Self-Development & Why it’s so important even for Dancers


March 23, 2021

Susanne reflects on her most recent Clubhouse conversation. Self-development has actually made its rounds in the singing and acting industry. These industries have understood that working on oneself and developing other skills and mindsets and having a learner’s philosophy is vital for their career development.


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Self-Development & Why it’s so important even for Dancers

Hello, and welcome to another episode of the Pointe To Rise podcast. I am so grateful that you’re here. Happy anniversary, everybody 50 episodes in. Wow, that came fast. I have to admit that I’m super proud of myself to step into this uncomfortable speaking zone and free-flowing and asking people to go on the podcast.

I wanted to send my gratitude to all of you that keep supporting me and this podcast through your thoughts and conversations. I am so grateful for having met you and have built relationships with you. Funny enough, every interview is like a personal coaching session for me too.

Thank you, guys.

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All right. So today’s topic self-development in the performing arts. I had a clubhouse conversation this morning where we specifically dove into the topic of self-development in the performing arts. And I have to say so, even though I hosted a room, I learned so much as we had a mixed audience in the room.

It was not just dancers or ballet dancers, but also artists from all varieties, singers, actors. Here’s the sum of what I learned today, self-development has actually made its rounds in the singing and acting industry, quite a lot already. These industries have understood that working on oneself and developing other skills and mindsets and having a learner’s philosophy is vital for their career development.

As a collective in a dance world, in a Ballet world, and a professional dancer world, have yet to catch up. We concluded why that may be, and I want to share that with you. What I found is that Ballet mainly, and I’m talking very specifically about ballet companies, professional ballet companies that the training follows a particular guideline.

Everybody has to do everything precisely this one exact way. There is no other way accepted, and neither is learning from other industries or different ways, even an option. I’m generalizing the whole industry. There is a handful out there that are not following the path of ‘norm.’

However, this is the general sense that I am getting and I’m not the only one seeing this. We are consistently training dancers a certain way. Their instincts behave a certain way. When they’re in Ballet companies, companies are run a specific course, and it’s not fluid. We’re not able to pivot.

We’re not able to adapt to speaking more psychologically. We don’t have a growth mindset adopted in the professional, Ballet, and dance world.

So with this set, self-development is all about developing skills, our own self, our awareness, our knowing ours. Attention in a world to where we want to go. Who we want to become, the understanding that we always choose everything that we do think or feel. I believe that that may just not be a great fit where the industry of Ballet and dance is at this very current moment because if you really look at it. It is maybe the 1% of the superstars that can be themselves in some way or another, but everybody else has to fit in a specific box, which doesn’t leave much room for growth.

It only leaves room to check the box and not to really step into who you truly are meant to be.

Teachers and directors are so focused on developing muscles and strength in a physical way that it is completely forgotten that everything happens in us and around us through our minds. And if we’re not developing ourselves, our heart, our beliefs, our feelings, our thoughts, our body can only get to a certain point, and then it has basically reached its capacity without actually really developing more of our skill set differently.

It’s a beautiful quote I read the other day was. , you can only grow your business to the level that you are able and willing to grow your practice. Let’s take that apart, and let’s apply this to Ballet and dancers. When I think of dancers, I see them as entrepreneurs. I see them as somebody that always has to perform on the highest level. It is always asked of them to be in great shape. Constantly asked to give so much of themselves and have so much passionate enthusiasm for what they do. In my opinion, you’re running your own business. If you’re not in shape, you will not have a job. Therefore, you really have to work on your body to get into the companies, to get the next job, to be seen at auditions or castings. So it is not surprising that the mind training is put off. For so much of the conditioning is around the artists’ physical attributes, not their mind.

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