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The answer is simple…to unlock your true potential as a dancer, you must: 
- Elevate your mindset
- Discover how to approach your career from abundance, rather than scarcity
- Become a leader in your company and industry (and you don’t have to be a principal to be a leader)
- Trust your inner knowing & your capabilities (this is where your newfound belief is born)
- Focus on becoming the best version of yourself: physically, mentally and spiritually

So, where does this belief come from? If the only difference between a Core Dancer and a Principle Dancer is having confidence and believing in yourself, then continuing to push your body past its physical limits is NOT what will get you to that coveted spotlight on stage.

A PRINCIPAL DANCER FROM NEW YORK CITY BALLET ONCE TOLD ME…“A principal is not a better technician, it’s just that they have a newfound belief in themselves.”

The spotlight can be yours, and a fulfilling ballet career is at your fingertips…

becoming mastermind


Directors breaking you down only to build you back up

The pressure to be great every single time you dance for fear of being replaced

Being tested and always having to prove you’re worth having as part of the company

A culture where it’s hard to keep your motivation up

Everyone is staring at you 24/7, nitpicking at you and you have to up the game constantly

This dream may seem impossible when
your everyday is filled with:  

A 6-Month Mastermind for ballet dancers to extract their highest potential and accelerate their growth to be a true leader.

This is an invitation-only exclusive mastermind for 15 dancers who are ready to elevate their mind, body and spirit and own their destiny to create the fulfilling ballet career you’ve always dreamt of.


Weekly group Zoom calls diving deep into topics including: goal setting, how to increase your earning capacity, leadership in the world of ballet and beyond, an abundant mindset and much, much more

Monthly 1 hour 1:1 coaching calls with Founder of Pointe To Rise, Susanne Puerschel, to ensure you’re clear on your goals and action steps to accelerate your growth

Accountability partners within your mastermind group so no one ever feels like they’re going it alone

Private Facebook group to strengthen connections within our intimate group and always have a place to be supported, encouraged and ask for help anytime.

Voxer access to Susanne for laser-coaching so you never stay stuck and always know your next steps for growth

An in-person special mastermind event (or virtual depending on the state of the world) to unlock your true potential, give you advanced tools for leading your career, and mindset strategies to form a newfound belief in who you are and what you’re capable of 

what you get



Step 01
Click the APPLY NOW button on this page and fill out the application telling us exactly where you are in your ballet career and where you’d like to be. Tell us why you’d be a great fit for the Becoming Mastermind! Hit submit and we’ll be reviewing all applications within 72 hours.

Step 02
We’ll reach out to schedule a call between you and Susanne Puerschel as the final step in the application process…we like to meet our potential new mastermind members first!

Step 03
Once you’re accepted into the Becoming Mastermind program, you’ll receive a welcome email with all the details and next steps to add to your calendar. Get ready for greatness!

how it works

When you choose to invest in your growth, you win. When you surround yourself with people striving for similar goals and transformational development, you win. When you take control of your destiny, you win. When you own your value and know your worth, you win. 

Become who you’re meant to be, make lifelong connections & thrive in your career.

Are you ready to rise?


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