How to make fear your ally.


May 4, 2021


Susanne chats about how she has worked through fear, recognizing how many parts of her life had been ruled by fear.

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How to make fear your ally.

Hello, and welcome to another episode of the Pointe To Rise podcast. My name is Susanne, and I am your host. Thank you for joining me today. So it is Sunday. I’m recording it. I have been umming and ahhing to, to speak about this topic for quite some time. And particularly this week, I didn’t want to, so bear with me here.

I am outside of my comfort zone. I was talking to you about fear, and I want to start with that. If I should own any label, I used to be one of the most fearful women on the planet. I’m always scared to make something. Make a wrong choice, disappoint somebody who is not loved, scared of not being good enough, always stared and living in fear.

And that was a very, very, not only lonely life, but it also was a very, how can I say that? Stressful life? Cause I was always concerned. And I was consumed by fear by fear of not. Being the best or not getting that and getting this. And what I’m, what I want to say here is that the fear had me consumed so much, even though I could label the fear.

I didn’t know what it was that held me back. I had no idea why I wasn’t getting where I wanted to go. And I started blaming everybody else outside of me. So. When I started my self-development journey, I concluded that changing my perspective was the first fear I had to let go of.

Everybody else owed me something that everybody else to do things for me and were responsible for my life when I realized that all of this, all of my life, like every day that I’m doing, is actually in my hands. And I get to decide how I want to feel regardless of what kind of situation I was in.

And I worked in companies that were. Yeah, let’s say not, not my favorite. After a while and trying, I decided that I had to move on from these kinds of situations because who I was becoming did not fit where the company’s direction was going. But the fear of standing in your own two shoes, the fear of taking responsibility for our own life and our own decision, I think was my very first fear that I had to come to terms with, was what helped me actually from living a life that I wanted to live.

So I. I had to understand that if I don’t, if I can’t label my fears, give them a name, let them know what they are, or let myself see what I’m afraid of. You see, we can all have these butterflies in our stomachs. We can all feel nauseous. We can, you know, have the anxiety that stops us from showing up.

But if we can’t understand what we are afraid of and get to the bottom of it, then the chances of letting go of those fears and gaining power again are very slim. So the first step in actually stepping out of your fear of breaking through that, I never, you know, it never really.

Aligned with me that I have to get through. I have to push. Beyond the fears and get to the next point. I was never really able to get to that pushing-through point. My body would shut down completely. Like I would pass out that happened to me. I would get so nauseous that I would have to lie down, and I was asking myself why that is.

The reason was that the fear itself was so overwhelming, but I couldn’t even take it apart. I couldn’t even see its face. I just noticed that big blob of fierce sitting on my chest, in my heart or my stomach, or wherever. So that was helpful when I learned that, hey, let’s take part in what we’re dealing with here.

Why are you afraid? What is it that you are so scared of? And is that fear genuine? Is that something you’re making up because it feels safe? After all, you have been living that same way for the past 20, 30 years, or is it valid? So that is the next step where you can go to, Hey, let’s, let’s take a look at it.

Let’s open the curtain. Let’s not. Underestimate your power or not underestimate the power of awareness and shedding light on it. Because as soon as we shed light on our fears, They come, not wholly, but they lose most of their power. And then the rest of this to us, you know, how can we, how can we overcome?

Who do we have to be to not feel that way anymore? Or can we think that way and still show up the way we want to show up? Fear by design is meant to keep us safe, save us the same heap us, where we are right now. And that was handy, you know, 2 billion years ago when we were living at cages and, and the favor tiger sight, saber tooth tiger came to, to eat us.

That was important, but we still have that tendency. And nowadays, that’s keeping us from moving forward from accepting change to understand that. What works today may not be working tomorrow. You have to be fluid, and you have to be consistently adapting to what is around you. You know you can. You can be as strong as you want to.

You can be as fears as you want to. You can take care of your mindset and your body as much as you wish. But if you are in an environment that is not. Conducive to this kind of inner power, then after it, I’m, that could wear you down. So when you are finding yourself in a fearful state, you must look at the fears at what there is not just saying I’m scared too, you know, send an email, ask why, why are you scared?

What is the outcome that you’re scared of? These things are essential, and that will help you push through and remove most of the barriers you are feeling when you are feeling fear, and you want to get to that next page. Okay. Well, there we go. I did it. I hope this was helpful, guys.

I am dealing with fear daily. Quite honestly, I have this fear of not being worthy or not being seen. It has been so loud that it was hard to take a perfect look at where all of this is coming from. And the more and more I gain awareness around it, the more I understand that these beliefs are just some that I.

And I took on because I thought I had to these are beliefs that kept me in my comfort zone. These are beliefs that, you know, at times, even though it wasn’t a great time or a meaningful life or whatever, it was comfortable and safe. So my journey right now is living entirely outside of that. Comfort every single day.

And that that means I have to ask myself what, what does today? What is today going to look like when it’s uncomfortable, and I’m going to pass the torture to you? I’m going to encourage you. What is one thing you can do today that pushes you outside of your comfort zone? Because the only way we can.

Change or ignite change outside of our world is when we start with our world. Hey, I’m sending you so much love. Thank you for tuning in, please. Don’t forget to give a quick review of a five-star rating if it aligns, and I’m looking forward to hearing your biggest takeaway.

Bye guys.

So much ❤


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