Money & Art | You can only grow your business as far as you are willing to grow yourself.


January 1, 2021

Christy & Susanne connecting this week over $$ mindset and the effects it has on artists. Come join us with no judgment. We are holding space to learn, laugh, and downright pointe at ourselves.

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Money & Art | You can only grow your business as far as you are willing to grow yourself.

You Can Only Grow Your Business to the Extent You are willing to Grow Personally

In order for anything to grow as a whole, the people in it need to be open to growth and not hanging on to traditions. This is something that the ballet and dance industry today needs to understand. From your best personal growth for dancers podcast, Pointe to Rise, Christy, and Susanne dissect this topic.


When something has worked well in the past, there is always a tendency to want to do the same thing. We find security in knowing what to expect and for this reason, tend to resist change. But change is inevitable. It’s the nature of the universe. The world around us is changing and we would only be stuck in the past if we do not go along with it. We, as human beings, try to control the change that we let into our lives by falling back to anything we’ve learned or anything we believe is the way to a successful performance, but it’s not where it’s at. It never has been there. We just live in a world that is not as fast-paced where everybody is building their own little huts. It is important to be in a fluid stage versus the fixed this-is-how-it’s-going-to-be in order to be relevant in any kind of perspective. We have to let go of old beliefs in order to grow. You need to understand that change is so overdue. You have to shut who you used to be and embrace who you’re supposed to become and can become. And that’s not only as people but as an industry and art form itself. It is so important to embrace that change and be open to it for the good of everybody involved.


Your Energy Diffuses Through Your Team

The betterment of ourselves and what we bring in space energetically affects our environment. If we’re in a low state and we’re grouchy or complaining, that’s going to bleed out to the environment. The other way is true. If we desire a positive change, it has to start with us. Our energy, in a good way, can also do the same thing and encourage other people to do the same. If you come to a situation happier, more at peace, super excited about something, full of energy, that’s going to influence people around you. It’s up to all of us to take radical responsibility to start with us first so then it can be reciprocated out. If we’re not starting, nobody else is going to do that for us. That is most important.


It Starts with You

It starts with being true to yourself and your expectation. It starts with understanding where you actually want to go. When you scroll Tik Tok, there are people in the dance room debating or making videos whether or not the tights above the unitard or below the unitard stand for being professional or not. This is exactly why you’re still taking what is given to you. Understand that harassment or belittlement or the twitching on your waist is something that you don’t have to accept in order to be successful in your dance career. That’s your first step. Look at what you really want to be, who you want to be, what does your dream company looks like, and then stand up for it.  Be present and work on yourself first, and then start speaking up about what you’re learning, your experiences, and that will help others to do the same.  There are so many people that are so afraid of saying something about their experiences because they don’t want to be put in the corner by their company or they don’t want to be replicated or shamed or lose their job because the judgment is still so prevalent even though we have made such progress. You have to speak up. In fact, if you don’t speak up, you’re part of the problem.

You have the strength to work on yourself because that’s going to help you work through not being able to just stand in your truth because you’re so afraid of judgment or you’re so afraid of criticism or other people’s opinions. Regardless if you have a business outside of this or not, your ability to be open to growing yourself is going to open new avenues for you in ways that you never could have imagined. The first step is that you can just figure out who you actually are, not who you are based on everybody’s opinion of you.

When you scroll Tik Tok, there are people in the dance room debating or making videos whether or not the tights above the unitard or below the unitard stand for being professional or not! Click To Tweet

Lessons from Gifts of Imperfection

Brené Brown in The Gifts of Imperfection says, “It was clear from the data that we cannot give our children what we don’t have. Where we are in our journey of living and loving with our whole hearts is a much stronger indicator of parenting success than anything we can learn from how-to books.” I’m going to translate that to anything we do in our lives, even a job, even dancing, even in how to become a professional dancer or an artist. If we don’t discover every single bit of ourselves, we’re not able to give. What we don’t have, we can’t give. The problem is it is being asked so much more than we’re actually giving them. If you look at what directors or people actually really want from them at any given point, they’re not filling that cup. They’re not filling up their souls, and that’s where all of these disorders come from because it just doesn’t align. Therefore, there needs to be an outlet. Look at the drugs, the disorders. If you look at the need to be perfect, that’s a disorder. People pleasing, it’s a serious thing that trickles down in every single part of your life. It is so prevalent in ballet and dance and the professional world. That unless we’re getting out of this, unless you start today with looking at your life from a different perspective, it’s not going to change.


Living a Fulfilled Life and How the Dance Industry Today is Far From Achieving That

In order to live a fulfilled life, there are dos and don’ts. The dos are worthiness, rest, play, trust, faith, intuition, hope, authenticity, love, belonging, joy, gratitude, and creativity. On the don’t list are perfection, numbing, certainty, exhaustion, self-sufficiency, being cool, fitting in, judgment, and scarcity—that’s the arts in a nutshell. That pretty much describes everything around and within the arts. Now that we’re about to come out of this whole pandemic age, what will it look like when everybody goes back into the normality of days, prepping for premieres, for shows, the 12-hour days. How is that going to fit into that new-found freedom that so many artists have now experienced? So many of them are so scared of going back to this kind of living again because it was so exhausting. And you cannot unsee something that you’ve experienced. You can do anything and everything possible. Not being true to yourself at that point will end in more illness, more exhaustion, more broken relationships, and you will find yourself so unworthy and so exhausted of yourself and of your life. You will have to make a decision. We say that two by four is going to be thicker and thicker and thicker, and it will hit over the head more often than you actually think you’re capable of taking any more until you really change something.

Keeping your Eyes Open

To earn money from dance, we have to be much more open to seeing opportunities, and with that comes financial gain. If we’re not open to see opportunities, we’re going to be stuck in a rut where nothing is going to change business. When talking about your business, your business is yourself. As a dancer, you’re your own business. You have upkeep, progress, reinvent, move with the times. That’s you. Your business and you’re the CEO. With that, you also should be able to look for more opportunities and not put yourself into a box that you can’t get out. Your personal growth, your ability to look and be open to more opportunities is very closely tied to your ability to earn more money. Again, it is possible to earn money in the arts. All you have to do is switch your narrative and your hut, your story, your history, your beliefs, whatever that is, or even start with asking the question, What would it look like? What if I could actually? What could I do? All of these questions are much more open-ended and leave room for being creative. With that, you will see the opportunities, but you have to first willing to grow. And that is imperative.

Escaping the Midlife Crisis

There’s something we say about the midlife crisis or the midlife awakening. For everyone it’s different. You don’t have to be in your 30s or 40s to wait until you start developing yourself or to look at what you want out of life or who you want to be. You can do that at any given stage in your life. The earlier the better because it’s just all working for you. It’s not a guarantee that you won’t fail. Actually, failure is guaranteed. Embrace it because it is the most important thing in your life. It will keep you on your toes. It will move your forward. It will keep you humble. It’s what makes you human. Investing in yourself, growing yourself is not only done by putting on your pointe shoes yet again 500 times during the time and nurture your blisters. It is also done by so many other things like reading, being in nature, having conversations with yourself, scheduling time to just think. There are so many aspects that you can do to grow.

To Each His Own

To each his own. There is no how-to, but discover what feels good for you to start. So do you like to read? Is it reading? Could you look into books or find somebody on YouTube that you resonate with. They most likely have a book just like Brené Brown. Are you an audible person? Would you enjoy watching them on YouTube? Do you like nature? Would that ground you to have more time in nature? Whatever it is isn’t wrong. Find something this week that feels good for you, that could be self-care for you, and just start one step into this journey of discovering more about you. When you turn the mirror on yourself and you take a look at yourself, at first it might feel uncomfortable and there might be things that you don’t want to look at for yourself, but it becomes a habit like anything else. Just, in the beginning, find what feels good for you. To reflect on that this week.

Investing in yourself, growing yourself is not only done by putting on your pointe shoes yet again 500 times and nurture your blisters. Click To Tweet

It’s a Wrap

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