Why you have to go there!


June 1, 2021

Susanne chats about how she found new techniques to getting her mental strength back. Allowing herself to feel resistance yet to be okay with the opposition which is teaching her to step into her power.

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Why you have to go there!

Welcome to the Pointe To Rise podcast. I’m in a downtown coworking space in Charleston, SC, so grateful for having this here. Today I want to talk to you about something that has come up for me in the past five days since I have arrived here.

Now, to give you a little bit of background story. Charleston was the first city that I moved to when I left Germany, and I used to dance here. Charleston was the place where we built the ballet company, and it failed. Charleston was the place where so many people pointed fingers. Charleston is the place that I so dearly love, and yet I had to leave.

That was 17 years ago, and it’s still, even though I have let go of the shame about the failure. There are still so many triggers here, and it has also shown me that I have become somebody completely different. I knew it was going to challenge me though I wasn’t ready for the massive emotional wave. Things I thought would be similar are not aligning as I wanted them to align.

I love being in control to know what things are going to come up. I want to know what’s coming at me, and I would love to have 10,000 solutions for every scenario. When I get caught in the emotional triggers, I feel helpless; perhaps that’s a good word to choose, powerless.

I felt powerless yesterday, completely incapable, and all of these old stories about blame and not knowing enough. It was also very tempting for me to blame everybody else, though asking myself the question, what can I control right now at this moment?

Moving through this, I found that working out was helpful for me. After all, it permitted me to step back into my power and enabled me to feel resistance. Indeed to be okay with the opposition.

I bring this up because I would not say I like having difficult conversations, not with myself, not with other people. I am having challenging discussions right now. There’s much resistance coming up for me, and that resistance feels awful. I try to control my future by looking at what could happen.

That’s real-life when you’re on the road, and you don’t have the sign on the door and the kids up in their room. I willingly left my cozy home office space where I knew what to expect at any given point. To be here in Charleston and see what else will bubble up?

What is there that will be in the way of me progressing faster and higher? The things that are coming up are very unpleasant. I am in resistance to dealing with them. However, working out gives me the confidence that I can do hard things.

The notion that I want to give you in this episode is. Please, I don’t want to tell you what to do. I tend to do that, though you have to go there. You have to understand your deepest fears. You have to understand your triggers not always to react but to step back and look at a situation. I choose a perspective that does not always involve my emotions because that’s what helps me make hard choices.

This process helped gave me clarity on where I’m at, where do I want to go? What do I need over the next two months? Me stepping away from my home, from my voice, from my usual. Through this, I’m still looking for affirmation in others, particularly for my husband. Is this right what I’m feeling? Or am I being unreasonable? Am I completely arrogant? Moreover, have I become this bougie thing that nobody can relate to anymore?

The internal conversation that I’m having with myself. Where I’m right now is where I need to be right now. It might not be where I am going to be in two years. It’s not where I was a week ago. It is okay to be where you’re at and ask for the things you need because that is the path for you.

I currently feel my entire inside world is a little tumbled up still. Making sense of what is going on in the best way that I can right now.

The message here is, you are where you’re at and being very disciplined about your path forward. You’re not sitting back and blaming others for where you are. You’re not sitting back and trying to place responsibility in others for where you are.

No, you’re reflecting on it. You’re looking at who you are. What you’re doing, and what is serving you or not serving you. Knowing that to get to that point is work.

I’m saying you have to go there and go to that place to feel free to not depend on other people’s opinions or agendas. You have to understand your feelings, your emotions, what triggers you. That’s how you can move around in your environment more freely. You know, if it’s not your environment, you know in your gut more than anyone else dictating how you feel. This insight will be your power to choose to change.

If you have not joined the Pointe To Rise Facebook group yet, I would encourage you to look at this community of like-minded people.
It’s not going to cost you anything. It’s a community where I go in every day. I send out some messages, and I’m always open to conversation.
In June I’m going to do masterclasses every week. You don’t have to sign up for it. You can drop in as you wish.

I’m sending you so much love, and you take good care of yourself.

All right. My loves. Thank you so much for reading.

Bye guys.

So much ❤


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