Money & Art | Time is indeed Money.


March 4, 2021

Christy & Susanne connecting this week over $$ mindset and the effects it has on artists. Come join us with no judgment. We are holding space to learn, laugh and downright pointe at ourselves.

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Money & Art | Time is indeed Money.


You’re here. My love, my favorite time on Monday mornings, the coffee and Collagen elixir from Isagenix, yeah. And what did you have cup today?

I have some iced coffee today.

You do warm where you are at. It is more yes. On the 1st of March, baby. Thanks, God.

I can’t believe it’s March, right? Yeah, that, that alone.

Let’s not even get into this because we have a big topic today. But before we start with that, tell me about your last week, Ms. YouTube channel owner.

It’s feeling good. Like I said that the resistance kind of broke a dam of resistance that had been piling up, and I just think I’m in a creative think feel really excited. My team and I just started a leadership group today, and I just have a lot of vibrant energy. I think, you know, go through cycles where we need to rest a little bit and maybe. Take a take back and self-assess and have a reboot time, and then we can be energized and have another run at a push time.

And so now this feels like my, my sprint time, and I’m feeling really terrific. So, yeah. And it’s my birthday month. So it is, yeah.

Twenty-nine again. Oh my goodness.

My gosh. You know, actually, I wouldn’t. Take a bribe to go back to my twenties. I really want it because that means if I’d have to go back to my old headspace, I don’t like it.

I’m really, the likes have been so expansive for me so far, and I’m thrilled to be in this decade. So I’m okay with it.

Just in case you haven’t caught up on her handle yet. Her birthday is on the 17th of March. Yes. Yes. So we’ll send her wishes, please. And I’ll, I’ll plug that a little bit more next week.

How would my week, Oh, you wanted to ask me!

Yes. How was your week?

It was so good. I had the opportunity to have spent two days in a mastermind. The virtual event was like two days of like eight hours of learning, learning, and learning to break through barriers. And I’m. I actually recorded a podcast right after that.

Chris harder, who is so dear to me, literally put me on the spot and pointed out where I was going wrong in my thinking. And you know, I really had a good cry after, but the man did that open up everything that I really truly needed. Do you know what I realized? He, he actually said it, Susi, you’re making everything about you, everything it’s about you.

It’s about your fear. It’s about you not being able; you’ve never done this. All of that, It’s about you. And you’re not really stepping into that higher version because you are just making it about yourself. So you stop that. You will see that everything becomes so much easier. It’s like, duh, I know that.

Why, why wasn’t I able to coach myself on that? Because we had just, we can’t sometimes we’re so in our own rut, and there is no judgment around that. Now, we just can’t see what we’re not doing or where we’re stepping wrong. This is why being in the room and being with other people are, you know, how do we say instead of development. If your the smartest in a room? You’re not in the right space and letting go of that shame of feeling stupid because you know that that has been my, my pet peeve for so many decades.

It definitely also occurred in that I was hiding behind, not asking the questions because I felt stupid. So that was a tremendous gift for me, having that pointed out. And literally, that took like, what, two minutes? And then I was done, and I’m like, Oh my gosh. Yes, you are so right. Okay. Let’s move forward.

So my entire calendar this week is full of conversations that I could have had well, weeks ago. Yeah. But I was asking the right questions.

I feel like for me personally, in this, in this growth journey that has been, ultimately, it’s always gone back to exactly that point is I have I continuously, when I feel that that energy, I’m making it about myself.

And so, I don’t know. I don’t know if that comes from our Background or if that just happens to be something we have again in common. Still, I know for me that every time I hit a point where I’d have to break through something, it’s that I’ve gone back to making it about myself. Do you find that?

I think we’re actually double blessed because, in dance, we are making it all about ourselves.

Like all the time, I am not enough. I’m not skinny enough. I am not pretty enough. I, I, yeah, this is what’s coming at us. Right. And we’re at a very young age actually, truly forget why we’re actually wanting to dance. Like that just opened up for me, like, a big red velvet curtain, like a dancer at the Paris opera.

We’re making it about ourselves when we’re stepping onto a stage.  Worried about the judgment. Worried about not being you. Not being able to dance that role again, or screwing up or making a mistake. It’s all about us and not about the audience that actually came to see us, not knowing what we want to see.

And when we’re able to let go of that piece, like that is the most significant gift. That is one of the core problems. I believe the ballet industries, actually. Everything they do is about their survival and being seen and being majestic and being elite and whatever other words you want to pick. They do not make it about the people who were actually coming to see them that they want to serve.

I remember a quote from Lori Harder she said, “if your dream only includes yourself, it’s not big enough.” Hmm. Isn’t that the truth though, like, it was just, it just opened up for me so much more in this, like, it has to be about us, what we’re doing every day to set ourselves up that we can then go and serve others.

Yeah. Yeah. That is really where true fulfillment and excellence. And if you want to call it happiness in life.

I would have been a much different dancer if I had that person, right.

Me too. I had all of these opportunities of actually fulfilling my dream, and I made it about myself, me being tired, me being exhausted.

Oh, me too. I played with every fiber of my being.

And, you know, while we’re making it about us is because we don’t think we met her. Right. Right. And that is the switch and gosh, everything sag way, our topic. Where do you think we had a great week? Just so you know, you know, it’s not like drama.

Never know what’s going to come out of time is money.

I want to say that just picking that topic made me cringe a little bit. Because I remembered myself about a year ago where that saying would have wanted me to punch the other person. Partner’s saying that into my face. Well, you mean time of money?

It has nothing to do with money. Why we’re making it about money. All the things, why it is not, but when we’re really taking it apart, it has everything and has everything to do with money. I want to share your response to when I emailed you the top, like, Oh yeah, let’s talk about that. I don’t even have to have any notes because I am full of things to share.

Well, you know what? I’m going to just give you the floor right now. What. Sorry, baby.

Sure, sure. Any expression I’ll piggyback on what you said, any name that had anything to do relative to money? Years ago, I felt the same way. I was like, Oh, don’t talk about money. Why are we talking about money?

Time is money.  I’ve pictured that. That quote, coming from someone in a suit and a briefcase that I just couldn’t relate to. That was like a whole other world that I was only not interested in. So my experience with a wide-open schedule was that I had to create. I learned very quickly that, yes, time is money.

It is so easy to waste time on energy. That’s the other thing, the power; where was the energy going with the time? So prior. I never really related any of the two. I ran on fumes. So energy wasn’t anything I focused on, but I was great at wasting time. Fantastic. I was crazy at taking way too long to do stuff and really just being unintentional with my time.

So I would have rehearsals or shows or whatever it was the block of. The day that I had my thing when I was in my career. And then the rest of the day was just like a comprehensive open book, and anything could happen. I could end up in front of the TV for three hours. It could take way too long to go run a couple of errands, whatever it is.

And I realized how, how much I was wasting on precious life. We, you know, we’ve always been talking about, you know, how can you. Find a passion. How can you turn a passion into an additional stream of income? Or is there another way to have an additional stream of income that would help you not just be in survival mode?

All those things. I never really considered the other time outside of my dancing and what I could do with it. So that was never even a factor. You want me to go with that?

Rant away. Maybe I’ve got you. I’ll reel you back in if you need to. Yeah, it just,

I didn’t see the at least subconsciously. I didn’t know the value in time and that I could go there.

I just want to say from my experience, I did take time for granted. Yeah. It was something that I always had that was ever given to me. Like that’s something that we all have. And I never really look at it as money as a completely renewable resource.

Like you make no money. Like that is not the issue. The challenge lies in that time is non-renewable, like we only have a certain amount of time. Given to us and you can’t just go and make more, right. You can use it to the best of your abilities, but you can’t make more. And that is where I so agree.

Whatever, whenever the schedule was scheduled for me, it was done. It’s like going home have at least half a bottle of vodka and the right amount of cigarettes, and watch TV. And I need to recharge for tomorrow. That was my, maybe I cleaned my home, and perhaps I looked at a newspaper, but that was about it.

Or I went and saw a play, but that really literally was all I did with my time outside of the studio because I thought there was no.

Yeah. I can relate to that for sure.

So I want to start with that. All of us have the same amount of time given to us. The only difference between Elon Musk or an opera or a Taylor Swift, and the people on the streets right now, perhaps, is how we use the time.

And how vividly and how, how strongly we are actually invested in how we’re supporting our time. Cause you have, you can have money producing hours. You can have fun producing hours, but everything else. Out of those thousand minutes and in these, you know, we have, how much do we have? I think it’s, what is it like 60 minutes times 24.

How much that is like you have about anywhere between 400 and 800 minutes a day to rest and do the necessary things to sustain yourself and everything else you can use. Your bank account, like you, are to see, we are the CEO of our own lives, and I am our currency. So how are we going to use that?

And I think that’s which, particularly in dancers, will absolutely change your life when you understand that. Know how to use your time. It actually will change everything and open you up to way more possibilities than you ever thought you wouldn’t have.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Hey, I want to read a quote here out of a book. And I mentioned it last week. That’s The Big Money, energy.

Sammy is my little CEO. He painted a picture off the West coast of Canada. And when you’re looking at the YouTube channel, you can see it.

It’s like mountains and sunrise or sunset. And a whale. Honey. I love it. This is real life. It’s beautiful. I wouldn’t change that.

He says you can no longer think of your time as free anymore and make you successful. You know that time is expensive. And when we think about our time, like we make our money, we can shift our mindset to not throwing it away.

You wouldn’t throw away $100, would you? Well, that’s what you’re doing with an hour and a half when you’re not being productive. You’re basically throwing your income out the window with money. Right. Yeah, so good. And then, right away, I went back. I was like, Oh my goodness. Like all these years, I actually threw money out of the window, expecting it to come to me just because I’m a dancer.

And that ties right into, I just made it about me, me, me, me, me, me, me.

I run across everybody instinctively without really considering it says I don’t have time. Everybody thinks that they don’t have time to do anything other than what they’re already doing. Still, I don’t enjoy having conversations with people when I actually ask more questions.

They really do have time. There’s a lot of unintentional time. They are spending an hour and a half in front of the TV at night, or they are hitting snooze twice in the morning instead of just getting up and using, you know, an extra 20 minutes. So those things creep up, and I think it’s an. I think it’s a societal thing for us to just think we’re all so busy that there’s no way to either clear some stuff out, change some habits or rework some stuff to bring something else into your life.

That might be a financial gain for us.

 It’s uncomfortable. Yes. Outside of the comfort zone, that’s why right?

Yes. We can finish Netflix like you would have to trade that for something. So, and ultimately when I have conversations with people, I ask, well, what’s, what’s the payoff, what’s the payoff of the binge-watching for Netflix.

Versus if you, if you just take a little bit of that, make a small sacrifice. Maybe not a binge-watch movie? Rather a half-hour instead of two hours and take that other hour and a half and put it into something that, you know, if you’re not living your ideal life where you would literally dream it. You’re waking up and experiencing it, then something else needs to change, or else you don’t really believe that that’s possible.

And I believe an ideal life is possible for everybody. I just, I think, yeah. Number one, it comes down to this story is the time story, which is why I was so excited to talk about it. Because when I actually looked at what I was doing with my time. I was having hours and hours and hours of the day doing something far more productive than I am on a typical day.

And I never gave it a thought before.

Because you don’t know what you don’t know. Right, right. Because it doesn’t exist in that, that, that container, I would say. So two things on this. So they’re there a few things that actually really make us believe that we do not have enough time.

It’s like the perfection trap. Where we go over and over sending an email, and it just has to be perfect. And I am gosh, 1000% guilty of this all the time. Like trying to email Alex Wong to ask, Alex, I want you on the podcast. If your listening, come on!

You know, and I don’t know how many times I’ve started the emails like this is ridiculous. I spent like two hours on it, and over and over again, we’re versus actually aking the action and then, and no, right now doesn’t mean. And no, later on, it just means right now, like not being willing to take the consequences for the actions that I’m taking.

Taking I’d rather just sit in the perfection trap. Ryan Serhant says perfectionism is like a straight jacket that you need to break out of. If you want to take risks, go bigger and succeed on the highest level. Amen to that. The whole industry is about perfection, and this exactly where they’re wasting all this time.

Like go take a risk, go fall on stage. Who cares? The audience probably would actually enjoy seeing that you’re a human being versus being perfect. However, that is a massive shift, you know, we’ve all experienced in our lifetime. You and I?

Yes. I love the term. Getting ready to get ready.

Yeah. Oh yeah. Don’t we all.

Yeah, because that was absolutely me. I needed to analyze every scenario, see it from every side before I took one freaking step. And that is you guys. That is so exhausting. Honestly, I don’t know how I even kept going with this journey with feeling this way to start? Because it was paralyzing over and over and over again.

And it was so exhausting to try to pick me up and move through that, that feeling, that perfectionist feeling it. I don’t know how I, I don’t, I don’t know how I have the strength to keep moving through it because it was debilitating in the beginning because I had to. Everything had to look polished.

I had to look like a decade-old entrepreneur from day one. For me to even feel like I could say anything, and that’s so crazy.

So relate. Oh man, that’s good. I want to share something. Let’s give a name. I forgot her name, but she, the podcast expert, and she was in a mastermind Kacia Fitzgerald.

She said, qualify yourself in the process. And that is like, if we’re thinking dancers, that’s not a possibility like we’re not stepping on stage until we’re perfect. We’re not taking action until we’re perfect. So we are getting ready to get ready, to get ready. And if we’re not working on that, if no, let me go back.

If you’re not having the awareness around. That kind of cycle, you will, you are taking it into your other life, into your relationships, into everything. Every conversation, every heart conversation, you may have to have your finding yourself getting ready to get ready. If I had to have any kind of more challenging conversations with my employees in my corporate job, I was ready to get them ready.

It’s like, Oh, today may not be, I have to polish like I have to do some more research. I don’t want to find all the excuses that are out there. No action. Oh, hang on. And then action. Action. Action. Action. Action. And suffering. Oh yeah, it sure does it even. So I found myself. I thought two weeks ago, significant anxiety, like significant anxiety, to the point that I actually woke up in the middle of my night. I had to throw up because of the anxiety that was taking over.

And I really had to go back. I was like, okay, where’s this coming from? Because I hadn’t had these like I thought I was done with this. I thought I had managed. I was like, Oh, because I am not taking action. I’m not taking action at all. I’m just thinking of it, and I’m dreaming, and I’m getting ready to get ready.

And that was the reason for me that I was feeling from me. Yeah. Yeah. So action, totally, and suffering, which is a little bit off of our topic. But the first step that one can take is actually to take the time to audit. The time you’re spending every day, he talks about what he did for three days. Every 15 minutes, he wrote down what he just did for the past 15 minutes.

Oh, wow. Then, went back and audited and found that he spends an entire day on two tasks during the week and the entire day off his thousand minutes. In one week on tasks, he could hire out and actually turn that time into making way more money than he’s paying out. Mike, it sounds like that’s something that I definitely need to do.

As uncomfortable as it may seem, and as hideous as it may seem, you know, you can just start with an affidavit. And look at what you’re spending your time at during like the time you get up until like 2:00 PM. And I think already done would be so eye-opening. It’s like, are you spending your time on something joyful producing or income-producing?

 I really liked that. That makes me really uncomfortable, but I’m going to do that so we can. I can report back next week. Okay.

Let’s do it. Can we do like half a day and yeah,

Yeah, yeah. 15 minutes.

Just that I was like, okay. Like, look at yourself, Susi, why are you in so much for the distance around it?

Oh, because it’s uncomfortable because it’s like extra work. Yes. It may be. However, it will produce so much more in the long run. It’s that thinking right now versus thinking the long game, right? Yeah. With everything that we do. Yeah. Oh, I just went off on a tangent.

Oh, I love it. I love it. Because now this is a good challenge and we can report back next week.

Maybe you all want to hop into that, though. Yeah, let’s just say just for six hours or eight hours a day, one day out of your week, you will do a 15-minute time slot audit and that we know through Instagram, through Facebook DM’s at @littlechristy17 or @pointe_to_rise or my personal @susannepuerschel.

Yeah. And as I’ve never gotten to that specific, that means either interesting.

As it says in this book, that was like the first pivot that he took to be more productive. He actually gave all of this to his team.

Through their time didn’t do on how to really, really, really. Make everything every minute we’ve been given in every day and make the most out of it.

Yes. Yes. And I would say on both sides for me personally, to make the most of the time, if whatever your passion is, investigate, what else you’d like to do other than dance?

Because before, I didn’t know. So I think that would be the first step. Is what else would you love to be doing with your time? What would fire you up and maybe that, from that energy that propels you into finding another income stream or another? A passion project that you can be doing too. I was used to being such a machine working when I started to be intentional with my time, making all of my moments, just like you expressed work.

And I wasn’t factoring in any kind of joy for me. So now, for me too, that is really important like yesterday. I had quite a number to check off, and I was in a creative flow, but I told my husband 4:00 PM. I am cut off what? And regardless of if everything was complete, it was about the production, not about the completion. At 4:00 PM, I am done.

We’re going to make dinner, and I’m going to enjoy my time with you. So that’s been a learning experience for me, too, because I was not about finding joy. I was about finding productivity. So that’s been interesting. That’s just coming, yeah. In the last few months. So

Thank you for bringing that up because it is imperative to know and learn how to have fun. To feel useful in having fun and understanding that the time spent in having fun will make you more productive. When you have your productive time. And when I say fun, I don’t mean to go get shit-ass drunk on a Saturday and Sunday night, right?

I mean, fun fuels your energy, something that gets your creative juices going differently. Something that completely takes you out of your bubble that you in the right now opens you up to other possibilities. I mean, I, I had so many conversations this week, with people that when I asked the question, where do you want to be?

And like, who do you want to be in two years or in five years? Well, I just would like to be, you know, do I would like to do Odette, or I want to dance this role and dance this role and not diminish that, that wish or that longing to get to that goal. That’s not all, that’s not, you, that’s work.

And how else can you get there? And maybe you can get there faster by becoming that person first that is actually spending in the cancer stage. And that’s, I think where we’re fun is so important. And I never really took it into consideration until actually this year where I’ve, where I actually saw that dude.

Like I have no place for fun in my life. Like everything. I did a girlfriend of mine two weeks ago. She’s like, so I see you’re working a lot. What are you doing for fun? It’s like, what do you mean? Well, your other word for this year is fun. So what are you doing? It’s like, I don’t like you right now. And you are so right.

Thank you for reminding me. Yeah. And that, for me, is so hard. Having fun was always considered being lazy at that was like an equal sign between the two,

Right. A hundred percent.

So spend your time on having fun, to be more productive in your productive time. Like amen to that. And we are both with you at equal levels.

That is so. So important and so hard at the same time, I did not get up at five o’clock 5:00 AM this morning. Okay. Just because I was cold and I didn’t want to. So I got up at 6:30, and I had a cuddle with my youngest child. We had a little pillow fight. We woke up giggling and laughing, which was so much more important than getting all my social media stuff done early in the morning.

So I have more free headspace.

I love that. That’s been a journey for me this past fall. I was in a total burnout because I had just. Run me into the ground. And I knew how to do that.

Right, knowing how to run ourselves to the ground. Yeah. Thinking that somebody down there will give us metal and say, Hey, well done this time.

You can do it faster.

Yeah, but what I’m finding is just what you said by adding the fun, the play, whatever kind of energy it’s making the work more fun and quicker. So it goes back to the time thing because I’m getting; I can’t even believe what I got done this morning. I said to Jay if I could be in this energetic space every single day, like this, this version of me needs to get bottled.

And I will take her every single day because I don’t have this every single day. And what I got done was ridiculous in about three hours. So that’s two goes back to a time, but it also goes back to every episode that I ended up making this a spiritual thing. It goes back to your energetic state. And how do you get into an energetic state?

What fires you up that, that matters? And like you said, it’s not the, it’s not the wine. It’s fantastic every once in a while. I love it, but like, that’s not firing you up. What fires you up and not outside of dance to it. Like there has to be something else because I’m going to piggyback on something else.

You said a few minutes moments ago, I got stuck in a rut in my dance career of just being a mold of whatever I was seeking the roles. Then, the shows, though, I didn’t know who I was. And that’s been another exploration in entrepreneurship that I didn’t know would come is learning about who the hell that I am.

I didn’t know because I was so used to always becoming whatever I thought I should be. And I’m going to use the word. Should I hate that word? But that at the time is where I was that I didn’t even know who I was. So if you told me what else I, what, what, what fires you up? I don’t. I didn’t freak him out.

If you feel like that, or if you can relate to that, the self-exploration journey w will bring you so much more peace, but it will help piece together. All these things that we’ve touched on already today.

I feel like that is a beautiful segway to close off today. That was very powerful. Thanks, my love.

Yeah. I can only agree. I’m not gonna get any bigger in there, so good. Hey. Our challenge for everybody listening to this episode is to take eight hours, six hours, eight hours a chunk out of your day. Go into 15-minute increments and look at what you’re actually doing without judgment. Just look at it, just write it down, take a separate notebook, write it down, see what you’re doing during those 15-minute increments.

And then, after that, actually add up how much time you spend on social media. How much time you spend on doing, let’s say money producing activities. Or joy-producing activities. And then see if this is actually serving you. If you feel more comfortable sharing with us, we’re more than open to help and, you know, give you suggestions on how to make it different.

And maybe another episode will just be birthed out of the poor Christy. Thank you. Any closing-wise words you want to offer to our listeners?

Kind of wrap up everything is just let this be a self-assess week. Whenever you’re listening to this, just a self-assessed week of what your days look like, self-assess that.

So let’s assess what your energy state is. And then, you know, is, are there any, is there anything that you could implement or change to up? Your productivity up, what would fire you up each day?

All of those things, awareness is step one. You don’t know what you don’t know. So you got to start asking more questions and understanding that wherever you are right now is not where you have to be tomorrow.

I get folded to your own choice to step outside of that box. Right guys. Thank you so much for listening, as always. That was so good. Thank you for filling my cup Christie, and we will see you next week. Bye guys.

So much ❤


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