What is your morning routine?


November 2, 2021


Susanne shares a conversation she had with a client around routine. How once the perspective is inline how the possibilities open up to your field of view. This comes as a result of having a simple yet ongoing morning routine to set your mind up to see those opprotunities.

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What is your morning routine?

Hello, and welcome to another episode of the Point To Rise podcast. My name is Susanne and I am your host today. So today, I would love to talk to you about a recent coaching call I had with one of our clients. It very interesting discovery around setting up a morning routine. Speaking for my own adventures around a deep understanding of the importance of morning routines, and routines in general actually. And aware we are actually falling off the wagon and why that is. Personal experience with morning routine was always so here was my excuse. This is too structured, it doesn’t leave me any room to breathe, I cannot do the same thing every morning. This is not what I need, I need freedom.

You know what, I didn’t sit down to meditate, I didn’t write, I didn’t read, I just went straight to my phone, I went straight to my computer and straight to the things that were sucking out my energy versus setting an intention on how I would like to see the day go.

Now, I understand that all of this mindset work looks like it’s very elusive, it’s not tangible. It’s not something not perhaps will give you like hard cash in your hands right away, like you won’t have a result the next day. But neither will you have a result right away if you work hard once in a studio, right? Like we’re just so accustomed to that when we’re putting something in we want immediate satisfaction. And that’s not what it is having a stable morning routine, having actually the love for yourself to take care of yourself very diligently and loving and having an intention set behind. Everything that you do will bring you much further than any kind of skill you ever will acquire.

The struggle was that we talked about, like, I don’t see that it’s working. I have done this before. And it did not lead me to the outcome that I wanted to see. If this is you if this is speaking to you, if you’ve had the same thoughts around meditation, writing, reading walking in nature, taking cold showers, sitting in silence, whatever it is that you’re resisting to. I am encouraging you that you just take a little bit of time to really dig in there and what that is, and that may not come out by you just asking the question and brushing it off. That may come out by having a conversation with somebody else who will ask you to the right question. And that will may come out by having just a journal in front of you and giving yourself permission to write it down. So here is what we actually came to discover that the outcome that didn’t happen the way she wanted it to happen was actually because it wasn’t meant for her there was there is still something better for her in, something in her life that something that she still needs to learn. It’s not for her to settle down. And when we rewrote that story, everything just opened up. You know, you may know what you should be doing. You may know that not grabbing your phone, the first thing in the morning is something that will be helpful. You may know that hitting that snooze button five times. It’s really not working for you right now and you’re still doing it because you’re sitting in your chair at night. I’d say tomorrow I’m going to do it differently. But you haven’t really decided yet. You are still undecided about what this can actually give to you.

I read a really interesting thread from Dr. Amen. He is a very, very well-known psychiatrist. He speaks a lot about mental health, especially around men. He has like 12 New York best-selling books, and he was putting up a post on how to best take care of yourself during a day. And the comments were about a mile and a half long, mostly women saying. How am I supposed to do this all during a day and live my life? How am I supposed to put so much time into me? And then work 40 hours and cook and raise my children and build a career and build a business? And and and and I’m saying that’s the wrong approach? Why aren’t you doing it? Because if you were you wouldn’t be asking these questions, your mindset would be already shifted into a completely different perspective. And this is exactly what I’m seeing, particularly in performing artists. So much, we’re making these excuses where we’re falling back into old habits around what is good and not good for us. Because it’s familiar, not necessarily because it’s good for you because it’s familiar. And you’re pushing back to just have these habits not die off and to stay.

You can make that change in your life is by starting very small. Like why don’t you just have the goal of not hitting your snooze button tomorrow morning? Write outdo that for two weeks until you automatically jump out of bed without feeling that you haven’t had enough sleep. I haven’t had this. I can’t do this. What if you just don’t hit that snooze button and really get up in the morning when your alarm goes off? And then you can start with oh, why don’t I just after I went to the bathroom? sit down to meditate for two minutes. What does that do? How does that feel? What else can I do on top of that? And it’s not like everything changing at one point is not going to set you up for success. Change only occurs when you softly go into the transition and you set yourself up for success. Meaning that on the other end is something for you that like hurry, say that, not a surprise but something that that you want. For example, let’s say you get out of bed, you didn’t hit your snooze button or have candy in the morning, or something that really, feeds your soul, you know what I mean? So it was really interesting for me to see that when we have conversations around where we’re stuck, and what our resistance is around routines, morning routines. And when we’re blowing us up a little bit of really taking care of ourselves. Because we can literally find all the excuses in the world to not take care of ourselves, we can find all the excuses in the world to say, hey, this person needs me and therefore I have to put myself last. And it’s a very easy and very well feed belief that society has given to us and perhaps the industry has given us wherever you got it from. And it’s not the truth. All you have to do is change that in your hat and decide that you’re going to change it.

Alright, so I dare you. Tomorrow morning. Don’t hit that snooze button. Tomorrow morning, sit down and meditate. Don’t wait for another tomorrow and another tomorrow and another tomorrow. Do it today. Don’t wait for January 1. Don’t wait until your birthday or until you have that next contract or you have gotten the next role or you have $50,000 in your bank account. Stop waiting and take action today.

I’m spending so much love thank you for being here. I will be back very very soon with some more surprises more guests and I thank you so much for listening all the time. As always share your biggest takeaway. I want to know what resonated with you and also share what didn’t resonate with you what you calling BS on sending you so much love.

Thanks for being here guys. Bye

I’m sending you so much ❤


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