Why community matters.


August 24, 2021


Susanne is joined by Rachel this week as they record live together and discuss R.I.S.E Media’s New York City artists networking event this week. We wanted to open that space up for other performing artists who understand that you don’t have to do it alone, even though you know, the industry portrays that picture still. It’s in our power to truly change that.

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Why community matters.

Well, hello, and welcome to another episode of the Pointe To Rise podcast. My name is Susanne, and Rachel is with me today. Even though we usually do solo episodes, we decided that because we’re together and in the same city, we’re going to do the podcast together because community matters, right?

Yes, community matters. I’m so excited to be here. I’m excited to do this because I know we’ve been talking about it a lot. And we have an event coming up. I’m excited to share with you guys.

We just went live on Instagram, and we can’t stop talking about it. So we decided to record an episode here so that you guys could listen to it as well.

The topic today is why does community matter? Why is it so important? Why did we decide to put together an event that has pushed us out of our comfort zone? And what’s familiar to us has compelled us to ask different questions that I don’t know, made me question my ability to speak quite a bit. Let’s start by answering a few questions that we just actually discussed on Instagram that I’ve found that we think will bring value to you, and maybe decide whether or not if you want to come easier. So what is the New York City artists networking event?

This event is an opportunity for artists to tap into the power of community in person. As we’ve seen over the pandemic, people have wanted to connect and honestly found the need to join. It’s not even just a want anymore. It’s truly a need. And while we’ve created a community on Instagram, I’ve made a lot of community on Instagram. That’s how I met Susanne, but it’s different when you’re in person. And this is an opportunity for people to meet people in person and gain their energy.

I think it is the permission for us as performing artists, and I’m still counting us because you know, once an artist, you always be somewhere somehow connected to your roots. It is the permission to authentically show up as who you are and not be a title or the roles you performed. Rather as who you are as a human being. To come as you, whatever you’re great at, and what you’re not great at or struggling with. Here you can tap into the power of other people with like understanding that you don’t have to know it all. You don’t have to do it all by yourself. That is indeed what we are about and what the event is about. We wanted to open that space up for other performing artists who understand that you don’t have to do it alone, even though you know, the industry portrays that picture still. It’s in our power to truly change that. So we are, and we’re doing it with you stepping into the room and permitting yourself to show up differently, not differently as you are. You are also taking steps towards that change for everybody else.

You are getting permission to celebrate yourself actively, permission to celebrate others actively. And that when you praise someone else, it doesn’t take anything away from you. Right, everyone gets to celebrate together. And you don’t have to feel you don’t have to qualify any of it. Right, we are there to lift each other honestly. And we talked about this thing called community, a true community. You want others to succeed because you’re part of a successful community when you are part of that community. All of you Rise together. We all know when it’s with competition, which, you know, is ingrained in this industry. You walk into an audition, and there’s competition. You walk into class, and there’s competition. Everywhere.

There’s a need for it because the industry thinks that we need competition to be better when in reality, collaboration and community are what we need to be better. We’re rewriting that story and permitting people to not compete with the people in the room to celebrate their superpowers. Having it be that now that they’re in my network and my community, I get to have access to that superpower as well. Rather than Oh, no, I don’t have that superpower; therefore, I am less than. It’s either I have everything, or she has everything, or he has everything. It’s together, we have more than we could ever imagine. It starts with you at this event, and you being in the room allows you to add collective power. Because the more people we have, the more superpowers we have, the more successful this community is. So your superpower is so needed, so needed, which is why we want you there.

How did this event come about?

I want to start with; when I started my development journey, I was suddenly exposed to all of these different women who shared their strengths and weaknesses so openly. And there was no judgment around that. And that felt uncomfortable. In the beginning, I have to say, like, wow, everybody’s talking about their feelings and where they’re at, I just didn’t even know how to maneuver it through it. What I learned, though, was that this is very empowering. Because we’re talking about whatever we are sharing, we’re not holding on to that shame that we have about all these stories and made-up things that we can create on our own; we released that. And I understood that would have made such a big difference for myself in my career if I had any community outside the four walls of the theater I was in. We only talked about all the problems we had. We never took any responsibility for our actions at any given point. And I all of a sudden saw that. There’s a different world out there. And I think when you and I met, this was one of the common grounds that we had, like, hey, what if we would apply these principles into a community that is only working by themselves? That was such a powerful, powerful question.

In my experience, it was a musical theater. And being in shows, I was forced into this community. And even like at a dance school before I started performing professionally, you’re forced into this community because you all take classes together. But maybe you’re not. You don’t have the same priorities or values, or mentalities at all. And while different, well, differences come together to make something stronger, it’s different. How do I say this is that when you have priorities and values that line up with others, you have like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds. That’s when you find the richness right with the common purpose of the common core. So you’re forced into these groups, and you know, maybe you don’t have the same common core, and you just relate to each other on this surface level, where you’re not talking about your strengths, you’re not talking about your weaknesses. And if you’re talking about your strengths, you’re then labeled as vain, too competent. And if you’re talking about your struggles, you’re labeled as a crybaby, but you are just fit into this show’s mold. Let me just fit into this family. And as a musical theater performer, I found I had these families in this whatever, six-week contract. And while I felt like I was creating these intense connections, I never talked to many people again. And I was wondering why, why are these connections not turning into a giant community? The world is just tiny, you know, the world is massive, but it’s small. We have such a small world; why are we not coming together, lifting each other, and genuinely connecting on a deep, sustainable level. That’s why I wanted this so badly and why we wanted this so badly. We wanted a group of people and a giant, a collective group of people to be there for each other to connect on a deeper level than just complaining in the dressing room.

We had our Clubhouse conversation this week. This one woman said that I don’t have to change the industry. Instead, the leaders have to change. They have to change, and then she can be someone or be happy, or she can be the best performer ever. That struck both of us on a very, very deep level. Because if that is the mindset, then we have some work to do, then we have to go inwards and understand that, hey, this is not a blame game, this is not something that somebody else has to do. Even if perhaps the industry would be abundantly welcoming and open and graceful. And everything that we portray on stage would also be going on behind the curtain. If the people in it don’t change, if the stories and the belief system don’t change, nothing will change because you will not find happiness. You always will take yourself with it. If you’re not feeling enough, nothing else will be enough for you. I think that is one of the most considerable driving forces for us, to help you understand that you are powerful beyond imagination. And there’s nobody out there who can tell you how worthy and how enough you are; that is not their job. That’s your job.

Our reality is life is a reflection of what’s inside. So even if everything outside of us changes. We’re then going to continue to manifest what’s inside of us: we don’t feel enough, feel valued, and feel safe. So then we’re going to manifest a world that shows us that we’re not safe, that doesn’t value us, that doesn’t respect our worth. That’s why we’re not doing it by ourselves. That’s why we’re doing it on a greater level. Let’s discover in ourselves how to validate ourselves, value ourselves, and step into your greatness. Together as we are all defining our worth, we reflect that reality by ourselves, our happiness, joy, and peace. We get to collectively create this reality rather than asking others to change. And then we’re just going to repeat the cycle of manifesting this not good enough. So it has to start with the individual. It has to start with all of us knowing that we’re worthy of an industry that’s graceful, that values us that like, that shows that we are worthy. We have to understand that that’s inevitable in ourselves before that’s going to be seen on the outside.

This community is for the performer that’s tired of feeling alone in this industry, which I think it’s very easy to feel alone. And also the performer who doesn’t want to feel unworthy anymore. Who doesn’t want to feel not good enough? They are ready to step into their greatness; they’re prepared to not only do that by themselves, not only take on the self-development work by themselves, but to do it with others, to celebrate others actively, and to find their place to find their superpower which emphasizes their superpower. And indeed, someone that is ready to have an open mind and have an open heart to what could be to the possibility.

It may not be for all artists, which is ok as well, though I have met so many searching for better and don’t know where to start.

I would say the person who is not yet ready, taking the 100% responsibility around where they’re at, or even where we’re as a collective because we all do our part if you’re still in that phase of blaming everybody else around you for where you’re at and what’s happening to you. If you think that everything is happening to you versus you, this might not be for you. You may not be comfortable at all with the people there and with the energy that’s being expelled. So I will say whenever you feel like you’re ready to, even when you think that knowledge that maybe this, isn’t it, perhaps this isn’t the whole truth. Maybe I could, even when you’re ready to ask that question. What other things are there? Maybe? What if? When you feel yourself in that space, then you already? Absolutely. And our doors and arms are wide open for you.

We had a conversation on clubhouse where another performer talked about, you know, they said, I can’t believe the industry is doing this to me. I can’t like I am going to all these classes. I am doing all the things, and it’s just so unfair. I’m so talented. Let me tell you; I’ve been there, you know, we’ve all been there. And it took someone asking her, ok, but what are you doing daily to reach those goals? And it was this realization of, oh, oh, wait. So I can be complaining about what’s going on. But until I’m ready to take personal responsibility, I choose what I’d want to do every day. I decide where I want to put my energy, I choose my thoughts, and even the possibility of I could get to choose my thoughts, and I could get to choose my reality. And it’s like what you’re saying when you get to that question when you get to that this could be a possibility. That’s, this is for you. Yeah, this is for you. We are here to support you through that question. That’s all we do, is ask questions to each other and ask questions ourselves. And, you know, the better the questions, the better the discussion, the more the ideas, and it’s just, you know, when nothing is sure everything is a possibility. That’s the world right now. You know, that’s honestly the world all the time. But right now, especially everyone’s like, oh, everything’s so uncertain. And nothing’s predictable. And, you know, honestly, nothing was predictable. But this unprecedented time that we’re in but knowing this means that you have endless possibilities that are industry, your life, your career, everyone’s career. You could look at it differently. That’s exciting. So yeah, if that excites you, then yes. Um,

I think we talked about why you should come. Because change starts with you, and if you want to change, if you’re going to break free of the starving artist’s mentality, if you’re going to break free of the suffering, and things have to be the way they’ve always been, otherwise, I will not be successful kind of rut, then you should come. Let’s talk about when what, and where. Ok, so we are getting together in New York City on the 28th of August at 11 am in Midtown. Oh, by the way, did we say it’s free? It’s a free event. We promise you it will be worth your time.

100% because you’re always just one connection away from your next collaboration from your next friendship to meeting somebody else is a stepping stone in your journey. I would say you’re one

link away from your next aha moment. You know, like it’s, it’s like my mom used to always say that she would say something to me over and over again. But it took someone else saying it for it to finally click. You never know if there’s going to be a person in that group that’s going to say something, whether that’s Susanne or me or another artist that’s attending the event with you. That’s going to say something that maybe you’ve heard before, but this is how you were meant to listen to it. For you to then take action, and how incredible would that be that all you have to do is show up and get this astonishing aha moment that inspires you to take action and change the world?

Well, there’s nothing to add here. So if you are in New York City, oh, by the way, we were asked by quite a few people if we’re going to be a virtual event, sooner or later? And the answer’s yes, a little bit later than sooner because that entails making this a paid event. So that it is a win, win, win and not losing and giving. First of all, nobody’s going to enjoy that in a like long vision kind of way, right? We want to tap out of that mindset and habit that we have installed in the performing arts. So bear with going but this virtual event, so sooner or later, this will also be a virtual event. For now, we’re going to be monthly in New York City, quarterly in a different city. So if you’re listening to this podcast, and you think that oh my gosh, my community here in Chicago, or LA or San Francisco could do with a networking event for performing artists. You know, where we are, DM, us a message. You can send smoke signals, pigeons. We are open to anything, and let us know, and then we can help and put it into place. And yeah, get the ball rolling. Well, anything to add, my love, just follow the nodes and decide to be part of the ripple effect. I have nothing to add. And by the way, there’s silence out there. So if you follow Rachel on her podcast, whenever she says something mind-blowing, or something that is just the truth, the sirens go off. And I just clicked in, and I’m actually in New York City, and the sirens are right here. So there we go. See sirens. We are sending you so much love. Thank you, thank you, thank you for listening. Whatever resonates with you, please share it on your Instagram stories. It would mean the world to us. If you are open to doing a live with us and want to share our mission, our story, and this event with your audience DMS, we are more than happy to hop on alive with you. And other than that, we’re sending you so much love. We’ll see you on Saturday.

That’s all I have for today. I’m sending you so much love.
Again, if this resonates with you if you want to learn more about how emotions play a role in our lives, drop me a DM or share one of your biggest takeaways of this podcast. I’m sending you so much love till soon. Bye-bye

I’m sending you so much ❤



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