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Susanne talks today about the journey of her most recent project. How it has made her reflect on how she spends her energy, with whom she spends it. How it has made her realize how she was hiding in stories she had created for herself to protect her old self. What does it mean to suffer for the Art form? And how she remembers what it is to be a woman, a person, a mother, […]

January 29, 2021

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Every program I offer has been created with the sole purpose of helping you rise in your ballet career. I know it can be hard to keep your motivation up, so I’m here to make it easier. 

There is a better way to pursue ballet at the professional level. Instead of dancers pushing beyond their body’s limits, there is a healthier way to train your body, your mind and your spirit to soar. To become the best at your craft, you must be healthy. The mentality of surviving to make a performance perfect is an old paradigm that needs to change. As athletes, dancers must thrive in order to shine and connect with their audience. This new approach, leads to fulfillment, strength and longevity. It allows you to give more of your heart and soul on stage, creating an unforgettable experience that moves your audience. And that’s the whole pointe.