The importance of resting, recovery and giving yourself time.


October 26, 2021


Susanne has found as the time of year has brought on more work and time commitments. The importance of really understanding how you need to rest, recover and give yourself time to rest should be at the forefront of your planning.  She shares how she has found certain activities actually allow her to be more creative whilst resting her mind which allows her to show up fully recharged.

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The importance of resting, recovery, and giving yourself time.

Hello, and welcome to another episode of the Pointe to Rise podcast. My name is Susanne and I am your host today. Today I want to talk about the importance of resting. And this is not just coming out of left field, this is something that I’ve been on a journey I would say myself for years and years and years now. And the more I’m actually putting energy into figuring out what resting and recovering and recharging for me really means, the more I actually see how ha, less of that was in my prior life, how there was no teaching around the importance of wrestling, actually quite to the controversy. And let me back up here. So as a student of dance and ballet, from the age of 10, all the way to the age of 18, I was taught that resting is not an option that resting is for the weak that the resting is for the lazy, and the more you rest, the less you will accomplish. And I’m sure you can add your own stories here and insert your own beliefs that you have heard over the past years in wherever you are at right now, of what resting really means for you. And, I understand that in order to achieve, we have to put in the work. But the more and more I get into resting and understanding what we’re actually doing and how we’re helping ourselves to be more powerful and tapping into our True Potential, that resting is actually a big part of it. And we forget to lean into that part, we, we think that at least that’s what I’ve been taught. The hard work only will be producing and resting for me was only sleeping and perhaps vegging out on the couch and watching a movie because that’s all I was capable of, you know, resting doesn’t mean pausing completely, there are different ways of resting. But we’ll get into that. So when I, when I got out of dancing and into like corporate and even, even in my own first business that I had, I don’t think resting was ever something that was encouraged or put on the same level as working hard. And I think that’s where I really want to get at that in order to be really, really powerful in order to tap into our entire potential. Figuring out what resting means is just as important as figuring out how you can work the most meaning resting, recovering, recharging, is optionally being part of working hard. Let’s make it part of working hard. Let’s make it a part of your daily routine. And not just 20 minutes, not just you know when you can swim anymore, not when you can breathe anymore when you’re down in the Chesapeake and, and really can breathe anymore. Not that’s not the time where you need to think about resting. No, that’s where you have to get back into whatever it is you are and where you want to be. But why are we proactive about that? Why are we not seeing as a part of our way to success? So here’s what I’ve learned over the past, I would say even a year pandemic perhaps that if I don’t put just as much emphasis on recovering and resting myself, and again, I’m emphasizing this is not sleeping and vegging out on the couch only, in fact, that I am currently working on restructuring my evening routine because I found myself slipping into this lovely resting phase of just watching TV and the end of the night versus actually resting productively meaning I can rest my body, but maybe my brain still has some energy so I could read or write or be creative in a way that will set me up better for the next day. So all of this, there are so many ways of how we can be resting as well.


I am encouraging you that not to buy into the belief that in order to be successful in order to make it and whatever that means to you that is a fully completely another topic that makes resting just as much of a part of your path to success as you make working hard. And here’s for all my dancer listeners. Here’s a hard question for you to answer look at how many hours you spent in the studio working on your body how many hours is that? Six 8, 10, five and now add up how many hours are you actually taking time to rest and I’m not only talking about sleeping okay they need to be others like your eight hours of sleep are a given what else are you doing to recover because sometimes we don’t fully recover in sleeping and sometimes sleeping only is one way of recovering but it’s not everything it is not recovering everything in your body and your mind. So let’s look at what recovery, resting, recharging could look like. So we have you know the quietness and then we have the active way of recovering so for examples for this stillness for me personally is besides sleeping, it is visualization and meditation, it is a reading-writing even watching TV, it is sitting and playing a game it is even sometimes just doing the dishes, because you can in these kinds of monotony actions, you can rest your mind and you can think of other things and you just let your mind go and things are coming in that are creative that you couldn’t perhaps think of when you were just working on let’s say in a studio or in front of your computer. And the active way of recovery of resting and recharging for me is one of my favorites is being outside. Just outside in nature walking, I could walk forever. That really gives me new energy is it’s like you plug me in like a car you know, it’s like you plug me into a charger and it really recharges my mental capacity and my creativity and even my ability to look at problems or issues from a different perspective. And I’m so much quicker to find solutions. So that is one of my favorite ways of recharging. Actively going to the gym, bike ride, like anything that has to do with moving my body is for me an active act of recovery. So I really encourage you a look at your life. Look at what you’re doing right now look at what kind of a season you’re stepping into the holiday season is for classroom coaches and for online business owners or your own business owner, you have a business that you own or you are in the performing arts. And that time of year for us is hard, there’s more to do, there is no time to come up for air, right? So when you’re doing eight shows in six days, how much time are you spending on recovering resting, and recharging. And if that time is not equaling the time that you are actually spending working, then you have some opportunity there and you have something to tap into and find different ways on where you can take more time for yourself. Scrolling on Instagram, things, where your mental capacity can be taken up, is not necessarily for me at least a time that I consider resting. I’m just putting that out there that if you for example come back to me well I spend three hours on Instagram and that is my resting period. I dare you to find something different. All right, you guys as always share Your biggest takeaway it would mean the world to me. I would love to know if this resonated with you. When it resonated with you what actually was your biggest gift share this on Instagram. I can’t wait to see it.

Again, if this resonates with you if you want to learn more about how emotions play a role in our lives, drop me a DM or share one of your biggest takeaways of this podcast. I’m sending you so much love till soon. Bye-bye

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