What 7 Weeks away from my family taught me.


July 27, 2021


Susanne dives into her insight of how the past seven weeks have shown here the importance of family and the strength she has acquired from her time away from her family.

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What 7 Weeks away from my family taught me.

My name is Susanne, and I am your host today. I don’t know everyone, and welcome to another episode of the Pointe To Rise podcast. So today’s topic, as I pre-phase last week in my solo episode, will be me talking about my experience being away from my family, my safety net for over seven weeks, and what I’ve learned.

Let go of and perhaps also what I’m going to change moving forward, and you could apply from my experiences. So let’s start with that during the pandemic, or even as, let me, go further as a family. My husband and I have managed to create a powerful family.

Between the five of us, meaning that we’re all invested in each other’s successes, we’re all with each other. At any given time during the day, during the week, during any events, because it was imperative to us that none of them, including ourselves, would ever feel alone and have that net available always to fall back on.

If you are a student, you probably know what I mean in terms of family. If you are lucky enough to have that, if you are a mother or a parent or a father, you also know that there needs to be space. Can we remember who we are without the other people? During the pandemic, I think the five of us had grown together very, very closely, so much so that I for myself. I don’t want to say I lost who I was. Still, it was super easy for me to move into the mom, the wife, and dabbling in every avenue, even dabbling in the entrepreneurship or the businesswoman or the leader, but never, ever being able to put both feet into it.

So I knew back in February that I needed to go. I needed to go back to myself. I had a lot of things that I needed to let go. Not because of being distracted, but feeling guilty of not being enough. And I felt myself sitting with a mass amount of guilt for not being there for my children.

What would they think of me? I’m abandoning them, letting them go, not showing them my love like being there physically for them. You know, my husband alone putting the entire family on his shoulders, and I’m expecting from him that he’s just going to take the wheel for an indefinite amount of time.

And that felt heavy for me and something that, you know, I didn’t want my children to feel like, or I didn’t want my family to think that I’m turning my back on. So now the thing is that by talking about it with women and groups that I’m involved in, this came out.

Why are you only looking at the negative sides of this? This what’s coming in, what’s coming up, something that, you know, you need to lean into. Why aren’t you looking at it from a different perspective? Look, what kind of an example you’re setting for your children? Look at what kind of a possibility you’re giving your family. Your husband or your children as individuals to see who they are without your presence at any given point.

And slowly, but surely I understood. Okay. They’re always both sides and whatever we are concentrating on is what we’re manifesting. Therefore, when I decided that it was time for me to go and find whatever I was looking for. To step into my potential without having the excuse, and I’m choosing that word on purpose to step into other roles and be distracted just because I feel uncomfortable still in, in being the leader.

Off I went, and I have to say it, the first couple of weeks were brutal. Like all of these emotions came up. What I didn’t have and what I didn’t want, and what didn’t work. I know that I had to go through this and see what’s on the other side of that. The negative wall of emotions to understand that everything I was looking for is truly inside me. It is nowhere else, but I could not have done this with everybody here because I would even come close to this kind of emotion and let go of what was in my way every time. I would have just found rescue in doing the dishes or found rescue and going to my husband’s office and saying, Hey, we still need to take care of this or finding rescue and Hey, how about we’ll go to the playground. I’m an expert at that, and I didn’t have those possibilities. I did not have a distraction. I was left with me.

And even though there were only a phone call away. Yet again, I was left with me in my situations where I would have found a distraction. So that was my number one learn. It also showed me that I could stand on my own feet. I am so much with them. And I am also so much just by myself.

That was important for me because I always thought that I depend on other people, that my worthiness depends on other people. And I think that was the first time that I really, indeed consciously found that no, I’m good.

Who I am. I am great. I am so proud of myself. What can I learn from that? And what can I give you here to perhaps apply depending on where you are in your journey?

My number one wisdom that I want to pass forward is to do more, build more, become more of whoever and whatever you want to do. You do not necessarily have to acquire new skills; at times, it starts with letting go. Let go of old beliefs or old structures, old perspectives or stories that may be dormant in your subconscious mind.

When you’re putting yourself in different situations, well, let’s say you’re always going to the same school. And you perhaps haven’t even had the opportunity to look at it. And you don’t even know about them until you permit yourself to take the time to see what’s coming up.

You’re always taking the same class with the same teacher. You are in a routine of support, and you step outside that bubble. Even if it’s not the studio, it could be your office, your job. What comes up for you, what story streaks by and tries to keep in the same place.

I promise you that that’s going to happen. Permit yourself to explore what comes up when you are outside of your comfort and familiar bubble, see what’s happening, and have an open mind to ask what you will discover at this moment.

Daunting, yes, but what is it that I can learn and apply later that will make me stronger and more desirable, perhaps as an artist and as a person for yourself and other people as well. That’s on to you to permit yourself to look at growth, not necessarily acquiring new skills all the time.

Also, what do I need to let go of first to have more room for new tools, new awareness, new perspectives, and knowledge?

You know, guys, this is the first time I openly talk about my experience. I am at the point that I am not putting any judgment. Behind me for how I say things and how they’re coming out.

I would love it, though. If you could share, if any of this either made sense or resonated with you, something that you would apply or even want to hear more of? That would mean the world to me. So then I know in which kind of direction I can go to support you better.

All right, thank you so much for listening. I appreciate you. I am so grateful for you being here and tuning in every week. Share your thoughts, and a review would be great. So I can start shouting you out and share your feedback here on the show with everybody to hear.

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I am sending you so much love, have the best day today.

I’ll see you later. Bye.

So much ❤


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