The importance of having a tribe.


April 27, 2021


Susanne chats about how she has realized that the need for a tribe of women around her, while she is creating the companies, is so vital to her. The compassion and un-bias love that is shared helps her to show up as her very best.


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The importance of having a tribe.

Hello, and welcome to another episode of the Pointe To Rise podcast. Today. I want to share with you literally an experience and a conversation that I just had. And it is so fresh to my heart that I thought, well, it’s just time to talk about it. So I have been In a creative mode, or let’s say a year, and Pointe To Rise came about because I wanted to make a difference.

I wanted to have my experience as a dancer, as a performer, not just go to waste and memory. But to give back something that I learned, but how can I make those learns as useful as possible to the entire community? How can I, what I have experienced over the past 47 years,  how can I make something out of that? And I just hopped off a strategy call with two wonderful ladies.

And we were talking about R.I.S.E Media. Yes, a media company. That is re-imagining, the performing arts. And it is, it’s exciting. It just has been on my heart for such a long time. And I was always apprehensive about talking about it because I am judging myself, judging myself around my past failures, and judging myself around my abilities perhaps and judging myself around.
Is this actually possible? Like, am I just dreaming something that is out of, you know, creation? Yeah. Out of thin air, but we’re living in this new. Era and its new timer, literally everything is possible. I think this is one reason I left Germany because I finally feel like everything is possible here.

So let me first tell you a little bit and about what I envisioned R.I.S.E Media to be. I want it to be a platform where we reimagined. What performing arts, what Ballet, what Opera, what Broadway actually really looks like? How can we collaborate across the line? How can we make extra money? That is really important because artists are stepping outside of their starving artists’ mentality and understanding. You don’t have to create your time for money necessarily.

At all times, you don’t have to go and work outside of your 12 hours in the studio to make an extra income. No, you can join rights media and have that ability to really earn something and build something besides off you being a dancer or a performer. So that is very important to me because I found myself and even launching the art and money seriously in the podcast.
Now that we don’t have a really great relationship with money. As in artists, the companies would keep chasing it. We always think there’s not enough. So what can we do to create more? I think that’s how the idea for R.I.S.E Media was born; how can we, what is possible? What if something like this would be optional?

Be in the world and not just in North America, but worldwide accessible. Can it have multiple languages? What if people can put their content on there? What if they can earn off of that content? What if, you know, we have events. What if we have a networking place? What if. Theaters tan, hood their content in on there, and earn extra income.
What if there is an investment fund with it and helps companies establish a business as an actual trustworthy business that feeds the company’s nonprofit arm of the company. What if, what if we’re dreaming to big? And what does that look like in reality? And that was my conversation today. I was asked a question from the ladies.

Okay, what’s your discomfort? And I said, Oh, so I have, I have two fears. A) it doesn’t work, and I’m dreaming too big. And B) I feel like I fail again. And I don’t think I am. Right now, I think I am not strong enough to conquer that kind of failure again. And what’s coming in from me right now, but what, what does failure really look like at this point?
And I think failure for me is to understand that perhaps. I will be confronted with my limitations. I will be seeing that; hey, you’re not as bright of a star, or you’re not, your light is not shining as bright as you really want it to be. So that these are some fears that I’m being confronted with.

And we made this beautiful pack that whenever this fear comes up, that I really truly feel into it. Look at that fear where it actually lives in my body and what kind of shape and color it has. And that I, myself, have the permission and the power to remove that fear. Yeah. So. You know what? I am flying right now.
I am so on fire. I am in the best energy. I am so excited cause I believe that it is time that we reimagine the art S E sustainable entertainment platform. And. What that will look like. The sky literally is the limit. So I encourage you actually. Why don’t you DM me? Why don’t you let me know what you imagined?

What would your ideal place for a Ballet company look like? What would it be? What would you dance to? How would it feel like how would you feel when you are there? What would your day-to-day look like? I want to hear from you how you could reimagine your dream. There we go. Reimagine your dream. Don’t settle for the current circumstances that are in the arts.

Go and dream big. And let’s ask the question. Well, can we make this happen? Cause I know when we were putting our hats together, everything is possible, but here we go. I hope you are having the most fantastic day. Thank you for listening. And don’t forget to share your vision with me.

I’m sending you so much love. Bye.

So much ❤


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