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March 11, 2021

Christy & Susanne connecting this week over $$ mindset and the effects it has on artists. Come join us with no judgment. We are holding space to learn, laugh and downright pointe at ourselves.

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Money & Art | Money is Energy and why that is

Good. I’m so happy to see you. My favorite time on a Monday has time with you. Okay. So we’re streaming live into the Facebook group because we have verbal content. We have like our time together, and I’m like, why are we not using that? Why aren’t people actually in the Facebook group, as, you know, as a perk, you can just have a.

A recording that you only have access to on Thursdays can already be part of And happy of national woman’s day to my favorite woman.

Well, thank you. Are you good? Yeah. Are you good?  I’m great. Yes. How was being a single woman? Weird. It’s so weird. I mean, we spent years like this where I was the one gigging out. He’s never had this before. This is his first gig out. But it’s been, Oh gosh. Oh my gosh, like seven years, maybe since we’ve done this.

So it’s yeah, it’s just, it’s just finding the bit of independence that I naturally lost to just because there’s always someone around me.  Yes. It’s different. It’s different. Yes.    I’m chalking it up to. Certainly taking this much better than I would have a few years ago. I’m chalking this up to that.

There’s a reason we’re on solo missions right now. And it’s to, you know, I feel like this is my time to go within more and expand myself in a spiritual sense. And I think I’m meant to be by myself to do that. That just is what I feel. And then for Jay, I think this is an incredible opportunity. So I’m super happy for him.

But. I definitely would not want to go back to this lifestyle permanently. I know you don’t have to. No, this is just a reminder.

Yep. Welcome to the Pointe To Rise Podcast money and arts today; we are undertaking a vast. Well, It may feel huge. And if you haven’t been exposed to the topic, it may be, it can feel giant, but not that, and money is energy and why that is.

So before we dive into that, how was your week, baby?

It was good. Yeah, it was the prep to set the husband free for six weeks, and he’s still recuperating from a bit of a back injury. So. It was, I don’t want to say, stressful. It was just on our minds. That was also a factor. But otherwise, I feel great.

Shoot, you know, I had something more to say about my week, like an hour ago before I got on and I can’t recall what it, Oh, I know I got it. I’m almost complete finishing my Reiki master certification. So I’m super excited about that. I don’t really know where that’s going to go, but it feels right.

And I’m, I’m shining my flashlight only like two feet in front of me now. Whereas before I needed to know what the next five years look like right now, I’m just letting things like tiny little, like crumbs of guidance. Make me move forward. So we’ll see what happens with that, but that’s exciting.

So you think only connect the dots backward, right?

Not, not in front of you. Yeah. Right. Great. What about you? Ah, you know, I’ve been thinking about what you say today. How was my week? Emotional a little bit. It’s really on a really lovely high like I really enjoyed the, I can do anything attitude. What’s the next kind of attitude. It was so good to feel that I am capable of that.

Okay. And with that, I actually had great conversations with women investors. I found more. More leads are not a real word that I enjoy. However, with more connections, I’m expanding my network into that kind of industry. Something that I never thought I would be worthy of joining. And I think our Livestream just ended oh well, however, but, and I never thought that I would be knowledgeable enough to be part of that.

You know, and it’s all just in our heads, and that is that’s a great invitation, to really look because whatever you really want to do it is literally just in your own hands, and everything else is just noise. So, yeah. However, over the weekend, I found the noise when I was just settling down and taking a pause and not really doing anything.

That would inspire me, but I was resting my body. All of those negative thoughts. Ooh. They came in like little ants, you know, one by one marching. Because of what you think it was because you were allowing rest.

First of all, that’s my story. The truth is that I didn’t set myself up for success.

Bright gods. I set myself up with ice cream. I had ice cream, and for years I thought backstory ice cream is something that I always connect to my father that passed away, you know, a long time ago. So I didn’t have ice cream, and I was pregnant with my first child. I had like three ice creams a day. So ice cream is really near and dear to me.

And I haven’t had any in a long time for good, for a good reason because I can’t stop because I overeat, I eat a whole tube, you know, versus like 20 grams or something. I don’t stop when it starts burning.  I was in that plane of energy, and that is. I was just for the first time able to really say, Oh, this is what’s happening.

This is what you did. And here to results. Now it’s on you to get up at 5:00 AM, to get outside, to watch the sunset, to listen to a podcast, to really do what you have to do to get your mind into the highest state because that’s where it all comes from. Yeah, energy, baby. It’s all about energy. And knowing that experiencing it firsthand, I had a moment where I was like, Oh crap.

Susi, you know, you gave into the laziness by all dancer mentality came through. But what I gave into was not laziness; I gave into my old self. I gave into what felt familiar and what felt right. I gave it to my past. Yeah, yes. To a memory, you know, into an artifact, and that’s not me anymore.

So the lesson will just live, learn. I’ll do it again, but I do it differently. So, you know, there’s rest within allowing your mind to be expensive still. So figuring out what that looks like. That’s a journey for me. Definitely. Yeah. Right.

Oh, that’s such a journey just is. It’s not quick. And it does. So you said the lesson, so there’s a lesson in literally everything. And until you identified it or learned it, you’re going to keep experiencing it.

Yeah, totally. Absolutely. I was listening to, and we are going to get into our topic. You all, don’t you worry about it. This is our exterior; it really is.

You’re right. Yeah. I was listening to Joe dispenser, Dr. Joe Dispenza. And if you all don’t know him, Oh my gosh. Like, look him up, do his meditation, whatever. Listen to what he has to say. You were just giving such a simple analogy. Why are we keep being the people that we are, why, why change is so different?

And I, it is so easy to listen to him, but repeating what he says, this full heart, it’s about us waking up in the morning and feeling so familiar in who we were yesterday. Feelings create our emotions and fall into the circle of familiarity, regardless of whether it’s serving ourselves or not. It is actually an addiction to our emotions because our emotions create our reality or beliefs.

And therefore, we just keep recreating the same thing over and over again. This is why change is so difficult for us because we are making ourselves addicted to who we were yesterday. And that is a surefire way to stay who you want to be, where it says accelerating and who you want to become. And if you don’t know who you want to become, well, then you’re going to stay precisely over here.

And I’m just like, wow. You know, it sounds so simple. So simple. It is such an easy thing to do if you have the awareness around it. Yeah. You can catch yourself at any given point. Oh, hang on. Is that really my story? Or is that something that I have been told? So I saw you’re almost like aiming in your 5 cents, my love.

Well, I mean, literally all of this, like every single week to the root of what we talk about comes down to awareness. That is the fruit of, of everything. And the awareness sometimes can be shocking enough. And then it’s, that’s the tool to navigate through it. I learned a lot of stuff about myself with an awareness that I didn’t really like that I didn’t know about.

So it was fascinating, but that’s the navigational tool. So when I know if I’m operating in one of those, like you said, like old, old behaviors or old patterns, it’s the awareness that doesn’t keep me there anymore. That helps me move through it. Beautiful.

So money is energy, and I want to start with, here’s how I felt when I heard that for the first time. It’s like, are you kidding me? Money isn’t energy. And how can, how can it be energy? Money is tangible. Money buys things, money. That piece of paper makes this world. It brings. War. It brings peace. It brings all of these things, and they have nothing to do with energy until I learned that everything actually is energy.

Depending on what kind of energy we are in depends on, you know, where we’re energetical with our money and how we think about it and how we feel about it. I want to give a quick example before this recording. I was on a coaching call with one of my clients and has then that’s my son that he needs to buy a particular car.

Okay. And that car is worth a certain amount of money, and he has that money in his wallet. And he’s going to spend it on that car, and nothing can change of mind. So I said, okay, have you ever asked yourself this question? What if you could option? They make the energy in your wallet work much more for you and create way more for you than just an exchange of money for a car.

And he’s like, what. Like, yeah. Well, imagine you would actually walk into a dealership and lease a car with this funny or yeah. Lease a car with this money, and you would get a brand new car. Like what kind of an energy exchange would that be? The next, the next thought was like, yeah, but I can only lease it for two and a half years with this money.

Yeah, that’s one perspective. And now that’s expanded our energy one more time and let’s say, what if you can use the money to make you money? To pay or lease the car would really make you happy every time you get in. You would not get tired off in two months, the car that you would actually be thug every morning that you would name that you would feel so freaking empowered when you sit in it, that you can take on an alternate ego that will allow you to break through all of your fears is like, that’s not possible.

Who have you tried it? Have you asked the questions? No. And don’t say it’s not possible. It was fascinating for me to see the mindset that I had not too long ago. Like these old beliefs, it can only be one specific way, and everything else is out of the question because we never ask what if we never even.

Take the time to look at what else is out there. How could it look like? If I had so much with worthiness and our belief on what’s actually possible for us? And when we say money is energy, it comes all. It’s a huge circle, and I need you to save you. Save you, save me, you know, energetic.

Belief, you said it over and over and over again. And it, and it comes down to that because, as you said, as well, every single thing, including us, is energy, and our thoughts, our words, and our emotions make up the energy that’s delivered into our life. So our. Thoughts, words, and emotions become things.

And so that’s where it ties into money, and it comes down to our belief system. So the example you just gave right now, my answer actually would have been you’re right? Because his belief system is it’s not possible. That is the belief system; with that belief system, you have defined what you will bring into you.

And so we’re like, we are like magnets, and we send out. What we’re we’re going to get back. So how we think what our beliefs are, what we’re saying, how we are as an energetic state, if we’re in that energetic state, we aren’t matching the energetic flow of that abundance because with abundance, that’s a high vibe thing.

What you just described to be in a brand new car. That’s, you know, whatever brand it is. But everything’s new. It’s got that new car smell, regardless of if it’s like totally luxury or whatever a new car is a new car, and you will feel a certain level of energy in that when everything is excellent and new, and no one has been in it, and it has.

Zero to five miles on, the whole thing that energetic state is where we all require getting to, to actually start to see the abundance that could come into our life. And so, most of us have some sort of limiting belief around money. And I love this. Cause I’ve done a lot. I’ve done a lot of energetic work on money.

Cause that was it was like the law. I don’t know. I could have gotten lower on the vibrational scale for me in my money. So I’ve done a lot of work. So I was told to ask yourself, I’d love to have money, but then to fill in the blank, and then that is your traditional limiting belief around money.

So for me, mine was, I’d love to have money, but I feel like I would have to just work all the time and have no joy to make a ton of money. And so that was my belief. And guess, guess what I have been manifesting up until recently is that very thing is if I did not put in 10 to 12 hour days, I was not seeing the payoff monetarily, and you know, that’s why this stuff matters and the belief matters.

So if that would be your response to it, She asked you those things that wouldn’t be possible. That’s a huge block. You are entirely walling yourself off from, from in the idea.

From anything, right? Like even it has to do with our filter, with our reticular activating system. If we don’t believe we can, well, then it will show us only the example said will prove yes.

So we can be right. And here we go again. Yeah. Limiting beliefs, heading your upper limit arguing for your limiting beliefs, all of that. That question just brought something up to me. You know what, my most significant limiting belief around money still is, what if it goes away? And so when we, well, I’m gonna get.

A little bit of a tangent, I apologize in advance when I look at money as energy. And when we’re looking at it from like, what is our limiting belief? I was thinking a lot about why we see all of this despair and the pain in the arts. Okay. I genuinely believe that it has to do and how we’re managing the energy around the existence.

Meaning the money that it takes to keep an arts organization, a ballet company running. Hey, like the level of, and we kind of know that the level is pretty low energetically around money.

Every single time that it is something that has a high, vibrant energy level. No, companies are thinking of it as something to chase. We need to do all of the things that we really don’t want to do. And that kind of energy spiraled down into the tiniest nooks and crannies in the organization.

Like if we’re looking at it as a business, You know, a business takes care of its product. It takes care of the artist to make the business better. You have more money coming in. And if we’re in that lack mentality, not understanding that by chasing something, we’re actually repelling it. We’re versus.

Asking triggers different questions. Just asking the question. What if, what would it look like if this would be fun? What would you love to do right now? How can we create something that doesn’t feel hard anymore? And I don’t, we have, we have D industry hats. I keep saying we have cause I’m so in it. The industry has created, lacks energy, that low vibe energy, and doesn’t produce anything more than this kind of lack.

Exactly. Yes. Which is the one I did personally, too. Cause that was the example I saw. Exactly. That was the energy that we were consistently in. And it is so hard to it’s so hard. I’m not making excuses.

However, it takes a lot to have the awareness that this is what’s happening and then fight against it. Yeah. That is almost. I don’t want to say impossible. However, it will. If there’s always friction, there always like I had it with, with the recent business that I gave up last year. Like I can’t, I can’t be in here. Everything that I’m looking for is to prove to me that I need to drop this. That’s a matter of how much money is making me.

It just feels awful. I don’t want to be around it anymore. The energy is wrong. This is what we’re seeing with Ballet right now; with all of these articles popping up, the energy flow is off. Yeah. And people are getting back into studios, getting back to the old artifacts and the organization’s history.

It’s just going to feel way more off. We’re going to see way more injuries. We’re going to see more pain and more disorders popping up. If we don’t change the state of what we want to attract.

Slightly relevant. I wrote down a quote before this cause I, I, just resonated with me from seven habits of highly successful people. And it’s you can’t talk your way out of something you’ve behaved. Oh yeah. Oh yeah.

Oh yeah. That’s taking that apart.

So we can say what we want. We can say, Oh yeah, I want more money or whatever. But it’s our behaviors that come from our beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and words.

It’s all like it starts there. It starts with the thought, which triggers emotions, which goes into words, which becomes beliefs, which becomes behavior. It’s this just chain. Big circle, right? Yeah. Yeah. So we can save it whatever we want. That doesn’t mean at a subconscious level that we are in alignment with that or the thought.

I would like more money or whatever. I mean, underlying I could, I, if I had said that a few years ago, underlying whether it popped into my head or not so consciously, it would’ve gone, but that’s not possible. Like, that’s what I would have heard. So what, that’s, what life looked like for me.

Oh, same here. Like I just kept repeating all the same things that I was given. I can make money as an artist. There is a casting couch for artists. Mainly as a woman, I actually happy with international woman’s day. Yes. May I just say Berlin, Germany, Berlin declared today for the first time and forever this to be a holiday, like an actual holiday.

So people are off. Go. Berlin. Love you.

Wow. That’s awesome.

I’ve also too. It’s magical.  On that? Not, I don’t know where I’m going with this. I just heard. Was it your intentions have to meet your behavior? And when I look at the world that we used to be in there, none of the intentions really matched any behavior.

The intention was to serve the people coming to theater shows and changing their two hours to something better that they’ve never seen before. Why all the pain? Why all the difficulties? Why all the resistance? Why all the disrespect? Why paying minimum wages like that?

That’s the intention that does not fit the behavior at all. And as long as the industry cannot align intention with the behaviors, it will always be in that kind of lack state. If I had money. Then what? And, but yeah, and I, I, I believe like talking about all of the pain is a great thing and it’s time for solutions.

It is such time for solutions. It’s such time to get together and say, Hey, we know this is all going on. We all know about it. Where are we going to do about it yet? It’s a different energy level, right. That will attract different outcomes.

I think, gosh, that’s a big task, but it would be wonderful if the mindset could be shifted to be open to that because I think.

From my experience, I personally just don’t align with the industry anymore. Is I can’t, I don’t have the energetic space to be in that environment or have that mindset or to just, I, yeah, to put myself through that again. And it would be wonderful if we could be in a familiar environment and get to an environment where it was about making art and creating art,

Being the best company or being the most funded or having the like biggest flashiness? Yeah, I could. I could go on a lot. I don’t know. Are you kidding me?

Can I just say, why don’t you make a different stove by taking yourself out of it and creating an option for people to follow you? Yeah. And I’m just gonna leave that right there.

It just, it for me, all of that took away any joy that the movement brought me, and it would be nice

Obviously, because it wasn’t. Really operating on a level of joy. Like the intention was not to create joy. The intention is to make it as part and as obnoxious as possible because that is the only way you can succeed.

To never be, to never feel like you’re enough that you just keep striving for more perfection. And I just, I no longer wanted to be in an environment that kept me feeling like I was never good enough. I could do that easily enough on my own, let alone of that be my whole world. So that’s the biggest thing.

I actually just had a memory pop up of a Facebook live this weekend from a year ago when I had that realization. I remember you were the first person I reached out to ask. When did you know that it was time to leave? Cause I just, those feelings were just too much. Right. I’m still feeling them clearly.

Now that’s, it’s a hard step. Right. And I feel like as artists, as dancers, we put so much into it, and it’s like, everybody is so in love with doing it. So much in love with it and needing, needing for whatever reason to stop, has such an emotional response because it feels like we’re giving something, we’re giving up one of the biggest loves of our lives, and that hurt.

I was really desperate. Yeah. However, if it’s like in a relationship, right. If you’re being abused in a relationship. You don’t stick around. I did. I stuck around waiting for it to get better. Oh, he didn’t mean to hit me. He didn’t mean to make my neck look all blue and black, but isn’t that what we experienced in our relationship with the job.

And it doesn’t have to be for everybody like that. You know, you may not feel that you were beaten up, but if your coach tells you, what the hell are you doing? Why are you still looking at yourself in the mirror? That’s not how you’re going to see success. That is the kind of abuse that the industry has come to believe is necessary to become better.

And honestly, that is, I can’t say it on here, but that’s completely bogus. It’s not the truth. You don’t have to hurt to get better. It doesn’t need to feel hard. It also doesn’t need to feel hard to make money. Right. And that’s where the energy comes in and, and being heartbroken over, losing that relationship.

Well, yeah, please be, yeah, I had to be so angry to meet. I didn’t allow myself to cry. I had to be on the floor, puking my guts out, and I apologize for the language to realize this is as far as I can go.

Yeah. And I went the other way. I had a complete meltdown, like complete melts down exhaustion.

I just, as you said, the abuse, it was like, before I raised my vibration, I didn’t know that I was, I didn’t feel it like that. I just, I always felt kind of low. So it was just. What I was saying. Yeah. Yeah. Then, as I started to raise it and got it was working on myself, you know, putting myself in those environments again, it was, it did, it felt like abuse that I just, I was so tired.

I couldn’t do it anymore. I don’t know how to round this up, but the pause I know kind of maybe what, what I was gonna recommend if people don’t understand how to raise that vibration or raise that energy flow could use right now is gratitude. No, that’s fine. It’s just one of those like it popped up, and then I felt that again cause I watched the video, and I felt that.

The timeframe of me again I’m a very emotional person. Hence, ways to increase your energy flow and your money, energy flow is first to just sit in gratitude for what you do have because I think when we’re broke, it’s effortless to focus on what you can’t afford and what you don’t have enough money for.

And. Typically, if you’re in a lower energy state, you will dwell on those things. And that’s what you’re going to see. Or you’re only going to see all the things that you can’t afford. So sitting in gratitude for what you currently have and just acknowledging it. Like I, I practice gratitude every day, even if it’s for the smallest things, my cup of coffee, my morning on the porch, you know, my lovely apartment. I look around, and everything’s nice now.

I’ve never been in a place this nice before, so I practice gratitude with it. That helps you not dwell on the things you don’t have because you can be in a good enough state with the gratitude that you can now visualize what. You like to move towards and what action steps and what version of yourself you could become vicious, like in your mind to start bringing in more of what you do want that you don’t have, but it really starts with the gratitude, because if we don’t acknowledge the good that we already have.

Then it’s never going to be enough. You know, if you don’t sit in that, then that brand new car, you’re not going to have gratitude for it either. So basically, feel as though you already have that, and it’s getting into that feeling that will allow you to like, be more energetically, expansive, two ways, two ways that could improve your life.

Hmm. Beautiful. I want to add something here. When I first heard about gratitude, I was like, that is absolutely bogus. How can my being grateful for my cup of coffee changed my life? It’s like how you do piles and tendus every morning, how that will change the way you’re going to show up in a rehearsal.

It is precisely the same thing. It will not happen tomorrow or the day after. You have to be just like the villages and focused and committed to it. Like you are to take a cloth every day, even if it’s in your kitchen because you’re scared you’re going to get out of shape. And therefore your company won’t take you anymore.

It is precisely the same thing. You sit down every morning, and even if it’s just in the morning and you sit down, and you write down four things or five things, and then those five things will become 10 because your mind, your reticular activating system, is now more. Geared to you activated the filter to see the good versus the bat in your life.

And that’s where the magic lies. The more good you see, the greater you will attract. And the more negative you see, the more negative you will attract. Like you, you literally attract what you see and therefore. You have to start. It is on you, nobody else, not your director, not your rehearsal director, and not the girl next to you who will do that for you.

It is on you; this is in your control; that is where your power lies.

I love that. Hopefully, the landscaper in the background isn’t too loud. You focus on what you see more of just, for example, this week, pick a color car to fo to focus on. I guarantee you, if you pick a red car, you’re going to see it.

Or pick a style, a red Kia. You’re going to see a lot of red Kias this week because you’re just looking for them. You’re that’s, that’s just how this works. So I. Now choose what I want to see, come to me by focusing on what I want to see, come to me. So my thing and Jay, too, we both continuously say multiple times a day.

The universe always has my back, or the universe always has our back. When it’s like, what are we going to do about. X Y and Z, the universe has our back. And that doesn’t mean I’m complacent. And I sit back and do nothing, but I know the universe always takes care of me. I’ve been through a lot of crap in 35 years, and I’m still alive.

So, you know, we survive most of the, well, we technically, we survived everything, but one time in our life, it doesn’t work out. And other than that, whatever it is, we get through, and we’ve survived. So I say the universe always has my back, and I, I believe that. So I don’t have to know the results of whatever it is going to be yet.

I just know that I will be taken care of. Because I know that I will get the cues or be presented something or it’s might be subtle, but it’s the awareness when something pops up when a course pops up a book, a person, or whatever, those are the things that are given to us as, as action steps to get towards what we want.

We just have to be open to that. That those little things can then turn into big thing. Ultimately. Right.

When you believe the path will open up within like you will get ideas, you will know what to say. You will know instinctually what kind of actions to take. And if you’re in a lack mindset, it was like frozen.

I can’t do anything. I’ve been there so many times. I am actually getting myself out of that kind of circle every single day. Because it’s still is, wants to be my default, you know, ’cause that’s what I was growing up with my in yeah. Until I was like 40. So it takes time, but becoming a dancer also takes time.

So you just keep ongoing and have the faith that it actually really, truly makes a difference. Well, on that note, thanks, guys, for listening to us. Time, not time. Oh, we need to talk about that next week because I have to be honest. I did not do to time assessment lab. Okay. We’ll talk about it next week.

Yes. We have two promised. I want to keep my promises. Yeah. Thanks so much for tuning in. Thanks, Christie, for sharing. Just on a side note, Christie’s birthday’s coming up on the 17th of March, just so you know, one more time. Don’t forget her. And I’m grateful for you and for, you know, having this time together and our conversations.

I’m grateful to you. Thank you for having me every week; it’s fun.

That’s great. Yeah. You know, and we got to keep going until I don’t know whenever you have your, I’m not even going to go down.

Okay, guys. Lots of love. Bye.

❤ Susanne


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