trajectory of your ballet career immediately.  

A coach can share and reflect back to you what would normally take you much longer to learn on your own. The benefits of having a 1:1 coach include: 

Accountability to move you forward, faster

Clarifying your goals and making sure you’re setting the right goals for the career you desire

Accelerating your development with full, focused attention & strategies on your dance career 

Working with an elite coach

During your 6-Month 1:1 Elite Coaching program you’ll receive:

Weekly 1 hour Zoom calls with Susanne Puerschel to set new goals, stay accountable and accelerate your career growth

Action items via a shared Dropbox folder that stem from our weekly discussions so you know the exact next steps to take to achieve your goals

Voxer access to Susanne for any questions that arise and as a go-to resource during this time of personal and professional development 

what you get

You are worthy of asking for the support you need. I’ll help you let go of old stories and toxic beliefs that hold you back and identify the results you most desire for your ballet career, giving you a clear roadmap to get there.

If you’re ready to put new strategies into action, you’ll create new outcomes. Don’t wait…avoid having any regrets about what could’ve been.

It’s okay to seek an expert and coach outside of your ballet company…