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March 18, 2021

Christy & Susanne connecting this week over $$ mindset and the effects it has on artists. Come join us with no judgment. We are holding space to learn, laugh, and downright pointe at ourselves.

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Money & Art | Money is Important

“When Good People Make Good Money, They Can Do Great Things”

Today’s topic is “When good people make good money, they can do great things.” This is too broad. This saying comes from Chris Harder, a successful entrepreneur, philanthropist, and podcaster.

I can really relate to the statement. I would say it was maybe two years ago that I was still on the cusp for me to really grasp and understand the truth about money because I had the perspective of what I thought people with a lot of money acted like and what they did with it. And what I have come to understand with that statement is yes, I am in absolute congruence with that. Look at any foundation, any charity, anything, or quite frankly, anything that you are really passionate about that you feel there should be change. Outside of energy and time, the heart helps through money. So we do require money even in a charitable sense, because in essence, the root of however we’re giving our time or our energy or resources, the resources come from money. And so if we are really passionate about making a difference in really any way, we require having some disposable or some income that’s outside of our own means of just getting by in order to put that towards making a difference in those aspects.

Chasing Recognition

If it is a situation where you did take a pay cut for an up-level or another company that you really respect, reflect on what they value. Is it a validation thing? Why is it from taking away resources that help you have a better quality of life away in order to have, I guess to fill in the blank, more accolades, more recognition from the company name? What is it because for me, when I say that is because that’s what I had to reflect on because I was chasing names of either choreographers or directors, or theater names, or company names, or whatever, because I required for me, accolades and recognition? And that was how I measured success. I measured it in accolades for me, and how I measured success was how I measured my worthiness. And so I was chasing worthiness through recognition and not through money. So I sacrifice my quality of life monetarily in order to chase accolades and the money part was never a factor. Because, for me, it was the recognition that fueled my actual existence of being happy in who Christy was. And without those things, I could have had all the money in the world. And if I would have been a normal person and had a normal job that made me 100 grand a year without the accolades and the recognition, I would have been miserable. And so I had to get to work. The accolades and the recognition mattered so much, and why I didn’t just matter because it made me sacrifice in the other sense. So where a lot of people might chase money in order to feel good, I chased the recognition. And so I feel like behavior like that might be something to reflect on as to why that would be more important than meeting your needs and just getting by or always having to stress about making money.

Seeking Validation versus Seeking Money

I’m very cautious to speak in absolutes here because I don’t want to impose any thoughts on anybody. So I’ll speak from my perspective of what I experienced and what I’ve observed of the way I behaved over the last 15 years and how this version of me would see things differently. If I had been able to have the awareness, if somebody had presented personal development to me early on, I would have asked myself if I was always chasing attention and always chasing to be seen, and to have the next best thing versus struggling. I wasn’t thriving. I knew how to pinch a penny like nobody’s business. I would pinch and stretch pennies like nobody’s business. So that also just came to me. I found that to struggle was presented as a noble thing. It was noble to struggle. And so for me, I would have assessed and dove into why all my energy got put into seeking validation over everything else. And then it was okay for me to struggle in every other sense because all that mattered was seeking validation.

I had an impression of what I felt like people who chased money were as a personality. And at that point, I did put things in absolutes. So I did put people inboxes. So to me, that’s not what I chased. So I chased my ego. I didn’t want the money part. I wanted the other way. And so I went so extremely another way. And it was all about that. And then so all about me. So like you said, I knew how to stretch a penny and I could just get by. So when it came to can you donate to this charity? Can you do this? Can you do that? Of course not. The answer was no. And so everything was always directed at me. And back to me and my world and how I could just survive and how I could feel that that is really the operative energy as a collective in the entertainment. Because all of us are always just trying to get to the next level. The next gig, the next show. For me and even as a dancer in the back of my mind, I always strived to be in a dance captain position or an assistant to the choreographer position because, in my mind, it was all about me. And I wanted to make sure that I set myself up for the next steps when I wasn’t on stage anymore, that I have the accolades and the experience and the resume to then just right step into a creative and be able to flow in that sense. And so I was always, always in that mind.

So it didn’t matter. Well, then you have this dance captain position for this contract, but we’re not going to pay you anymore. I would say that’s fine. I had times where I did get paid more, but I have plenty of times where you can have this extra responsibility, but we’re not going to pay you for it. But you get to put out a resume that was like, awesome, I get to put them on my resume. So that’s the energy I held on to for a great deal of my career. And, unfortunately, I think that that’s a lot of the energy that I should be grateful that I had that position alone. The gratitude of having that title. That’s it. It doesn’t need to pay. It’s you get to work with whoever you get to have that on your resume. You get this kind of experience and that’s what I experienced a lot was just a lot of hoop-jumping.

This goes back to the statement, ‘When good people make good money, they can do great things.’ I would sit with that and see what happens if that’s irritable to you. If that doesn’t resonate with you, if you think that that just you don’t meet with that, reflect on why and not in a way of why do I feel this way of what is coming up right now. And just let yourself write. A lot of times I love brain dumping. I’ve talked about it a lot on my social media. Some days, I just feel agitated about things and I don’t really know why. And so I’ll sit down with a pen and a paper and I will literally just write whatever is in my mind and I will not stop until I won’t pick up the pen until I just feel like I’m empty. Like I dumped whatever spinning up there down and a lot of stuff comes up that I find dozens if I’m just sitting in my own thoughts. So allow that to be an exercise if you’re open to this statement and see what comes up. Because that might be the root of why you might do what we’ve talked about, if you have sacrificed some pay, or you don’t think about pay, like for me.

It’s so weird to say, for me, when I got offered contracts, I didn’t even really look at what the pay was gonna be. It was the last thing I thought about. What’s the show? Who’s in it? Who’s running it? Where’s the theater? What is the company? Those things, those checked my boxes, not the pay? And the pay was just like, I’ll figure out how to make that work. And that was the energy. So if you can relate to that, too, I would reflect because it’s only been the last couple of years that I reflected on what that meant for me. So that would be my two things is check and reflect on the behavior of the contracts and the dance world you’ve currently lived in. And what if that resonates with you and why. And then that statement of the podcast because stuff might come up that you would never know. I didn’t ever even give this a thought until I started working on myself. And I had to face my money stories because I realized that that wasn’t noble. That was really something in me that had a bit of distortion and unworthy levels for me. And that’s how this started to unravel because like you said before, I believe until we do these things, there’s no way that we could really come to this on our own because we’re all a product of the industry. And again, that’s why I don’t fault any aspect of it. I don’t think that development, inner growth, and awareness have been brought into the community enough for anybody to even sprout those seeds all over. And that’s really just what it is. It’s the awareness and it’s up to all of us individually to be on this journey and to decide whether or not we see people around us doing this kind of work.

About the Week

My week was fantastic. Actually, I finished my certification for my Reiki Masters.

Adding More to the Full Plate

When we do something outside of the realm of what we think is normal, it’s actually the physical cues, like the shaking, and the quivering that will actually get like come into your body is a subconscious cue from your mind that translates into your body that says what you’re doing isn’t safe, and it wants to stop you. So that creates resistance. And you literally have to use force. I hate that word. But you have to literally break through that feeling of this isn’t safe. You have bells and whistles going off in your mind, like why you shouldn’t do it and you’d go do the thing. It’s literally like a rush of energy to just release that safety cue from that very thing. And now you’ve broken through that past and you won’t have. It might come up a little bit. The next time it will be less, and then it’ll be less than next time and the next time and the next time. And that’s when you can look at it like your body’s just trying to tell you what you’re doing isn’t safe. And all you have to say is I’m not going to die. Nothing bad is going to happen to me by doing this thing. I am safe. And then you just go do the freaking thing. Go do it.

For me, it started because I had such bad anxiety, and panic attacks, that I knew that something needed to get addressed. I just knew that the way I handled things wasn’t in my best interest. And that’s really what started that for me. And so I mean, we’ve three and a half years, almost four years from that point. So it’s just one step at a time. And you’re going to learn about stuff that you never would have imagined yet. On the other side of those things, brings more peace and more joy. And so for me, it is absolutely worth the work. And it’s every single day becoming more of a passion of mine. It’s something I actually feel like I’m meant to be here and help with this kind of work because I think it’s just life-changing for everyone.

Birthday Month

I used to want a birthday month for it was birthday week and birthday month. St. Patrick’s Day is my birthday. I like to joke that it’s the best holiday of the year. And so I was all about me this year. I keep forgetting it’s my birthday. Like I really do. And that is so weird for me. Because I’ve been so, so full of my ego that it’s always been something like March, it’s my birthday month. And this year, I keep going, Oh, yeah, it’s my birthday. I’ll celebrate and I’ll be excited. And we have some fun things planned. But my world isn’t all about me anymore. So it’s not as pumped up. And at the same time, this year I’m absolutely in gratitude for how much I’ve grown in this one year. My birthday was the second day of lockdown in my area of the US last year. And we’re just reflecting back on this last year to this birthday. It’s been more like a New Year’s Eve reflection for me actually coming up. I’m just so grateful. And I’m so actually blown away by how different I am from the inside from this past year. So that’s it’s been a really cool reflection.


Fill Your Cup First

I think that there’s depth in that statement to that you have to observe it. I’m 100% in agreement with this. By us putting work on ourselves because I have a morning routine. Now it’s varied. But now it’s pretty set of like, I know what a good group feels like. I know that I will be a better person for the rest of the day. If I start my day a certain way, in my perspective, and a higher perspective is that actually is making it about or helping our collective energy by doing those things, because we are showing up a higher version of ourselves in order to then serve in our businesses, serve in whatever, in our families, in whatever capacity. It’s from the work we’ve done on ourselves and we’re doing on ourselves, which is then actually benefiting and bringing more light into the worlds. So that’s how I look at that aspect of it. So yes, before the aspect of “It’s all about me” was definitely coming from an egoistic place. Now, yes, you definitely have to fill your cup first because you do affect energetically everything around you. And so if you’re not if you’re empty, and you’re running on fumes, and it’s reflected, it’s rubbing off and spilling off into everything you do and everyone you’re around. There’s definitely a depth to those statements for sure.

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