How not to waste your time


September 21, 2021


Susanne is back on the west coast & has had a reflection on how she sees her time. Moreover how she is now hyper-aware of what she is doing and with whom she is surrounding herself.

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How not to waste your time

Hello, and welcome to another episode of the Pointe To Rise podcast. My name is Susanne, and I am the host today.

I am back in Victoria. So grateful to be with my family, again, going through another adjustment period that is slightly different than last time; nonetheless, they are my everything.

So I have been pondering something that I wouldn’t say has been bugging me. But what has come up over the last couple of months was people complaining that they were too busy that they didn’t have enough time. And that reminded me of how often I heard that in the theater, oh, that is not enough time, we won’t be able to put the show together in this amount of time. And it made me realize that I was for myself and everybody else around me, treating time as something that was never enough that we always feel there’s not enough time. So I forced myself to ask the question. What would it look like If I had enough time? What would it feel like? And could I be in charge of that? So I did a little bit of research. I found enough to perhaps explain and help you through maybe finding some peace in your life and be more productive and find that time is in your hand and nobody else. But let me explain.


There, there are two theories on how we see time. One is Newton’s loss of time. That is, we keep chasing, and there’s never enough time to have. Einstein and his Theory of Relativity that spending one minute on a hot stove seems like forever, but spending an hour with your friends that you love goes by in a second. So it depends on how we’re spending our time, that we’re feeling better or not enough? And do we believe that time can be, you know, recreated? Or can we create more to feel like we are filled out? So it makes me think that I always and I’m choosing always very precisely have that feeling that either I am not doing enough or that there is not enough time in the day, even if I schedule my day to do what I want to do, which leads me to an anxiety state then into lack. And when I’m in that state, I am not creative. I am not doing anything good, neither for myself nor for somebody else. And when I look at creating R.I.S.E. Media and coming from a lack mentality that is not going to work, I fear not having enough time to do what I want to do for the performing arts community. If we are consistently living in fear of not having enough time, then that is precisely what we consistently create. And we have a society of human beings who surrendered to the fact that while there are only so many hours in a day, and this is all I can do right now. And we have never really taken the time. Even if that takes five seconds to ask ourselves a different question, what does it look like if I have enough time? What would it feel like? And then, from that point, how can I be in here? So here’s what I have learned over the past couple of weeks about how I can create time for myself.


I’m not saying that there is more of it. The magic lies, and how am I spending it. I have, for a long time now, refused to use the phrase. I am so busy. I can’t. I don’t even react well, nor do I engage with other people throwing at me that they’re too busy to do something because it’s an excuse. The too-busy line is an excuse for they are saying I am not scheduling my day correctly. Or I am so booked out right now that doing the thing with you is not my priority. I respond positively to that. It doesn’t hurt my ego. What breaks my feelings, I don’t want to be around anymore is people saying, Oh, I’m too busy to do that anymore.


I love to have you look at your language and how you’re using it. I am too busy, and I am so busy line. When are you using it in your day? When are you using it as an excuse? Is that true? Did you understand that you can have control even over time if you’re using it to the best of your ability? We’re choosing mindlessly scrolling through Instagram, wherever your social media site that you prefer, versus going and having a walk in the woods or bath or meditation or reading a book. It is what is important to us and then choosing whether or not we have time for them, how do we allocate time for that, frankly, we always have time to go into the studio and work there 8 10 12 hours, not even questioning it. But yet everything else is put on the back burner. And I understand that is a teaching that you have inherited. I inherited it for a long time without even questioning it. It is time, though, that you do. So with this, let me try that one more time. I would love you to look at your life. And I would love to see that you are looking at the things you’re not doing that you wanted to do and why are you doing? Why are you not? Where are you making time? Where do you think you could be more productive? And by just asking that question without any judgment, you will see different areas in your life that will be opened up in making more room, giving you more room to breathe.


I listened to a podcast about a heavy beer drinker who used to be a professional skateboarder realizing that that lifestyle would not get him what he craved. And how he created possibilities in his life by looking and tracking how he is spending his time. It’s amazing. And it shows me the more into the detail you go; the higher is your productivity. And that man is so productive. He wanted to produce T.V. shows at scale. Like 60 shows a week, it blows my mind. For he found his stride to achieve the production and have joy in his life. However, looking at that example makes me believe. Oh, it’s possible. So, therefore, all I have to do is find a way to do that. And I’m telling you there’s not much that isn’t possible. What things keep you from exploring your thing? Because it will leave facts buried in the past. And if we want to evolve, we need to go and look in the future, and there are no facts in the future. So your time and how you want to spend it is genuinely something that you can create. Nobody else ensures that our records in your life, the time that we’ve been given, we all have been given the same 24 hours in a day. And the only difference between you and myself right now is how we’re using our time. And how, what kind of measurements, and what procedures we have in place to use that time.


So you look at your calendar, see if you have the flexibility to change your day. Or the ability to create time for you. I would love you to explore how you’re looking at your time and see it as one of your things.


I would love it if you reviewed and shared this podcast this episode. We have 134 episodes out there. I would love it if you start sharing parts that have inspired you, even things you disagree with. I want to hear about this and so much more next time.

That’s all I have for today. I’m sending you so much love.
Again, if this resonates with you if you want to learn more about how emotions play a role in our lives, drop me a DM or share one of your biggest takeaways of this podcast. I’m sending you so much love till soon. Bye-bye

I’m sending you so much ❤


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