Money & Art | Saving or Investing…that is the question!


February 18, 2021

Christy & Susanne connecting this week over $$ mindset and the effects it has on artists. Come join us with no judgment. We are holding space to learn, laugh and downright pointe at ourselves.

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Money & Art | Saving or Investing…that is the question!


Happy Monday. My love you. Thank you for being here. How are you?


I feel great. It’s that’s a good stuff good energy coming into my world lately. I’m feeling good, and I love Mondays. I literally I look forward to these conversations. I just love the energy with us together to kick off my week. I’m happy to be here.


Ditto right back at you.


Your world What’s happening?


Oh, man, big, I would say a huge breakthrough. For me, I have been doing some energy healing. And I was confronted what really gave me the fears that were holding me back. Literally, the day after, a great idea came to my head that is absolutely frightening and pushes me way above my upper limit. I find myself not even being able to sleep because I’m so excited. I was on a summit where Mark Cuban spoke around investing. How to start a business, and how he did everything it was highly inspirational. And he happened to mention, the three companies that I came across that I want to emulate. Like, oh, wow, the universe is definitely working hard. I so appreciate you, so that was my week. I’m still levitating.


I love that. I love that we can talk about this stuff. Because before I was open to energies, and things like energy healing. When that was introduced to me, that’s what I experienced, you know, at first I thought am I making it up? Is this me? Like, am I just thinking something, but, you know, the more the more you work on that and the more you’re open to it, that’s the stuff that happens, like stuff just starts to flow or an idea will just pop in, and everything just gets clear around a certain thing that I used to, you know, sit and toil and use my intellect to try to figure out and there’s, there’s an aspect of us, it’s so much deeper to find those answers. And it’s so cool. And I love that. I love that I can talk about this with you. I love that you’re experiencing that right now. And you know what, all of a sudden, it becomes so easy.


Yeah, it is not hard anymore. Like the faith that I was never allowed to have. It just pops up, and the less I do, the more I accomplished, which is so against everything that we ever learned in our life. I am in love with the whole concept with energy. I have so many multiple numbers appearing daily now in front of me. I’m like, wow, okay, got it. I’m just going to follow my instincts moving forward. And that feels so good it takes the pressure off. It makes you feel like you don’t have to do anything. I’m just going follow fun and joy and everything that feels good. Right! And that’s really where the magic lies.


Congratulations for you that are listening to us. Christy is in makeup Monday for today. She has on, like a billowing blouse, white shirt and makeup and the hair down. And I’m freshly showered no makeup and a baseball cap on today. So this is the current state of how we record podcasts. Yes. You have anything that perhaps inspired you last week?


Exactly what you just said, goes into what I’m about to say, which is what I like the magical thing I love about getting together with you every week because there’s just there’s synchronicities with us being not even in the same country. I am currently rereading, Infinite Self by Stuart Wilde 33 steps to reclaiming your inner power, and a quote that absolutely triggered my ego. And why I want to share and love it. He says “Seriousness is a disease of the ego.” Right! I thought you would like that one too. I thought this was an appropriate one to share. Why it triggered me is because I would have defined that as a characteristic of myself up until a few months ago. Like a lifetime, everything was serious. I took everything so serious. But he says that, ultimately whether that triggers you or not, and it definitely did for me, so that’s okay. If it does, what his point is, that it comes from a perspective of us, that’s the analytical side, that’s the intellect side that wants to show either arrogance, or it’s showing insecurity underlying, so when you inflate something about yourself or about what you’re doing, and that’s so important, so serious and serious work, that’s really, the underlying cause is, probably one of those two. And so he’s saying, if you become big in your feelings, instead of big in your intellect, or what you’re presenting to the world, and have more play, through that work, you can have intentional work, you can be disciplined, you can be working on something that matters to you. But bring exactly what you just said, Bring the play, bring the fun, where How can you be childlike in the work that matters to you. So that that was what I wanted to share. Because that for me was Wow, big, big breakthrough. Because that’s also why, like you said, I have been programmed to work so hard, and you know, everything had force behind it, because I it was serious. And I my life is serious. And my goals are serious. And there’s restriction with that kind of energy.

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Work and fun never really went hand in hand, right? Like there were no opposites. They don’t attract, they don’t work together. If you want to be a dancer, don’t go have fun. Which for me, then after I left school completely went the other way. I will bet. The Big Leap is my new Bible. And I’m going add something to the ego. And this this paragraph, I read it repeatedly, it is for me. So, it describes what we’re seeing in the arts right now. Many of our fears are based on the working of the ego, the part of us that is focused on getting recognition and protecting us from social exclusion. In a zone of genius, your egos unnecessary living there is its own reward. In the zone of genius, you ceased to care about recognition, or black feminism, which is exclusion. Once you make a commitment to inhabiting your full potential, your ego is suddenly faced with extinction. Your ego is faced with extinction. If you’re completely living in your zone of genius, when you really tap into your full potential, you no longer need your ego, like it’s not going to come up because you know that what you’re doing is the right thing. You don’t have to prove yourself you don’t need anybody else around you to tell you that you’re doing a great job.

So what does that all have to do with money and our earning capacity? Let’s look at and we talked about this a little bit last week, the saving money, the old beliefs around saving having the hamster stack or the squirrel account or whatever that looks like for you? versus investing?


 Alright, well, Where would you like me to go? Because I feel like this could be many things.


I have learned so much around money and the beliefs that we were over our upbringing over our careers in and around money, and never really explored what other options they are. So let’s start with, you know, by I don’t know, 28 you had to have your house, your car, your boat? And if not, then you were, you know, seen as not worthy or, I mean, that’s extreme however, yeah, that’s, you know, at least own your house and own your car. That was always what I strive for and then I left my house and I had my car and I’m like, that’s heavy. Like, this doesn’t feel very right, this is actually costing me more. However, I never dug a little deeper into these feelings and thoughts that what other options are out there. Let’s go there that this belief of you have to own in order to be financially feasible or safe, or that’s your safety net?


I love that. I definitely had that impression too. And, and that actually, tying into my dance career was where I started to have conflict of my career choice, and seeing what the reflection was, of life and success and all that because, you know, by my late, mid to late 20s, I was nowhere near having those things. I was watching people that I had gone to school with or whatever, obviously not in the arts start to have those things start to get married, start to buy a house start to do all the things and, I felt the societal pressure of what we just talked about with the quotes of externally not feeling like I was enough, because I was seeing people get celebrated and recognized, which is what I was fueled by, for house for financial stuff that I said, Wow, I am. That is not my life. And suddenly, the life of world traveling that I had, and living out of a suitcase seems like it was a way for my ego to make me feel bad about myself that I was a weird one, because this is what most people are supposed to be doing. And you’re not going that direction. So, then I started to have those feelings. And at the time, my now husband and I were dating, and he purchased his first house. And it was a was not a starter home, he was very successful in his business. It was a big, big house with a lot of land. And it was a big thing. And so then, you know, soon after I moved in with him, and then we were playing house, and had cars and all the things and, um, you know, I said, Okay, cool, this, I’m kind of making both sides work for me, I was able to work in the industry in that area, have Play House and do all the things. I said, Wow, this is this is really cool. Okay, we’re on the road to having like, in my mind, it all I got to have both sides of it. But with those things come a lot of responsibility and a lot more money than may be presented when you want to fix something or the, you know, the boiler breaks, or you need to fix the pool pump, because that’s what we had the pool pump broke. And then there’s, you know, we need a riding lawnmower, because there’s too much lawn, we can’t just use a push mower. All of these things started to come up that could very quickly Jay. And I said, Oh my gosh, what we don’t want this, we actually don’t want this we thought we did because that’s what was presented. I don’t know if you want me to keep going. But that’s when we were in it, we realized this isn’t necessarily for everyone. And if it is for you, awesome. But we were presented with we aren’t successful. And both of us at the time really required for us to feel good about ourselves, we required that external validation. And that was a way to validate it. It was very, it was very impressive. And it was very awesome. And it was a level of a check. But ultimately, we realized this isn’t the kind of investment that that is really going to work for us. Unless we stay in this for you know if this has to be our and you know, in our early I was in my late 20s he was in his early 30s. This had to be what life looks like then if it was going to work for us. And that was a big eye opener and we didn’t we didn’t realize that until we were in.


So much to add there because when you might have a lot of cash. Let’s just say cash, really is truly King. You tie up a lot of cash when you buy a house to live in it. Now buying a house to invest as an investment, and, you know, renters, you can figure all these costs in there. When I did the same thing, any aid, house owner car owner, until all the repairs came. And on a dancer salary, like it was impossible, like we were in so much debit because of that all our credit cards were maxed out. Even though we had people living with us, it was just a nightmare. And here’s, here’s what I learned. I own one house well, not anymore. So that too, in Germany, I give all of that away, because cash is king. And I learned that having money sitting in the bank, as a savings account, is really pretty to look at, and it gives me lots of stability. But I’m enabling the bank to make more money, because they’re giving me like one, two, or 3%, if I am lucky. But they are making six or seven because they’re using it to, or credits or anything like that. So having a sit in your bank account is definitely an old believe that we have been, I don’t know, given by our parents for a long, long time that it’s not it is not the truth anymore. So as much as you work for yourself, go and make that money that you are earning so hard and invested, invested in yourself, that has definitely been the highest return of investment, and use part of it who make you more money. Now, that could be something that, you know, levels up your income. So quite honestly, any kind of business is doing the same thing out of their 100%. They take, I don’t know 30 or 20%, they invest back into the business. And then another 30% is to make them more money so that if they’re dry times, they have something to fall to. They don’t have a savings account. But they have something that has a return of investment monthly. And that is what I see for the arts if we weren’t investing 40% of our yearly income into raising more money, like we’re creating, consistently, a lack mentality versus a mentality of wealth. And there is there is a huge difference.


No, I completely agree with that I actually would advise everyone to look at the Cash Flow Quadrant from Robert Kiyosaki. He really outlines the different ways to create wealth, and that 95% of the world’s wealth come from 5% of the population. And that’s because people don’t understand how to create wealth, and exactly what you said, it’s, we’re now I will say, we are not brought into a world that presents us with this kind of education, we are brought into a world, even if we’re not in the arts, we are brought into a world that teaches us to get a job to go to school, get an education, get however many jillion degrees, depending on what you want to do and go get a job, they do not teach us how to create wealth. So that is part of what you’re saying. We have to find the strength of the data in us to break the mold of you know, flowing down the stream that everybody else is going and actually taking a look around at what else is available. It’s when we do that, that all of the stuff we talked about for weeks, the spirituality part, the manifestation part, the ease and flow, the money, all those things start to present themselves to us because we’ve stepped outside of the flow of where everybody else is going to actually start looking around at other things. So, I would say first is have them even if it’s so small right now have the openness and the willingness to take that step outside of what you see around you and start just looking around at what else there is and see what feels right for you. So, the Cashflow Quadrant with Robert Kiyosaki will show you that there are ways to create wealth that aren’t just get a job, go in for your eight hours of work. And take your paycheck, there are other ways that you can start to make money work for you. And I think that that’s kind of where you were going is, is to learn how to make money for work for you, not just, you know, you’re just scrambling to get whatever you can get. I could also go on. So I might have to just keep, like pausing and bouncing back and forth because it’s such a big topic.

Well, you know, what I’ve learned over the past year specifically is that the energy of money definitely follows. Yeah, so if you have a unhealthy and putting that in quotation marks, energy flow or relationship or thoughts around money, well, it’s not going come to you, right, you will not be blessed with IDs or you will not be able to look outside the box. And I think Jen’s chin Sarah, she said, when she first started reading about how to change her money mindset, she read, like, one sentence out of Wallace wattles book, like when we deny ourselves the thought that money can buy happiness, like to be really fulfilled in life, you need to be filthy, rich, and healthy, and good. And that for her was so appalling. And she closed the book right back down and didn’t touch it for another two years. Until then, it completely changed her life. So, she wasn’t ready to hear that, because she didn’t have that great of a relationship with money.

So I would say that when we find ourselves still believing that in the arts, you shouldn’t have money and your bad if you do and, and all of these old stories that we have been talking about the past couple weeks, that’s where you have to start. This is where you have to dig in and really understand money is a great tool. Oh my gosh, it certainly, we only have so much time to give it’s nonrenewable, this is the only thing that we get. And I was always thinking that money has the same energy, but it doesn’t. Money is a renewable source that depending on how open you are to receiving it, it will always flow in, you just have to believe that it will.


Yeah, and I think part of that openness is the like I was saying just to step one step outside, and to accept that there are other ways of being is the first is the first step energetically to just be open, to even see what else is around us and what else you like to do. And again, I never want to come on these podcasts and make anyone feel like I’m telling them to leave their dance career and go in pursuit of making all this kind of money.


What I don’t think you have to know, I think that we can have it all.


I absolutely believe that too. And I believe that we’re all put here with some sort of gifts to bring to the world. And even if it’s your dancing, how can you use your creativity to your advantage, or to the benefit of other people outside of what you do within your company, or at your theater or whatever job that you’re doing? What else could be a passion project for you to put some focus on? or What else? You know, who could you partner with? Who could you collaborate with, to maybe make some sort of partnership together that you like, I, I am so blessed that we were connected? Because I love collaborating with you. Like I love your energy. I love the energy. I feel like when I talk to you, so if we’re open to that, who could you be able to meet that you’re so excited to just, you know, bounce ideas back and forth. This podcast came complete, like have you already had your podcast, but this is yet to come on every week came from I don’t even know why I was doing Facebook Lives and we’re in touch all the time and whatever and it just kind of happened and that’s the thing if you just let things flow who or what would just fire you up to add a little bit of time each week that might bring a whole new opportunity for you alongside of what you’re doing. And I looking around at the way the world is right now. The only people who are having a financial advantage are the ones that have multiple streams of income going on.

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That’s the so the belief, as you said before, and I’m learning to dig in there, you do your nine to five, you do your 10 till 6pm, you go to the studio, you come back home. I mean, in Portland, we had to be there, we weren’t even allowed to do anything else. Some companies don’t allow that dancers to go guest anywhere else, which, you know, that’s a whole other Gambit. But when you even if you find yourself in that kind of environment, then how else can you make this situation work for you? Like, what else can you do, even if it’s 20 minutes a day, even if it’s an hour a day, where you can take in some more inspiration around, artists do not have to be starving, you do not have to save your money, you don’t have to have the house at 35. Even with having a child, you don’t have to have the minivan, all of these things are societal stories that have been given to us go and search out the ones that are really successful, the ones that you don’t even believe you, you can eliminate. Because it hasn’t been in the source for you because you’re standing on stage. Because every dancer so far has not made a lot of money besides the 0.1% that have been blessed with, I don’t know, luck, or whatever you want to call it that are successful. Well, we’re telling you, you can be exactly the same, it may not look like that. But you can create your own definition of success.


And I think that’s the biggest thing that I have just very recently come to really accept in myself is that there is no black or white, in my opinion, I and again, I am not a financial investor. This is my passionate heart coming out. But I don’t believe in any of this and in savings and investing in multiple businesses and whatever you want to do ventures, there’s no one way to do it. And ultimately, look at what you want. What would your ideal life look like if you could literally just wave a magic wand? What would the ideal life look like for you and it looks different for me and, and my husband, we don’t have any children, we have no intention of having any children. We don’t ever want to own a home again, we actually don’t really even want a permanent address. anywhere we are building a life where very soon we will be living out of four suitcases and Airbnb being across the world with our cat. That is my ideal life. that excites me to some people that sounds horrendous. And they want they want their space and they want their home and they want their big family. So really look and it’s all beautiful, because it’s all what whatever we want. So look at what you really want. And then let that start to open up for what avenues are right for you to create that it doesn’t have to look like you said like, you know what they told our grandparents that life had to be and with the gold watch and the pension and all that, like that’s not the world we live in anymore. and we are given freedoms, somewhat a little bit more of society’s a little bit more open to encouraging you but whether it’s encouraged or not follow you follow you because whenever we go by that mold, that’s what Jay and I did. We followed that house, white, literal, white picket fence mold and we hated it. So, it showed us to follow what’s inside, not what people are telling, or told us. You know, everybody encouraged us to do that.


And that includes the industry that you’re in, right? Like whatever their beliefs are. I really strongly suggest questioning every single one of them for yourself, like does that fit? Does that jacket really fit? Or is it getting tighter and tighter and tighter and are you outgrowing it and if you feel like it’s too tight, then take it off and find them. Find the bigger one. That is all that’s growth. That’s life. That’s what we go through. Yeah, you could talk about saving versus investment, but this is much better. Great. We’re not here to give you like financial advice. I am not a financial wizard. I am just stepping into That whole investing, finding stocks etc, which is highly interesting, by the way, just saying, and we’re teaching our kids to because I really want them to be that we have the advantage that they’re homeschooled right now. And therefore they have way more time. Like an hour and a half, three days a week. That’s all it’s really needed for the curriculum to take in. Everything else is a gift. So we’re taking a little bit of time, with our oldest one to look about investing and how to create wealth, versus an income that you trading your time for. And it’s so interesting on how susceptible he is and interested in what it opens up, and my husband and I as well. So, go round things up today to bring it home. whole, whole venture out, go be curious, go. Go have fun and understand that beliefs that have been given to us are just that, somebody else’s beliefs and you can make your own. You can create literally the life that you want. It is not because you’re too short, or your legs aren’t going up or you can only do two carats versus five. That is not what is holding you back. What is holding you back is the belief that you count.


Yeah, I don’t want to say anything more to that. That was that was beautiful!


We send you so much love and till next time. Bye, guys. ❤

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