Stop waiting for permission!


June 15, 2021

Susanne chats about how the real need to support yourself, not to let others be the guiding force to how you move through your journey.

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 Stop waiting for permission!

Hello, and welcome to another episode of the Pointe To Rise podcast. I am so grateful you are here today.

It’s time to stop waiting and start to permit yourself to do what you want to do. I keep coming back to this as it has yet to fully flush in me.

Has there been a journey around giving myself permission or the lack of it? Because I was so attached to what other people thought of me. I felt I needed it to be successful.

Everything that I want is really, truly inside of me. I need to permit myself and take steps to get it. Now, like a professional dancer, I thought that wasn’t an option. I had to be quiet and do what I was told to do to be seen, heard, and loved.

I portrayed it to the company, my bosses, the choreographers, and everybody else around me. But for myself, I didn’t even know what that was to be myself.
This is why I believe this kind of work our inner work, understanding ourselves, understanding our behaviors, understanding that we are in charge, understanding that our thoughts are truly creating.

Our reality is so important. Doing the work in the studio is excellent. Still, suppose you don’t know who you are. In that case, you’re not capable of permitting yourself to either step back and take a rest and be okay with it, without beating yourself up or allowing yourself to shine, as bright without being fearful of what other people think of you or judge you or. Look at you strangely. It has all to do with the ability to permit yourself to shine your very brightest. Now you may ask yourself, what can I do to enable myself? Well, the straightforward answer here is to do it. Just keep permitting yourself to show up as your very best self, to be the best person that you can be.

Permit yourself to rest and have grace with yourself that you don’t have to be 110% every day. Now, this is easier said than done. Because there is so much more profound, deep down in your roots, they go so deep into the ground. So where, where could you start? You start with finding a community like the Pointe To Rise, a community to surround yourself with the knowledge and the people.

Talk about these things. I never realized, neither in my training nor when I was professionally active. Did we ever talk about these kinds of things? Self-development is so essential that you know what you want and who you are and detach yourself from what other people want the stories built up in the industry: who and what you have to be to get the job or get the job role get that specific engagement.

So I encourage you to give yourself permission to learn new things about yourself every single day. Give yourself permission to get better every single day. When we deny ourselves the consent to be our very best, we’re taking our power away.

That is exactly why there is so much suffering in the industry because when you don’t have power in yourself, you don’t believe that you are. A masterpiece that other people can do with you, whatever they want to, can tell you who and what you have to be. They can tell you that you shouldn’t be eating for 14 days.

You get my point. Suppose you don’t have your power if you’re not grounded if you don’t permit yourself to be the very best that you can be.

Nobody else can give that to you. So start with doing the work. If you’re looking for a community, Pointe To Rise is a beautiful place to start.
We are on Facebook as a private community, and you have access to all of the podcasts serious that I’m putting out three times a week.

Here’s my permission for you. If you need it, if you can give it to yourself yet, that’s better!

Listen to my words, and you have the permission written or verbally, whatever works for you, that you can shine your very brightest.

Now you go and have your very best day.

I’m sending you so much love till next time.

All right. My loves. Thank you so much for reading.

Bye guys.

So much ❤


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