Money & Art | Where is your Thermostat at?


February 11, 2021

Where is your Thermostat at?

Christy & Susanne connecting this week over $$ mindset and the effects it has on artists. Come join us with no judgment. We are holding space to learn, laugh and downright pointe at ourselves.

It can get unbearable. You know, this is why we’re seeing a lot of burnouts does this, why are we seeing a lot of dis / ease in the industry, because the pressure, you can take like, a tiny little bottle and you hold it out. It doesn’t have to be heavy, but it depends on how long you’re holding it out there, that at a certain time, you will not be able to hold it anymore, because the pressure is too much.

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Money & Art | Where is your Thermostat at?


Hi guys, welcome back to another episode of Pointe To Rise Money & Art with Christy, my love. How are you doing?


I’m good. How are you?


Oh, I’m so good. Much better now seeing you starting my week with you my favorite. How was your week that started with that


My week was really, fantastic. I broke through, you know, we talk about personal development. That is, that’s part of my jam. And I’m deep in my journey right now. So I had a number of breakthroughs that my energy’s kind of been a little scattered for the past few weeks. And I just described it on another zoom before this, like all the scum on the pond has just kind of been sitting on the top layer of the water for a few weeks. And I’ve been trying to dig it out. And I just had a massive shift where everything kind of started to align. And I was ready to dump some stuff I had been hanging on to and I just I feel a bit dramatic. But I feel like this shift was so great that I feel like I stepped into another version of myself, which is really, cool. And one of those things after these number of years of doing this, like, I know what that feeling feels like. And I’ve locked into like the next level, which feels really good. So


Oh, I love it. Look at you. Question. Did you schedule a YouTube channel? Like you said last? Yeah,


I mapped out what I wanted to do for the first episode, same thing it was it was like the end of Friday into Saturday that I had that shift. So I this last week, I still didn’t feel like I was in the right energy state to really just kick it off. So I planned and instead of my perfectionist getting ready to get ready, it was intentional to wait. So now I feel awesome. I’m starting that this week, I’m happy I am at a place where I’m okay to take more time to devote for inner work or to work through things. I’m understanding that on the other side of it, whatever product I’m looking to will just be a better quality. So I’m also happy I’m at that stage of being at peace with that.


That is so good. The learning that when there is too much resistance. You just don’t Yeah, because there’s too much stuff that still needs to be uncovered. Or we need to figure out why we’re feeling that kind of resistance. It’s gonna come up sooner or later, no matter how much you you are able to muscle through that. It’s just gonna come up and it’s going to be a roadblock that will actually rise higher than what you’re dealing with right now.

No matter how much you you are able to muscle through that. It's just gonna come up and it's going to be a roadblock that will actually rise higher than what you're dealing with right now. Click To Tweet

What about you What’s your week look like?


Ah, yeah, so I’m scrumming. So I said that I would start hiring interns. Yeah. For Rise Media. And man, do I find myself in resistance? like so much resistance on taking on responsibility? Breaking through my upper limit, letting go of old stories of I don’t want to be a leader again. What if I shine too bright? What if everybody looks at me and judges me? All of that is so loud. I mean, so loud in every possible way. That yesterday, I had to leave the house looks like boys. I am out. Yeah. I’m just gonna go. Yeah. And I’m going to be with me. Yeah. And just that that feels so good. But it’s so hard to do. Yeah. So that is what I’m breaking through right now. My own abilities to see them really and to say, hey, you may not know yet. Yeah. But there’s nothing that you can learn.


Yeah. What would happen if you shined brighter? What would be the result of that?


Yeah, gosh. I don’t know what the result could be. And I think I’m afraid of really saying it out loud is creating that change for the industry that they do have a better path than we had? Or perhaps, to, to, you know, move them into the 21st century, where you can live your dream and a doesn’t need to hurt and have to be hardened, that there’s so many more possibilities out there that we haven’t even allowed ourselves to see. Who’s that Matthew McConaughey in his book green lights. He talks about the roof over our head, you know, it’s that When we reach that roof, like why are we putting it there? Yeah, why we’re not allowing ourselves to be the best that we can be. Because we’re afraid of the responsibility that comes with that. Because we’re afraid of failing, because we’re afraid of having fingers pointed at us. Actually, it actually happened to me that people are pointing fingers at me. And not from now. But from like, past failures. And having that again, in my life, I was like, oh, for every current perfectionist, that’s terrible. Like, don’t do that. Yeah. So thank you for asking that question. Yeah, it’s definitely something that I also like to I am admitting very clearly here. I like to revert back to that victim mentality in myself. But you know, this is why, because it’s easier. Because I have an excuse. Versus why don’t I just let that go? That gets on me to let go.


it’s really interesting that you said that because I, I had a couple notes jotted down to still about that internal thermostat that we were talking about last week, and that victimhood is the barrier from allowing that thermostat to race. So by us staying in that, that kills the personal development, progress, and that literally blocks off us being able to turn up the temperature. So it’s really interesting to use the word victimhood, because that was our victim. That was, that was, I didn’t share last week that I happy that universal flow that you brought that up, because I wanted to add that, that that that is the difference is our willingness to let go of that. Because ultimately, all of the things that keep us, you know, safe and comfortable, come from being hurt. And a lot of us hold on to, I mean, naturally, before we are aware, hold on to those kinds of feelings. And that’s the block from allowing that two rays. So thanks for adding that because I’m like,


So good. Let’s, let’s stay there. Because this is really good. Yeah, that’s just so you know, we always before we jump on, and hit record, we talk about what we’re going to talk about. And we’re totally pivoting now. However, I love it.


Next week we will do that other topic.


 So when we talk about our upper ceiling, our like, thermostat versus temperature. Okay, let’s, let’s go in there and what that has to do with money? Hmm, yeah. So when we, when we look at a thermostat in our house, the temperature in your house can only raise to the point that you have your thermostat set that is it 16 if it’s all sorry, for Fahrenheit 82, wherever you want to have it. It’s a very easy slide to the right or to the left. And that’s how you can adjust your temperature. Now translating that into us humans, I want to pass over the baton to you. Yeah, cuz I can see your eyes. Yeah.


I just love I love this analogy. And I love this topic. So it’s based on our, our level of comfort. So our subconscious goes to great lengths to keep us in whatever we’ve deemed comfortable. So for us dancers to perform on a stage in front of hundreds or 1000s of people feels mostly comfortable, we might get a little stage fright, but we do it and we love it to another person that is the most terrifying thing paralyzing thing in the world. So we all have different levels of like what comfort is. And so our thermostats are individually set based on our subconscious doing everything in its power to remain in that comfort zone. So when it comes to money, whatever we’ve established as what we deserve, what we think is what we can earn all of that, that sets that comfort zone for our money, too. And so that thermostat is just there until we tap into developing ourselves and exploring ourselves and our personal development journey because ultimately, money stories don’t change until we start working on ourselves. So we can’t ever skirt around no change. And no development can come without us. You know, really taking a hard look at internal stuff and it’s on all topics. So until we start to take that into account for our daily intentions or actions, at least for a few minutes of the day. That thermostat is just going to remain that way. To just lock into that equilibrium, like we don’t it doesn’t want to get disturbed. It wants to stay where it is,

Our thermostats are individually set based on our subconscious doing everything in its power to remain in that comfort zone. Click To Tweet

Right? Yeah, just like a thermometer or a thermostat. Like it won’t move until you use deliver to move it over.


And it’s like, um, you know, in businesses or commercial areas, they have that cage over the thermometer where you like, can’t change it. It’s like that we all have that cage until we know how to like, remove that and get it off.


Awesome. Oh, I love that. So let’s look at the arts and what their thermostat is set. Because that is very, that is what we’re running into. Right? This is where we’re seeing a no growth happening, because that thermostat has the cage over. And nobody is allowed to tamper with it at all. Do you want to start? What do you what do you see? Like what stands really out to you? Where where’s that thermostat debt?


Well, I’ll speak from personal experience my, that was set up. My focus, that money thermostat just, I didn’t even know it had like dust on it. Because you know, what I was seeking, what mattered to me was the accolades. And so I sought accolades, not financial stability, or, or security or whatever word you want to use, that really wasn’t even in the scope for me. Because personally, you know, I, I had a lot of unworthiness in me, as most of us do. So to justify that, and to make myself feel good, I saw external circumstances. And what I saw was recognition and accolades. So to me, it was where did I train? Who am I, you know, who did I study with? Who am I working with? Who am I working for, all of those things were what I sought after and that money thermostat, I don’t even know if I knew what room it was in, because it just didn’t matter to me, because to me, you could have given me all the money in the world with my old version of myself. And it wouldn’t have made me feel any better. Unless I was at that, that theater I wanted or with that choreographer that I wanted to work with, or whether that’s what mattered to me. So that’s my personal experience. And looking at what I observed from my aspect of my experience in the industry is that’s what that’s what a lot of people have their, their sights on. So like I said, you just, you kind of energetically go with the flow, even though we choose, we’re choosing an unorthodox career in a lot of senses. But then we have our own normal like, then it’s normal within our home, and within our community. And so then we still naturally as humans, kind of just until we decide to step outside of the crowd, we still kind of just go with what people are doing or what people are focusing on. And so that’s definitely what I experienced.


Oh, yeah. People go with the flow, and the new, the acceptance of what is normal? is mind blowing once you’re on the other side. Yeah. Speaking of thermostat, so I completely agree with everything that you said. And I want to add a little bit more from like a business standpoint to were the arts things business is wrong. The arts things business is bad, and it’s actually inhibiting the creative process. And this is why we don’t it’s not about the money, however, yet. We’re chasing money. Every second, we’re making decisions based on who can bring us the most money, not who can reserve the brightest and Moses, and we’re making decisions based on while we’re making decisions based on a lack of money. And, and therefore, we’re creating this this cold temperature, like that lever is not moving to the right to turn it up and make it warmer and more comfortable. No returning it down. And the frost is going to set in, if we’re not letting go of the tradition that we believe are going to help survive perhaps or even thrive, like the thriving is not even a word that I think I would associate with the arts right now and I am blanketing here. Yeah, fully was I see it in every single avenue of the arts. Yeah. So that’s where I would go as well. Yeah.


I and the lack is, oh my gosh, that’s such a word of magnitude for me that I’ve recognized is, you know, I’ve said it in another podcast before. But as much as I said, I didn’t care about money, I sure thought about it because I didn’t have a lot. So I had to claw and hold on to, you know, every penny, and it was always on my mind, because I didn’t have an abundant flow of it. So I like to fool myself that that didn’t matter, like you said, like, that part of it doesn’t belong in the arts. It doesn’t, you know, it doesn’t belong, yes. I was gonna say we live on a on a planet where we require money to literally survive. So from that kind of energy, what we’re living in is survival mode all of the time, all the time.


And what does bring survival out in us, like the fight or flight? What does that bring out us?


Anxiety, and low, low vibration, so you aren’t in a state of peace and joy, because there’s always some, some part of your mind that’s tugging because you know, that your credit card statements coming in, or rents due in six days, or this or this or this. And that is a really tough way to live on top of the pressures of this industry. Because take money aside this industry, there’s a lot of pressure for us to be at a certain status and uphold ourselves physically, even mentally, all of the things and then you put that on top of it, and it is it to me it got to be unbearable.


It can get unbearable. You know, this is why we’re seeing a lot of burnouts does this, why are we seeing a lot of dis / ease in the industry, because the pressure, you can take like, a tiny little bottle and you hold it out. It doesn’t have to be heavy, but it depends on how long you’re holding it out there, that at a certain time, you will not be able to hold it anymore, because the pressure is too much. Yeah, that’s all you can take. And sometimes that that down that breakdown that completely crumbled at hitting the rock bottom happens from one day to another, and you’re not even you’re not even aware of it, because you have been taking all of that pressure as your new normal. Yeah. And because you have been following everybody else, because they’re doing it. And then you look at your idol, principal dancers, and they’re doing it and they’re thriving. So why I’m not thriving. Yeah. So I, let’s give, that’s give some goodness, besides the analysis of it, thermostat and the temperature really, what that means. So you can come up with one and I’ll mention one, let’s, How can we start taking the dust off the thermostat? How can we remove that lock that’s on there. So we are able to adjust a thermostat to a little bit higher temperatures?


Yeah, in my experience, it has to start with personal development. Because for me, in my journey, I didn’t, I didn’t know what I didn’t know. And there are so much depth to the way I behaved, which is typical, we’ll find that when you start to do this journey, that, you know, to, for me to just try to bypass that and figure out how to make more money without understanding why I behaved or thought or had, you know, even viewpoints on making money, why I thought that way that that was unearthed from my own personal development journey. So I would say the first step is to take that that step. There are books, there are YouTube channels, there are podcasts that you know just might be language that you’ve never heard or people speak in a way that you’ve never heard before, but with a little bit of open mindedness to just start to take that. And even if it’s 15 minutes a day, take in a new way of thinking about certain things. And it will start to little like little chip away, open your heart up to explore more about yourself that you might not know right now. So I wrote down a few that I love that perhaps might resonate with you. There’s so many people out there doing beautiful work, and helping people in this way. But some of the ones that I’ve really resonated with, my first one is Les Brown, I would say he’s been one of the biggest lights and light bulbs for me. It’s Les Brown, Les Brown, he has podcasts, he’s on YouTube. He’s on Facebook, he’s just a beautiful man. And he has a beautiful story of overcoming obstacles that are so hard. And, and his laugh is infectious. I am so corny, I just loved him so much, I would check him out. I love Jim Rohn. I love Bernie Brown, Simon Sinek. All those people, if nothing else, first, they’re on YouTube. If you YouTube, search these people listen to some of their content and see if they resonate with you. But they all have books as well. So that would be where I would start is see who resonates with you. We’ve talked about Jen Sincero, before I love her, she has two fantastic books, and that those are the books that I actually started with. Very, very first baby’s first personal development book was you are Bad Ass. So you know, allow yourself to take the time that this isn’t going to be something that instantly may click for you. And this isn’t our race. This is for me, then over three years of a journey. And I’ve just slowly unearthing mostly in the beginning to just find peace. So if nothing else, you might find some more peace in your life. And you might learn some stuff about yourself that you’re ready to get rid of. And you might find some stuff about yourself that you love even more than you even realized.









So good. So I totally agree with all of these books. And when we’re talking about how to start, you know, what I still find so challenging for myself is to actually schedule my day. Yes, so and I’m gonna come back to how that will actually help you to raise your thermostat is to consciously decide what you want to do during your day. So as dancers, we were always given a schedule, we have to be at this time here, you have to put your pointe shoes on around this time you have to eat on this time. And then you have another rehearsal, and then there’s curtain call. And that was always given to us, like with very little room to make our own choices. So if you add that up over a long period of time, you forget how to make your own choices, you depend on others to make them for them. And it is the relearning, of making your own choices. Understanding that nobody else is in charge of you. But yourself. Now that’s frightening. Yeah. That is so frightening. Because you no longer have anybody else to blame. But yourself. Yeah. So baby steps, right? Yeah. So I would start with sitting down on a Sunday or a Saturday, and look at your week, and decide. And that’s the key word, you get to choose how you create or what you’re going to create for that week. And I understand that your schedule might be full. And you have to take in consideration that you need to, you know, find time for regaining your energy and that there will be time that you know, your brainpower will be chewed up. But then you can go in and even in the morning that say said 15 minutes, that’s all you need to start with 15 minutes, and you start reading whatever you can do in 15 minutes. Where’s my cub? These little Amazon cubes, like, you can see it on a YouTube video. I can link it in the show notes. They’re the best. You can just set a timer you don’t see the time actually you just see whichever you turn it up to the top. And you have not it’s not on your phone so you don’t look at your phone all the time and see how it’s counting down and you’re not giving yourself the pressure. I was like, Oh my gosh, I have 10 minutes left. But that just goes on the wayside and it works for you and all you have to do is sit back and read for 15 minutes and Reflect take Jim quicks method of reading for what was it 20 minutes and then writing down what stuck with you. This is how you learn the best. That’s how we people, human beings learn the fastest. And so that’s how I would start, I would take a look at my schedule and understand what am I in control off? And how can I take more of that control back to me? Mm hmm. I love that. Because then you can also go and say like, okay, so I do want to raise my thermostat. Now, how am I gonna do this?


And, you know, something popped up while you said. The last 10 months for me, is the first time in my life that I had wide open schedule to figure it out myself, you know, when everything closed for entertainment, and I decided to put a full focus on my business. That was daunting. And it still is, I literally just started a brand new schedule today, because I’m just still working out what works for me 10 months later. But going back to the schedule thing, when I first started personal development, I, you know, I had a schedule that I had to wear, I had to be certain places I had to be in rehearsal, I had to be wherever, you know, at performances at a certain time. So I started to take away or just shift. So at the time, audiobooks were a little bit more convenient for me. So while I did my makeup in my hair, I had earbuds in and I listened to an audible book, or I listened to a podcast. So instead of buying the actual book, I was buying the audible versions, or listening to a podcast in the car, I substituted the radio for a podcast. So I had 20 minutes of something. So that’s where I fit it in. I fit it in when amongst the other activities that I was already doing day to day, and instead of turning on music, I shifted that and I put I put that on. So I didn’t allow myself to have the excuse of I don’t have any hours of the day, I’m too busy. When I know that I have to, you know, I had to drive to work and I had to drive to from home. So I had 20 minutes twice a day. And then I had time when I naturally did my hair and makeup in front of the mirror, I can be listening to something while I’m doing that. So that was almost an hour of my day. That that were my regular activities that I fit that in.


I love that. And thank you for bringing that up. I totally. That’s exactly where when you look at your schedule, and you think you don’t have time? Yes, you do, you just have to think outside the box. And you don’t need, you can double task. Yeah, for example, when you warm up, this is why this podcast actually was born. So that when you are sitting in your split, and perhaps talking about all the things that you don’t have, while you’re warming up, that doesn’t really prepare you for what you stepping into. So that’s why you need to prime your mind, get yourself set up, I listened to a podcast every morning when I get out. Like just to, okay, don’t even think about all the things that you can’t. And that’s where the choice comes in, we have the choice to decide what we want to listen to.


And we’re not going to be surrounded by most likely many people that are doing this kind of work on themselves. And so I found more than ever, it was so important once I started to get into this, and I started to feel good. And I started to you know, find more joy, that it was precious to me that I took that time every day for me because I knew I was going into environments that weren’t going to be that kind of energy. And so it was really important for me to feed it to myself to be able to hold on to the energy that wasn’t anywhere else that I could see. Otherwise, I mean it’s we’re all energy and our emotions are infectious. And you know, it’s really easy to get super inspired by a podcast but if we don’t listen to anything else for another week, what our surroundings are gonna set us back right back to where we were because that’s just the way it is.

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Yes, well, what a beautiful segment to just put a bow on this. So when we are starting or when you are starting your journey into raising your thermostat, you also will learn and feel that all of these money stories that have been given to you during your training or in during the time you were raised. Allow them to question Though, and whatever you believe is what you’re going to live in. So you might as well believe that you can earn everything possible and it will actually come to you. As long as you believe it, it’s in your hands. So we’re gonna sign up for to sign up, sign off for today. There’s really just coffee in here, I promise. No beer today. You guys have a great week. At this point. I also would love to mention that Christy’s full episode had launched last Friday, I really encourage you to listen to that as something that you do before you perhaps go and take a class. Because there’s so many nuggets in there that when I listened back to it, I was like, Oh my gosh, she definitely speaks to how I felt even you know, before I stopped dancing completely. So it is something that is so beautiful and so raw. So thank you for sharing that. And it would mean the world to us. If you would hit subscribe, give us a five star review, if that aligns with you and just write a review for us because that gives us the ability to raise more awareness and be available to more people. Okay. Well, thank you. Thank you. Have a lovely day and thanks for listening guys.

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