How fast can you reframe?


August 17, 2021


Susanne shares that over her latest travel experiences and how she was forced to bring herself into a steady state of reframing the experiences that she was facing. Susanne had a choice to either stop everything, accept it was too much, allow the negativity to wash over her or reframe the moments to see the lessons, the gifts that were showing up for her.

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How fast can you reframe?

Hello, and welcome to another episode of the Point To Rise podcast. My name is Susanne, and I am your host today. Today it is Monday morning. I am sitting in my car and recording into my phone. The reality right now is when you’re traveling. And there was a lot of letting go and perspective and perception change that needed to be happening for me to sit here and be okay with it not being a recording studio.

It is not perfect, so I want to talk to you about my last couple of days. The learning that I’ve had while getting to the United States while traveling while having a laid out plan and not going to plan at all at any given point, it seemed like the universe was throwing little things.

In my way to see, Hey, I know you’re ready, but are you prepared to pivot quickly? Are you prepared to change your perspective, even though it gets, you know, your ego is being attacked at specific points? So that may start. You have a very set plan on when I was supposed to fly out and what it was supposed to look like.
And I had the next day already scheduled in Atlanta, and it didn’t go that way because the flight was moved 10 hours ahead. And I was not leaving the day I was supposed to leave. I found myself, and I’m very open and vulnerable here. I found myself getting into a place that I used to be in very, very often.

I was in a place of blame and anger and wanted to have it fixed and get it my way and not understand that I can do anything. If there’s no plane there, I can’t fly. So I was searching for people to, you know, vent to until my darling husband looked at me and said, Hey, what about the reframe here?

How fast can you reframe? How quickly can you see that this gives you another night at home? How fast can you see that you get to snuggle with your family? Another 10 hours, and he was so right, and I could not believe how easily I was giving in to these negative thoughts and how fast I wanted them to serve me, how fast I wanted to blame everybody outside of me for the circumstances that we were in.

The learn here for me was in that specific situation. Was two? Well, one was okay. Expectations are great, but when they’re not met, how fast can you let go of them? And. Not blame anybody for, you know, your expectations not being met, but what can I do in certain moments? So I don’t suffer. I don’t, you know, waste all of this negative energy and talk about all the things that are not going well.

Viruses this seeing what can I do in this situation? How can I solve what is being put in front of me? So. I had to take a step back and understand; wow. I was not in a good space. I was so grateful for my husband to remind me who I want to be versus. Where I thought I needed to come from what kind of a place I had it to act from.

And that was a tremendous gift, and it served me well because the whole trip the entire time in Atlanta was the lesson in reframing, reframing everything from. You know, not having food on the plane. How can I reframe this? And not taking it for face value because I have to say flight attendants are such resourceful, beautiful human souls.

They had food for us. And I, I found myself sitting before boarding and saying, you know, this is impossible. Why I’m paying for this ticket? Why do I have to deal with this? And I caught myself quickly with these thoughts coming in and reframed it. I felt so much better about the flight and was rewarded with a beautiful, warm breakfast on board as well.
It kept coming, and if y’all don’t know, I went to Atlanta for a meeting for R.I.S.E. Media. We were laying in the next 12 months of structure. What is it going to look like? And I had to be very vulnerable there too. It is so essential for me that I can reframe anything that is not feeling good or working for me at this moment and look at it from a different perspective and ask additional questions and how can I make it work for me?

It is not only crucial for when you build anything. Even when you create yourself, when you build a brand or when you want to become, you know, the next Baryshnikov, or even if that is your version of it when you want to build your life, it is so essential to be capable of pivoting, of being, to flex that muscle.
Perspective and understanding that there are always so many choices that we have. The only thing that’s holding us back from seeing the positive or the negative is, is, is us. You know, it is our choice to what are we going to lean into? Where are we going to put focus and energy into it? And it reminded me so much of my time in school.
And even as a professional dancer. Everything was bad. I always say that with confidence, not with pride, but with confidence that I leaned into the negative most of the time. I only learned how to see the good and the great in every situation that is out there. When I started self-development, and that’s not, it is not easy.
And I think today, me talking about and giving you these examples that these few days have been not only a lesson but also a test to realize. Where am I at? How fast can I do this? How quickly can I move on and see where else do I want to go? Where do I have to put more? Or where am I choosing to put more effort into gaining more skills in reframing, reframing my perspective, looking at given situations from a different perspective?

So, where am I going with all of this? I wanted to use this as an example of that. We always will learn that we always have something that we can get better at or gain different skills that will propel us to the next level, that next version of ourselves. And I think that particularly as performing artists, we’re so trained to go to the goal.
No, let me reframe that it’s not goal-oriented, but when we, when we see or work for performance, that is our, that’s the end of our development in the sense of, okay, we worked for this performance. We go on stage, we performed, and that’s it. Then we start over again, and I have noticed that I, I started chasing this kind of feeling of accomplishment, and yes, I did it, and I got there, and it never felt enough until I realized that the learning and the evolving are really where it’s at. That’s where you that’s where the reward it is that is what tastes so sweet. That is what feels so wonderful. So the real journey is what is so beautiful and sometimes. It’s being given to us more loud and clear and more volume than we really would like to, or what we think we can handle. However, it would not be given to us if we wouldn’t be able to handle it.

Here is a different example. I do not enjoy flying, particularly not by myself. I worked over the past couple of months on how can I reframe this? Now? I was always on flights that were, you know, comfortable, not much turbulence. And I felt looked after it was very safe. This time, it did not feel safe.

Those turbulences, boy, I mean, I couldn’t even, I couldn’t even drink the crew was sitting. I could not do anything for quite some time. And I felt my anxiety just going through the roof. I didn’t even know how to breathe anymore. I heard this voice. ‘It wouldn’t be given to you if you wouldn’t be ready.’
So I had the ability to reframe this fear into anxiety, and I asked myself to question, okay, what, what if this could be fun? What would this look like? Would this be fun? How can I imagine myself being somewhere completely different? And I wish I would’ve had that tool when, you know, I was battling that anxiety before going on stage because of that anxiety and not feeling the judgment of others. That was precisely the thing that held me back from expressing myself. The reframe or the ability to reframe and look at the situation from a different standpoint would have come in so beautifully handy.

I hope that this is helpful for you, and you can somehow see that we always have a choice in how we look at things, and in that power lays in the reframe that we can be in any situation. The reframing of situations is where the magic can happen.

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I’m sending you so much love.

Thank you for being here. Thank you for listening. Thank you for being interested in what I have to say because even applying half a percent, you start to change something in yourself. With beginning to change something in you, you permit yourself to reframe certain situations.

You are also permitting other people to do precisely the same. And that is how we create change.

That’s all I have for today. I’m sending you so much love.
Again, if this resonates with you if you want to learn more about how emotions play a role in our lives, drop me a DM or share one of your biggest takeaways of this podcast. I’m sending you so much love till soon. Bye-bye

I’m sending you so much ❤


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