Money & Art | Why selling yourself is important.


May 13, 2021


Christy & Susanne connecting this week over $$ mindset and the effects it has on artists. Come join us with no judgment. We are holding space to learn, laugh, and downright pointe at ourselves.

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Money & Art | Why selling yourself is important.

How to sell yourself

The wrong perception of selling

We are in our own way that selling means being sleazy, that selling means you want to run them over or just take their money and you don’t have anything to offer because that’s maybe what you’ve seen happening to your parents or is something that you experienced your own self or you heard your friends say this is how they perceive selling.

How you present yourself matters

We don’t have the liberty of really being an employee, even if we are comfortable in a company setting. We still have to present ourselves in a certain way because when we’re contractual, things can change like that. We have to present ourselves in a certain way in this industry if we want to continue working. Even if we’re in a company that could roll over contractually and you can renegotiate another contract, you might not get offered that contract. So we’re always presenting ourselves in a way that is technically like selling who we are. It matters what our behaviors like. Are we disciplined? Are we always prepared for rehearsals? All those things go into what we have to do in this industry to sell ourselves. It’s a way of how do you present yourself? What do you bring of value and what gifts do you have to bring to the world? So that could be industry-wide or just really in any business. We all have value. So it’s knowing your value, know what your package is to present, and then bring your gifts to the world and show up as the best version of yourself in the capacity that you’re able to in any given day.

The disservice you do by not selling

If we don’t sell, we’re doing the people that need us a disservice. If we don’t share what we are great at and taking money for that, a lot of people a disservice. Your perception on how you see selling is going to change the way you’re going to show up. That is the whole secret. If you don’t feel comfortable speaking about what you have to offer and show up that way every single day, then you will see selling equals yuckiness. When you change that perception of, Hey, I am here because I am so glorious and I have something here that will serve somebody else out there to cut their learning curve in half, to save them time in between. When we are not caring about who we are and what we’re actually capable of, that is when selling becomes yucky. When we’re making it about ourselves, then it becomes yucky and not second nature. That feeling comes when we make it about ourselves.
We have to have the worth to believe that we have value. So once we have that, even in a little capacity, when we can have come from the perspective and the energy of the value, that’s where you stay heart-centered. That’s where you stay on mission. It’s when we start to have those self-doubts or that unworthiness and that hesitation about what somebody might perceive us as we’ve now turned the tables completely to ourselves. The value just can’t be presented in its best capacity because the energy is literally pointing at you and not the other person. And artists make it about themselves all the time.
You are your own product. It doesn’t matter if you have been contracted for one show or one gig or for a lifetime at a theater. It doesn’t matter. You are the CEO of your own business, and that brings back a lot of responsibilities and that includes also how to sell your product. So here’s the thing. It’s not the best product that sells. It’s the one that knows exactly how to market themselves. Not the loudest, it’s the one that’s the most authentic. The one that is the truest to themselves, that is the most excited about what they have to sell and to offer, and the one that believes wholeheartedly and that full-heartedly means that you do not have one doubt in your mind that what you have to offer will change somebody else’s life.

The importance of enthusiasm

One of the behaviors of successful people is being enthusiastic about what you have to offer. This ties back in. So it is not about that you’re the best. You do not have to be the best at your craft. You just have to be convinced that who you are is the very best and you can be. And with that, you will change somebody else’s life. And we can that into, “Well, I’m a dancer and I won’t change anybody’s lives.” Well, you’re wrong. If that is your thought pattern, rewrite that because you do change somebody else’s life. You are in a position to change the girl that’s standing next to you. You are in a position to change the director that’s sitting in front of you, their perception, or their thought patterns by the way you show up. You can change the people that are in the theater that are looking at you, that beating off of the energy that you’re giving them. When you get to that point, you’re removing yourself, your ego, you’re removing all of your fears because it no longer is about yourself. And then you will actually feel that selling yourself as the word selling has nothing to do with what you believe it is. It has everything to do with offering value and receiving energy. We can’t eat from energy. This is our money. This is our energy exchange. That is where we’re putting a value on, that’s what you’re getting back.

How to get comfortable with selling

Stop being addicted to feeling good. Release that need to consistently feel good because it’s a lie. It’s not true. Life ebbs and flows. And sometimes we’re so addicted to the drama that we don’t even realize that we’re actually feeling good in the drama.
In order to really unearth everything that holds you back from showing up as your higher self and with that, having the possibility to step out all of these stories that you’ve taken in over the course of your life, and that includes the fear of selling and the addiction to pleasing everybody else around you and not stepping into your purposefully, that’s where I would start. You have to go and swim upstream so far until you can uncover all of this. There will be seasons where you feel great and you feel pumped with self-esteem that you can do it. Showing up on stage is an act of selling. You can do that. That’s what you’ve trained for your entire life. Why can’t you show up like that every single day for yourself? Show up like that for yourself every single day, and then let’s talk about how you can monetize that because that’s where it starts. Everything that you want literally starts with you taking action first. Nobody’s going to hand it to you.

Humble to see the pain

Until we get humble and take a look inside of ourselves about what our behaviors are, there’s always going to be some pain. Until you do that, inevitably no matter how you’ve grown up, where you’ve lived in the world, we all grow up and have some pain. So until we get humble with that, take a look at it and decide whether we want to keep holding onto it and acting through it, that’s really where the value starts, where it’s not coming from external sources, where you’re not constantly chasing the reason you feel good is that it’s coming from someone or something else. When you can take a look at yourself, that’s when you can start to have it come from you, but it doesn’t just happen. It happens when we are okay to turn the mirror facing us and really take a look at what isn’t serving us anymore.

Release expectation for others

The difference is where we take our power back and release the expectation for others to do our job, on taking responsibility for how we want to feel. If you want to lead a whole shit ton of people, if you want to make a difference, it starts with you. You can sit there and say, “Well, they didn’t hire me. They didn’t want me. I wasn’t good enough for them. They treated me poorly,” or you take responsibility for who you want to be, how you want to show up, how you want to feel, how you want to live your life, what your career looks like. You let go of the stories that the industry is just that way and I have to be like that. Bullshit. You do not. I dare you to show up differently. That energy change that we’re experiencing right now, starts with you. The more people that are tapping into that, the more people that are finding their power and standing on their own two feet and deciding 100 percent how they want to show up and how they want to feel, that’s how the industry is going to change. Nobody can dim your light. They can try, make their fingers wet and try to touch that. And sometimes they even take it out and you have all the power in yourself. You have the network around you to light that candle back up.

So stop complaining. You can do anything you set your mind to. You can sell. It’s not dirty. It’s fun.


So much ❤ Susanne

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