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How can you rise to be the best version of yourself when:
- You feel physically exhausted almost every day
- Anxiety rules as you strive to meet the expectation of perfection
- You’re drinking coffee to stay awake, barely sleeping & smoking to keep your slim profile
- You’ve bought into the story that you don’t need to be paid fairly for your work because you’re invested in an art form you love

That’s straight from the mouth of a working ballet dancer today. The culture within a ballet company is to promote physical perfection: pushing your body to see what you’re capable of, enduring physical pain & cultivating an expectation of perfection so you can rise within the ranks and always be ready to perform.

Let’s be clear - it’s not humanly possible to be at the top of your game 24/7…at least not without a breaking point.

“To be a professional ballet dancer you have to make it a point to show you really want to be there, and to do that you have to be on
top of your game all the time.”

pointe to rise society

Your biggest dream is to:
Become a principal dancer
Perform your favorite and most iconic ballets
Move your audience
Have your hard work pay off…you want the spotlight

I’m going to let you in on a secret that ballet companies, directors, choreographers and even other dancers won’t tell you…

Most of the work you need to do to become a great dancer happens outside the studio.

You became a ballet dancer because you love to perform.  

A monthly membership that will help you go from being a good ballet dancer to a great one. You already have the tools to condition your body. This community arms you with new tools to make you mentally stronger - focusing on mindset, healthy habits, overall energy, productivity and owning your value as a dancer.  

In short, you get to belong to a group that supports and uplifts every part of you. One where we celebrate your mental, physical and spiritual health, not just the height of your extensions or how far your feet turn out.


Weekly Live Q&A with Founder of Pointe To Rise, Susanne Puerschel (who’s been in your pointe shoes and knows exactly what you’re going through)

Monthly Guest Speakers and Experts to expand your perspective and deliver trainings to help you thrive in your dance career

Additional materials & action items to download including prompts so you have a helpful tool always handy and never have to wonder what to do next

Private Facebook group where you belong to a supportive like-minded community reaching for more  

what you get

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Get On The Waitlist

Get On The Waitlist

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Click the JOIN NOW button on this page and an email will be delivered to your inbox welcoming you to the Pointe To Rise Society. It will share your login credentials and it’s super simple to get started.

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Join our private Facebook community right away - the link to join will be included in your welcome email. It’s your instant access to being part of a community where you feel100% accepted and seen…where everyone belongs. 

Step 03
Add the weekly Facebook Q&As and Monthly Masterclasses to your calendar so you don’t miss a thing! This is YOUR community to learn, grow and thrive!

how it works


When the doors open to Pointe To Rise Society, you have the opportunity to get in at the Founding Member price. Be one of the first to join, we can’t wait to welcome you in and start this journey to redefine what being at the top of your game really means.

Your investment:
$4.99 / week

for a cup of coffee a week

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