Money & Art | Stability vs Ability


February 25, 2021

Christy & Susanne connecting this week over $$ mindset and the effects it has on artists. Come join us with no judgment. We are holding space to learn, laugh and downright pointe at ourselves.

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Money & Art | Stability vs Ability

Hi, welcome to another episode of the Pointe To Rise podcast.

We are here to talk about money and arts. And my dear friend Christie. Good morning, my love. How was your week? And I want you to brag!

We’ve been chatting about resistance for the last two weeks. This has been broken through, which is such a breath of fresh air after our chat. Last week, I recorded my first four episodes on my YouTube channel. I was on a roll. So I just kept going because it was like the energetic shift of once I broke through and just did the first one and said, okay, it’s not about being perfect. And that’s my first video being, it’s called authenticity or bust. Just showing up, showing up who you are. Some days, I want to wear makeup, like on Mondays, and then, other days, I don’t want to get out of my PJs. And I still got on video yesterday; I did that. I did a Facebook Live and Instagram Live where I hadn’t showered, was in my PJs and helped my husband, who was hurt all day. And I watched people scroll through. I was in an Instagram hole! And I was watching people apologize for either the way they looked. They looked like crap. And they were saying that on their videos and are apologizing for themselves. And I got on, and I said, let’s just embrace who we are. So I think that breakthrough from last week allowed me to even more authentically step into just showing up; my voice matters. It’s not about being perfect. I’m not about being a guru or anything like that. I’m just sharing what’s been valuable for me and what I feel will benefit people. So I’ve just felt such a shift this week, which is such a relief; it is a testament to just do the thing; we can think about the thing forever and try to prepare as correctly as possible. And until you actually just go do it. It’s something that’s going to keep going over in your mind and hanging over your head. So I am thrilled that it was broken through.

Oh, I’m so proud of you. 

And you know, nobody is for everybody. So that’s okay, I’m here for whoever it resonates with, and, you know, I invite people to try it on. And if it fits, keep it on; if not, take it off. And that’s okay.

And that’s all it is, right? You don’t need to complain or point fingers, or judge. Just if it’s not for you, then it’s not for you. And then you stop.

It’s a beautiful place to be because I’ve definitely never been in this mindset before. I wanted everybody to like me all the time. And I was just kind of, and I was nobody to anybody because I was trying to be everything to everybody. Yeah. It’s a really significant breakthrough and feels good.

So but isn’t that how we were raised, though, like in the

industry? Like, you should fit in that off that the director really wants to see, and you just beat that and please everybody around you and bend as much as you can don’t break but bend a lot. So everybody can like you. Because if they don’t want you, you’re not working? Yes, I know that very well.

So what about you? What was your week like?

I wouldn’t say resistance. I’m impatient. That would describe what I’m feeling right now. It’s like, my dancer self is coming back. It’s like, why are you not there yet? Why can’t you just do it? Why can’t you just reach out to these people that scare you the most and ask the questions? I recorded that episode around asking more questions because that pushes us forward, and that is what I had to tell myself today. Like why are you not asking more questions? What are you afraid of? And what I’m terrified of is hearing is No, because I don’t like hearing that.

And having these conversations with myself.

Oh gosh. Last week, twice in the same week, the same person Ryan Serhant, who is, a realtor with $2 million listing New York City. He came into my sphere twice because he released a new book called Big money energy. And I found it right away in a bookstore which is really unlikely here in Canada. As you know, we get stuff later. So I started reading it, and I’m like, Oh my god, a lot of male energy in that book and how he speaks and his thoughts and his podcast that I listen to. But when I take that out, that’s what I need to hear.

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Like, just stop having the person that you were yesterday, and you assume you were yesterday holding you from becoming who you want to be tomorrow. Where I met, that was my week, a lot of resistance, a lot of resistance. And I found myself procrastinating thing that’s on the podcast. I don’t have my Isagenix Colligen elixir right now. And I really am struggling, energy-wise. So I can’t wait for that to arrive. So big, quick plug.

 We are going to talk about stability versus ability. And here’s my reason. So I had quite a few conversations last week with family members and other dancers around.

 The topic, ability versus stability, and we’re putting stability over, like on top of the funnel, basically, like we’re looking for stability more than anything else, and we’re cutting ourselves off.

 Either the possibility, to gain more ability, meaning to learn more to see more too, to understand more, by just striving for stability, I find we have the other way around. Like if we were to turn with financial or any kind of ability, actually then come stability, stability is a fake, it’s like perfection like there is you can think you have earned your stability or you have set yourself up. But you never know, like another COVID can hand to somebody can just pull the rug underneath your feet. And if you don’t know how to get it all back, you have absolutely nothing. And that’s where stability versus ability comes into something that I am in the process of learning, like completely rewiring.

 I want to mention at this very point that we are not financial experts. We both are talking from our experience as the starving artists that have been with us; that identity has been with us for so long. And both of us were able to recognize it, be aware of it, and now breakthrough to the other side. Now, my question to you is, I don’t know if I have a question. I just want to hear your thoughts around Ability versus Stability and what that means to you. Like, let’s start with financial ability versus stability.



I resonate. Anybody who’s listening to the podcast, I was nodding furiously as if it stopped because I, I can relate to all of that.

So you know, it really does start with the programming of what we’re shown or presented to as a package of what stability is, because I really, personally, and observing that programming, I don’t necessarily feel like a lot of the scenarios are, would give you financial stability might seemingly feel like that. But you know, are you really set up for no matter like you said, no matter what happens in your life, are you going to have something that’s there for you to support you.

Slash, is it really going to support everything in an ideal living situation? I think for so much of the world. This thought of having financial stability is still in the mindset of survival mode. And it only takes the viewpoint of you to know that your basic needs are being met. Not to have an extraordinary radiant life of your dreams. So that’s what I have been flipping the switch with myself these last couple of years.

I don’t want to be under that story. I don’t want to live that life of survival. And that’s it. I truly believe there is more purpose that we’re meant to be here for than to just work to the bone to pay to be able to eat and have a roof over our heads and provide for our family and get by. And so the ability side is where we can start to create that when we can take control of what we create in our lives. It’s the employee versus the entrepreneurial mindset that also, with these two words, I would say the switch needs to start to be made because when we’re looking for job security and financial stability, we only have so much control over that ourselves. When we can raise our abilities in some way. Some we all have passions.

I like to tell people to think about what you did, in your free time from the ages of like, eight and under what were you doing? Like? Those are natural things that your soul before, you know, you went into education systems and all that, that, you know, got you away from some of those things and got you in studious left mind mode, where your right side, the right side of your brain modes? Like what is your go-to what fires you up? Can you take that and strengthen those abilities and make it into something else around what you’re already doing? to then take maybe what you have is financial stability right now as a job, but really go from a survival meeting your needs to really a thriving side of your life. So that’s for me that I’ve been focused on the abilities, what abilities, what skills, can I strengthen, have the opportunities that are in front of me to allow me to, then, like you said, then create the stability. Like I have a long-term mindset.

So I’m not financially in my ideal heaven on earth. Like I have everything that I could possibly dream of life right now, I’m in the building towards that and strengthening my abilities. And having my vision never had a vision before I was in survival mode. So I think that that’s the difference too, when you flip to the ability side and a long term mindset that what if you took a few years to gain an ability on the side of what you’re doing right now, to strengthen that to then thrive a couple of years from now instead of right now, which also is the patience, and all the resistance that’s going to come up and all the things we’ve already talked about, like all that’s going to happen in the right now. But if you have that long-term vision, that’s what’s going to allow you to flip that switch where the ability will be raised. And so then will this stability follow?

Do you have that long-term vision, that's what's going to allow you to flip that switch where the ability will be raised. And so then will this stability follow? Click To Tweet

I’m going to read this off the financial; I want to dive a little bit into what actually financial ability means that they can provide you with more stability. So there are a few things that come into play for financial ability, it knows how to earn money, being able to create, and in other words, this understanding that you have to go and trade your time for money. It knows how money works on its own. And that is way more important than having a savings account over $50,000.

If that goes and you don’t know how to recreate that, you have nothing to be nothing. And it also will then create a lack mentality. Because if we’re hanging on to something, because we don’t know how to recreate it, that is energetically completely in the way, and money is energy, so it will not come back to you. So if you are certain.

If you’re certain that you can, at any given point, you have the ability to recreate, let’s say, $50,000. Then you have stability. And I feel that particularly in the arts there, is no such thinking this way.

I don’t want to say it drives me crazy, but I feel like this is one of the root causes that actually brings us to so many people leaving the industry broken, eating disorders that are abused the lack of leadership, because we haven’t even yet figured out how to create wealth like everybody just bribes for gonna say that the richest to have the money in the bank account, you know, without a long-term vision on what do, I want to be in 2025?

Do I still, as a company, raise after, after my donors, and ask them for $50,000 checks? Or will I teach myself how to create that? So I don’t depend on these people. And I think that is where this which could be gosh, that is the switch that will then allow more abundance, like all of these physical signs that we’re seeing in the arts, they come from somewhere, they come from that lack mentality that there is never enough, I am not enough, you being here isn’t enough. And therefore keep hurting yourself. Because if you keep hurting yourself, you may just get to being enough.

And it is so backward. That is where we need to start, like stop thinking that there isn’t enough. Stop thinking of fighting for your audience or for the donors, or like you need to start thinking globally. And thinking of that, whatever you are looking for is already there. You’re just not seeing it yet.

All the yeses?

Oh, I don’t know where that came from!

And I ultimately think that that is the shift that. I also feel we’re presented with an illusion of lack too. And that is the shift that it is a problem with all of the stuff that we talk about every week is that it requires us to take radical responsibility for ourselves. And that that is the crappy part of it that no, you have to just accept it is no one else’s job to break the cycle of what you see around you, but you. If you want more, if you want less pain, if you want more peace. And it starts with you, which is a leadership skill, which is an ability. So by just taking that first shift, you’re dipping into a version of leadership that could then allow you to open up and start creating, like you said, when you can break that mold, you also know that you don’t have to rely on it’s your choice if you rely on everybody else to create what you want to create. If you take the radical responsibility and make that shift, and start just looking at how you can create what you’re looking to create. That’s when the change comes. And it’s not easy because we have to go against what the majority around us is doing.

That was so good. Oh, drop my mind right now. It’s the truth. And I have been that person for the longest time sitting in the wings, waiting until I’m called, waiting to give me permission to dance or to do whatever needed to be done. But that’s not how the world works. When you step out of that bubble. Yeah, nobody is gonna call you. Nobody’s gonna call your name and say, hey, it’s your turn. You have to give yourself your turn. And the earlier you can learn that, the more successful you will not only be after your career as a dancer but actually within you when you let go of that grip of the need to be seen. That puppy mentality of, see me, I want to be loved. I have so much to learn. And you take on, and I’m taking that right up to him right out of the book, the big money energy book. He compares the puppy energy with wolf energy. Puppies are craving attention. Puppies are always there to jump up on you. They pee everywhere. They want your love 24/7; they need you. Yeah, it is a different kind of energy than a wolf who sits upon the mountain. With their nose into the air and goes yeah, where’s the food?

Aa wolf who sits upon the mountain. With their nose into the air and goes yeah, where's the food? Click To Tweet

Photo by Marc-Olivier Jodoin on Unsplash


To where whatever it wants is, right, go get what they want. Yeah. And that is the switch. Arts organization and dancers, they’re sitting in the wings like little puppies waiting for somebody else, helping them or giving them the permission, where if they were switching into the wolf and sitting on the cliff where they’re at, and trusting their instincts, and their knowledge and their abilities by keeping on improving their abilities, then you actually have freedom, then you’re powerful, then you can create.

The word permission just was huge for me. And that’s, that’s really a core thing is that we’re, I feel a lot of us are waiting for permission, waiting for permission to move.

So that’s where the radical responsibility comes in is that no one’s going to give you permission to expand yourself, except you, like the permission has to come from you. Now, if you take that next step, otherwise, the stability will only be dictated by those that give you permission. And you’ll just be waiting and wondering and hoping, and I mean, this is sparking something else!

There were so many times in my career where I was just waiting and hoping to be noticed, waiting and hoping to get cast waiting and hoping to, you know, the next show that I worked with the same director-choreographer that I would have X, Y, and Z. next show, I would be the assistant next show, I would be the dance captain. And it was always that I was always, you know, putting on a show outside of you. And what I was doing on stage, I was putting on a show to dance around figuratively; of the energy, I wanted permission to then succeed more because that was where my stability was. Because for me, I was a large part of my career was in musical theater. So I was in shorter contracts working all over the country, and sometimes all over the world. So I did a lot of dancing around. For my next gig, I didn’t have your two-year contracts. I had shorter ones; I had several months or a couple of months.

So I was always seeking permission from somebody, but it trickled into not just into my professional career; that’s how I showed up in the world. And then I asked permission for everything. I literally asked permission to speak, to use the bathroom, to all the things as it goes into everything. And eventually, the only way out of that is to have permission come from yourself. And to take that next step.

Oh man, that when you said that you were all over and didn’t have the stability from like, let’s say in a company setting, I have to say that stability, that very stability that so many people are looking for, was my like, my curiosity, it cut off my, my wanting to learn a cut off possibilities. Thinking outside the box, I was just content fitting in that container and doing the same day over and over again, and just listen and wondering, Why was I so unhappy? Why was drinking so much? Why was I taking sleeping tablets? Why was I manipulating every chance I had to succeed?

That’s the comfort zone too, that goes back to you defines a certain level of comfort, and said, this is my comfort, this is my stability. You know, and it’s our belief systems that also dictate our thoughts and our actions too. There’s no need to shame that that version of you. That was your belief. And that was what was presented, and at that moment, that was your truth. And that’s all this is to is like, I never mean to have conversations with you and make anyone feel ashamed for where they’re at or what they’re happy doing. I just have a realization, and my belief systems have changed. I had strong belief systems that followed the starving artist, belief, and story that I told myself, and I at the time was very happy.

I was hustling and, and doing that. That’s that was a choice of mine. And it’s okay that also now I’ve shifted my thoughts, beliefs and, you know, emotions have changed. And that’s just simply what it is; it’s this next stage of understanding a different level of awareness and seeing things differently, seeing my world and what I visualized for it differently.

Beautiful, and this is why when we think about putting stability on this high pedestal that is yet again, a belief that we take it in as something that is true to us, where you and I are coming in and questioning and saying, Hey, listen, look at your belief system. This is what we’re doing. Like, we’re just inviting you here to really form some kind of awareness around your belief system, not are you seeking stability, over ability, like do you believe not, financial stability is worth more to you than the ability to know how to recreate.

 And that is where we’re gonna leave you with today. Any closing thoughts, my love?

I think you really just wrapped it up?

Yeah, I think I’m happy to leave that and second to what you just said because that was beautiful.

Thank you, guys, for listening. As always, I hope we hope that that was helpful in any way, and we love to hear your feedback. If there are any questions you have, ask away, and we will talk to you next week.

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