Money & Art | Why Self-Love is essential to making more money.


May 27, 2021


Christy & Susanne connecting this week over $$ mindset and the effects it has on artists. Come join us with no judgment. We are holding space to learn, laugh, and downright pointe at ourselves.

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Money & Art | Why Self-Love is essential to making more money.

Why self-love is essential to making more money

The perspective of self-love in order to make money comes from you being able to be in energy where you feel worthy of receiving. Whether we’re really conscious of it or not, we’re all in tune with energies subconsciously. You can tune in when someone doesn’t have self-esteem or self-love and vice versa, or maybe it’s an ego thing and they have an overbearing personality. Without self-love, you can’t possibly show up and receive to the greatest capacity.

A plane uses 40% of its fuel during takeoff. The 60% is used for cruising. Some planes dump fuel at any given point that they need a special wait when they’re landing or they don’t have to refill the tank. What if we’re the airplane? What if every day that we’re starting is actually our takeoff. Many of us don’t refill our tanks. It is refilled a little bit through sleep, but not to its full capacity or at least 90%. So we don’t even set ourselves up for proper takeoff every day nor do we set ourselves up for cruising altitude or reach the highest possible altitude we need for the flight during that day.

So self-love is getting your plane ready every single day. There’s a lot of care, preparation, and detail that the crew, the captain, a copilot, and all of these people are involved in getting every single plane go through. There’s so many planes leaving every single day from any given airport. Let’s compare that to us as people and how detailed the preparation is. You skip one thing, you are literally jeopardizing the safety of 200 people. What if you take yourself care just as seriously? What if somebody else’s life would actually depend on you loving yourself?

Self-love is more than survival

Taking care of ourselves as more than just a survival state. Self-love is not only going to get the hair cut or to massage or getting your nails done. That’s perhaps the first layer of 1,020 layers of self-love. If you’re not used to it, start there. With you giving yourself the permission to put that oxygen mask on yourself first, to be very selective in who you’re letting into your island, who you are hanging out with, what kind of boundaries you’re setting, how you want to feel, all of that is encompassed in the topic of self-love.

Pushing yourself to depletion

We can tap into the hustle mentality and the giving mentality all the time. That is easy, particularly for dancers, because we give, give, and give. What we don’t know and what nobody really is teaching us that when your energy level, when your decision-making level, when your physical strength is depleted, you’re tapping into your reserves, and these reserves are only good for a certain time. You can push yourself really hard every now and then. You cannot do it over and over and over again without seeing very harsh realities on the other side. The breakdowns, the burnouts, the injuries, the anxiety, eating disorders, all of this is really a result of not really, truly taking care of your needs. Every thought, every single motion, every step that you’re taking during a day has to come from a place of self-love. It’s not selfish. It is taking care of you first so you can serve others so your cup is actually overflowing. Lisa Nichols explains it so beautifully. You have your cup and you have your saucer. Your cup should be full at all times. Whatever’s overflowing onto the saucer is what you serve to others.

If that cup is full of dirty, disgusting water, what’s overflowing is what’s going to others. So if you’re filling yourself up with self-deprecation or loathing, that’s what’s inside. We can’t possibly have that inside of us and then radiate out and share unconditional love and light and everything that we want for other people. We can’t. It can’t come from that dirty vessel. It wouldn’t overflow with purified water, and we want to serve purified water.

All around today, young women and men are being trained as dancers and it all comes from a place of lack and hustle. That is how we perpetuate the model that we have seen in the industry for so many decades. That goes back to if you as a teacher don’t have self-love, how can you teach others or how can you even give that out to your students if you don’t have it in yourself? Don’t go to a studio space that has such energy.

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What it takes have self-love

It will take so much time for you to learn a new choreography, where you’re so consistent and you’re not giving up and you’re in the studio until you got it. That is the same approach for reframing your thoughts and your beliefs because you are in the power of it. We have the capability of believing different things and with that creating a different reality for ourselves. We all have greatness in us. The only thing that really is holding us back is the belief of whoever you’re surrounding yourself with that you are not. Who is in the driver’s seat? The other people or you? You are the CEO of your life. You determine what is coming in, who is allowed, who’s running your engines, who you are hiring and firing. That is where the perspective switch is so important that every single one of us is capable of everything that we want. We’re given thoughts and feelings for a reason. Ideas even because we are capable of it. It’s just the matter of breaking through those glass ceilings and believing that we can.

We’re always striving for more. Either it can be materialistic, it can be in food, it can be in knowledge, which we disguise as being positive. It reaches an extent when we become obsessive and we’re always striving because we got to get to the next level because wherever the level is now isn’t good enough. It’s a perpetual cycle. The not-enoughness perpetuates itself throughout our entire life. “I will do this when I’m this.” Or “Once I have the role, I will feel good enough.” But that’s not the truth. “Once I have the million dollars in my bank account, then I feel good enough.” And that is not the truth. If you don’t feel worthy of loving yourself right now, where you’re at, you also will not feel that way once you get wherever you think you have to get to in order to feel better about yourself. When you look at the statistics of lottery winners, 90-something percent of them within five years are right back where they were before they won because they don’t feel worthy of $40 million. So they spend it all and then they get themselves right back because they just they can’t picture that for themselves. That’s a result of their level of self-love.

The essence of this is when you feel worthy and you have enough love in your heart for yourself, that is when you’re opening up yourself to receiving. It’s not about the chasing. It’s about receiving because everything that we want is already there for us. It’s on us to open up the gates and say come in.


We invite you to really look at your life, at your current status from a very high level of self-love. No judgment, just here’s where I’m at. Take your journal out, write it down. It’s not going to be comfortable.

So much ❤ Susanne

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